Studentintervju: Strømningsteknikk i Energi og Miljø

I am measuring the drag on a series of small model wind turbines. I am studying energy and process engineering, with a specialisation in fluid mechanics. I have always been very interested in science, which is why it felt very natural to study engineering at NTNU. And I’ve always been interested in the energy industry, so it felt natural to choose the Energy and Environmental Engineering Programme. I find the focus on renewable energy and on the whole picture surrounding the energy industry very exciting. Including energy production, transmission and usage. I chose to specialise in fluid mechanics because fluid mechanics and thermodynamics were my favourite subjects in the first two years. I really wanted to delve deeper in that direction. It also opens up the opportunity to work in hydropower and wind power, and those are fields that I care most about. My thesis focusses on studying small wind turbine models; you can see three of them in the wind tunnel behind me. I will measure their drag at different speeds. Drag is the force pulling backward on them. The purpose of this is to create a disk like this, which we learn about in aerodynamics, it’s called an “actuator disk”, it’s a simplification of a wind turbine. The disk should have the same characteristics, for instance, the same drag, as the small wind turbines behind me. Next term, I’ll make 100 of these disks, put them in the big wind tunnel upstairs, and see how the air flows in front, between and behind a farm of them. I will look at the velocity profile, pressure, and temperature, among other things. Then we will compare these disks with the small wind turbines. Hopefully we find that these disks can work as a simplification.

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