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[adventurous music]♪ ♪– [sighs]♪ ♪[Porg coos] [chittering] [trilling] [rumbling] – Ugh. [lightsaber whirs] Hey! [frantic chittering]♪ ♪Come back here with that!♪ ♪[Porgs calling] [R2-D2 beeps, Chewbacca growls] [Porgs chittering]♪ ♪– [grunts] – [chirping cheerfully] [Porgs chirping] – [straining] – [concerned chirping] – [sighs] I’ll take that.♪ ♪Bet you didn’t know
I could do that. ‘Cause neither did I. [chuckles] You can help me
with my training any time, little one. [excited chirping] [laughs] All right,
everyone will get a turn.

60 thoughts on “Star Wars Forces of Destiny | Porg Problems | Disney

  1. I LOVE THIS I LOVE THIS I LOVE THIS I LOVE THIS!! I love porgs!!! They are the best!!!

    Even better than Baby Yoda!!!

  2. Actually light sabers go off when not being held in a hand. When people are throwing them they use a special force trick to keep it activated.
    When the Porg threw the lightsaber away it should have gone off (unless it have force abilities that it can control which I doubt)

  3. This would be better if Rey force choked the porg, got her lightsaber back from it, and then cut it in half while Chewie and R2 watch in awe.

  4. 1:24
    Me when teachers say tomorrow is summer vacation

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