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Today in “El Recuento”: Instagram will have new Boomerang effects; I show you all of them. Moreover, the USA wanna extend licenses time to work with Huawei. Uber’s Jump service arrives to Mexico. I tell you about a discovered vulnerability on Bluetooth devices. And to finish: Spotify is considering increasing its prices! Let’s start! Hello, thanks for coming to a new video! Subscribe to not lose any news of the tech world! Let’s check last video’s survey statistics. I asked you what you think about air gestures, just like the ones LG now supports and the ones Huawei is implementing nowadays. Most of you said they’re useful. I don’t think so… Let’s go first news as something I find out useful is what Instagram is about to implement. Once again, this comes from Yein Manchun Wong account, a person who reports new features of Facebook, Instagram, and other apps. So, they’ll now add new ways to record Boomerang’s loops. Go backwards, some other with pauses, other are slower ones… whatever, a big variety to choose your favorite one and you’re more creative. So, we thank these new effects. They aren’t implemented so far. We must wait some days, maybe, for the update, but we’ll be here! Let’s go next news. Finally, the day of expiration for companies to work with Huawei is today. But, it turns out that according to several international media, this period will extend for 3 more months! So, we are sure Huawei will continue working as usually. Unless, the USA President changes his mind! It turns out they were a little angry because China wasn’t fulfilling the agreement of buying more agricultural products from the USA. You know politics causes lots of problems. Meanwhile, the extra time is imminent. Let’s go next news. Time to talk about a new service which arrived to Mexico. If you live here, of course you can use it. The service is Jump. Mexico is the first country in Latin America to get this service. Basically, you rent bikes. Through the Uber app, you choose the “Trip” feature and select a bike as the transport. Then, you go to the map to see all bikes around you to book one. You have 10 minutes to get the bike through a QR code. Done! Of course, you must park the bike at the end in a free space. Cost is $10 MXN to unlock the bike, then $3 MXN per minute! It’s $180 MXN for one hour. If you aren’t from Mexico, similar prices are half a dollar to unlock the bike, and around $9 dollars for one hour. They have 1,900 bikes for the service. They said bikes have several tech to avoid robberies of them. For example, Green, the company with scooters in Mexico, canceled the project after too many burglaries of the units which even were sold on Facebook! So, Uber said they have some measures like a-one-piece design to avoid selling parts of the bikes. Also, they have a GPS monitoring which help users find bikes too. They have a deal with a company which tracks stolen vehicles. Then, we hope this new service does well! Let’s go next news as there’s a new vulnerability on Bluetooth! It’s very dangerous! Although it only affects the standard Bluetooth, not the Low Energy one of Smartwatches and the internet of the things. The attack is known is “knock”. They stole a part of the key to pair two devices. So, they could interfere or spy on the communication among two devices. It’s a little complex to suffer an attack like this since the hacker must be next to you. You know Bluetooth. Devices should be trying to pair so that the attack could happen. Then, it’s difficult. However, this was reported to manufacturers at the end of 2018. It was just revealed to general public. So several manufacturers already updated their devices! Let’s go last news. A little serious for people who use this service. Spotify could increase prices mainly of the Family pack. Currently, its has more than 230 million of users around the world. 108 million of them are the ones who pay the service. It’s the biggest Music streaming company. Some music companies aren’t happy with their earnings. So Spotify has to collect more money to pay more money to music companies. They consider increasing 13% the price of plans. In Mexico, for example, $112 MXN for the individual plan. $169 MXN for the family plan. Obviously, it isn’t official information. It’s only based on the supposed 13%. Take part in the survey to tell me if you think it’s fair or not increasing the prices. Remember the family plan is up to 6 people, I guess. So, it’s still a very good price. Tell your opinion. This is today. If you like the vid, indicate so. See you next time! SUBSCRIBE – CONTINUE WATCHING MORE CONTENT

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