Star Wars LEGO HISHE – Chirrut vs. Everything

I fear nothing. For all is as the force wills it. Stop right there. Hey! Stop right there! *listens* *blaster charging* *blasters fire* Eh… What did you expect? uh oh. Not the face! Not the face! Aren’t you going to help your friend? Eh… Ow. Momma! *listens* *ships flying* Baze! Uh oh. I am one with the force! Woohoo!
That still only counts as one. *breathing* Prepare to become one with the force, jedi. I am one with the force. But I am NO jedi. Hey! Aaaagh! MMRrrrrrrr! Prepare to fire on my AAAaagh! You may fire when ready. NO! I… I think we’re done. Peace Out! *sips* Don’t move, Rebel! Oh! Blind man with a stick! Oh! My only weakness! Oh! Yeaaghhhh Whoa! WhaaOOAooAOoooAaoooAH!

100 thoughts on “Star Wars LEGO HISHE – Chirrut vs. Everything

  1. Wave 1: Stormtroopers and an At-st

    Wave 2: Death troopers, 2 tie strikers and 2 At-At

    Wave 3: Lord Vader and 2 Royal Guards

  2. I understand the memo but it would’ve been better if he didn’t deflect a massive death laser of kyber too big it would submerge him anyway.

  3. Dak: I feel like I could take on the whole empire by myself
    Luke: I know what you mean
    Chirrut: Hold my stick

  4. I’m a nerd so I know that him having a yellow light sabre ain’t right
    If it’s yellow it means u don’t completely own it
    I forgot what orange is

  5. trooper: eh what did you expect? a blind man with good skills who can destroy a deathstar regular day in a life lf a stormtrooper, we'll respawn tommorow . Wanna finish our battlefront 2 match?

    Vader: YOU DARE PLAY! WITHOUT ME!? we will crush 6 year olds!

  6. 😀 😀 well, why not 😀 awesome action … 3:39 I think we are done! PEACE OUT 😀 😀 😀

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