Speed Vs Style – What Would You Sacrifice? | The GCN Show Ep. 313

– From sea level to the Base del Teide, welcome to the GCN show. Cor, I’m knackered, let’s get a beer. – Welcome to the GCN show,
brought to you by Wiggle. – This week, should you
sacrifice style for speed? It’s an age old question,
we attempt to answer it. – We’ve also got some
new year inspiration. The spread of the curse of GCN and 85 free e-bikes. – Yes!
– Re-bikes. – They were nice. Now before you say “are you guys on location?”
– No. – We’re not. Believe it or not this is actually where we always film the GCN show.
– It’s just unrecognizable. – It just looks totally different. (upbeat music) – [Commentator] On the
podium, for the youngster, a little less experienced
with the champagne. As Amanda Sprout and Sarah Roy
showed her how it was done. But that young lady is incredibly bright. – There’s a cool irony, isn’t there, Dan? See, you being really good at
opening bottles of alcohol, but so rarely getting the
opportunity to show everyone whilst standing on a podium. – That has been pointed out to me before. – Yeah, anyway, that was the newly crowned Australian national
elite Road Race champion, Sarah Gigante, just 18 years old. That must have been almost literally her first ever senior race. – Yeah, I think it was, potentially. – Amazing.
– Almost the first, incredible stuff, super
talent right there. – Absolutely.
– We also learnt this week that animal encouragement whilst you’re on indoor training does not need to be confined to virtual reality. – [Si] This is Lawrence Devries getting some more sinister
looks from his unamused cat. – Now, as the pro cycling season begins to flex it’s rippling leg muscles over in Australia for the openers,
the tours down under, we are starting to get glimpses
of all the new equipment, the bikes, the kit.
– Oh, yes! We’ll have a full video
on the new WorldTour bikes over on the tech channel on Friday. And we’ll do our annual hot or not of the new ProCycling kit
on the GCN show next week. But before we get there,
I think we probably better have a bit of a conversation
about style and speed. – Yes, there’s a well worn phrase in the world of cyclists, they never
sacrifice style for speed. But the question is, how far are you willing to go to stick to that mantra? – Yeah, and before you
say “I’m not really fussed about style or how I look on
the bikes, this isn’t for me”, I’m not having that, we’ve
all got a limit, haven’t we? About what we will do in pursuit of speed. Now, be it leg shaving,
or wearing a skin suit, wearing an aerohelmet,
using TT bars on your bike or massively long socks.
– Oh, no, no you can stop right there, knee
high socks, never, ever… – I’d stop at TT bars mate, if I’m honest. – Very true, now I know what
you’re going to say out there, that neither of us are really qualified to talk about style or speed. (smacking) Because, frankly, we’re not very stylish and we’re not very fast either but we can all have an
opinion on things, can’t we? – Well, yeah, luckily
for us or we wouldn’t be talking about very much. Now, I suppose, first
of all, we need to say it kind of depends on what
your view of stylish is. Let’s take the generalized view of what many cyclists aim for which is the kind of look that pro cyclists set. And in that context, actually this debate, it’s a relatively recent one, isn’t it? Because it kind of comes down to how much you’re willing
to look like a dork in pursuit of aerodynamics. – We could probably trace it back to the 1989 Tour de France, couldn’t we? Where Greg Lemond rocked those aero time trial bars for the very first time. At the time, he looked like
a bit of a dweeb, really. But in hindsight, looking
back at those photos, he looks cool as a cucumber, doesn’t he? But I’ll imagine at
the time Laurent Fignon was probably there thinking “you can use what equipment you like over there, Greg, but I am not gonna look
like an 80’s triathlete”. – I mean, that’s true to
this very day, isn’t it? No one wants to look like a triathlete. – No, actually not even a triathlete … I don’t think triathletes themselves want to look like triathletes
to be completely honest. – No, I mean that’s the ultimate example of sacrificing style for speed, isn’t it? But, anyway, Lemond pushed the boundary, he made his sacrifice
on the alter of style. But ultimately, it paid
off, he won the Tour and he still now looks cool
with the benefit of hindsight. – He does, yeah, and there’s
more examples, aren’t there? Closer to home, in fact, you
remember as well as I do, a certain Rob Hales.
– Oh, yes. – Now, I reckon that he adopted full aero on a road bike before anyone in the UK and actually, probably before
anyone in the world full stop. And, at the time, I looked
at him and I thought “what a dork”, riding
around in his Halford’s skin suit with his sewn
on pockets at the back. Absolute twonk but in the end, it was him that was laughing
all the way to the finish line as he won the national championships and dropped us all at
60k’s round a downhill. – Yeah, yeah that’s exactly
what happened, as well. Anyway, you might be thinking that we have already made our minds up given that our previous two examples of riders that pursued speed, won big races and still ended up looking stylish with the benefit of hindsight,
then you would be right. But, it’s only because rider’s have subsequently gone on
to adopt what they have chosen to do, equipment wise, isn’t it? – I guess, at the other
end of the scale, Si, you’ve got people that have experimented with various pieces of equipment, that haven’t been successful and therefore still now look a bit silly. Take for example Steve
Bauer at Paris Boubaix. – Yeah, with perfect hindsight that does not look very cool, does it? No, but it does bring up
another point, actually. Which is that sacrificing style and speed is not just about your clothing or your equipment, it also comes down to your bike position, doesn’t it? How many people out there
are slamming their stems even if it means you can’t
actually hold onto the drops? Or, in fact, you’re
suffering from numbness in your nether regions. Very easy to make your bike look fast but sometimes that
actually makes you slower. – [Dan] Surely, we can
all agree that sacrificing the feeling in your nether regions in pursuit of style is
going a step too far. – [Si] We can all agree
on that, hopefully. – But there are also a whole load of other riders out there with a completely different
mindset, aren’t there? I mean, going fast is great fun but the endless pursuit of speed can become a bit boring and
for riders that find that it can often be about
sacrificing speed for style. – Ah, the hipster conundrum, yes, wearing a baggy t-shirt
and using a handle bar bag. – Well, that’s definitely
coming into style, isn’t it? Probably because it’s functional. I mean, I think you and
I would both be the same. Whenever we go out for a bike ride we go straight for the cycling jersey and not question it, at all. I mean, you need pockets
on a ride, don’t you? – Yeah, and also, I’m going cycling therefore I wear a cycling jersey. – Yes, but you don’t have to because if you adopt a handle bar bag you can store everything that you normally have in those three rear pockets
in a convenient place at the front of your bars which means your almost don’t need to be
a contortionist to access it. Which in turn means you can
wear whatever the hell you want on your upper body because
you don’t need the pockets. You might wanna wear a Ramones t-shirt, for example, that’d be cool. – Are they cool? I don’t
have a Ramones t-shirt. Should I get a Ramones t-shirt? – They’re cool if you listen to them but if you don’t, it’s
just a fashion statement. – I’ll start listening
to the Ramones then, Dan. I do get your point though,
and its just like Greg Lamond in ’89, isn’t it? His look eventually became stylish because it was functional. Same with Rob Hale, his aero skin suit and his aero everything and
so to with bike luggage. If going fast is not your bag. – Oh man, that’s a great pun.
– Thanks mate. – Did you mean to do that?
– Yeah, totally, yeah. – So in conclusion then, if it works and it’s functional it will be adopted. And if its widely adopted, it
will eventually become cool. – I did not think we were
gonna conclude that, Dan. Mainly because, before we started, I didn’t think that I would agree with it. But now, having given it
a little bit of thought, actually everything that I
don’t really like the look of or wouldn’t choose to ride with … Actually I don’t think
it’s very functional. Like top tube bags, for
me, I rub my knees on them and that does my nut in. Those little rear view mirrors that you have hanging off your helmet. I can just turn my head
to see what’s behind me. – But you don’t need to turn your head. You can use one of
those rear view mirrors. – Well I suppose that is a good point. – You’re still going to go
for style, aren’t you Si? I’ll tell you what I once did. I, once, almost passed out in the pursuit of looking stylish.
– What? – Haven’t I told you this story before? So, I was with a group
doing a training ride up north cause it was before a stag do. And, in order to look
like I wasn’t trying, I didn’t wanna breathe too hard and towards the top of this hill, the lights almost went out, the vision sort of went down to this because I had not enough oxygen. But I looked great they
didn’t even know I was trying. – Can we all agree that we should never sacrifice oxygen in pursuit of style? Can we, that’s, yeah,
we’ve all got that … – I never told them actually. Allistar Kay if you’re out there, you really made me suffer on that climb. – Imagine if you passed out.
(laughs) Wow, Dan’s really
strong, Dan’s fallen off. Anyway, as we said, Dan and I, not either particularly
stylish nor particularly speedy so let’s hand over to two people who are GCN’s unofficial head’s of fashion, Adam Blythe and Tiffany Cromwell, both about to line up
at the Tour Down Under. – Who are they talking to?
– Cannings. Neither stylish nor speedy, as well. – Right, Tiff, as our unofficial
head of fashion at GCN, would you ever sacrifice style for speed? – You know, this is a
very difficult question. I think there would have to be, like, a huge advantage in
speed if I was going to sacrifice style because I always like to go with the style first then improve parts if we’re gonna get faster
but I like the legs that can make you faster and yeah. So it would have to be a big improvement if I’m going to sacrifice speed for style. – Would you ever
sacrifice style for speed? – Everyday, always, no, it depends. Most things are stylish these days. – Day one of the 10 weeks. I really am raring to go, I’m
quite excited about this now. My first session is
called the Long Scream. It’s only 35 minutes long
but it’s a time trial and you need to warm
up before you start it. So, that’s what I’m doing now. Gonna do 10 minutes or so and
then get straight into it. Hovering around FTP, which
for me is about 245 watts. So wish me luck, let’s see how I get on. (rock music) Think I’m following Taylor Phinney now. 156 heart rate, target power
239 watts at the moment which you might remember is four watts or five watts below by FTP for the test. (rock music) Now, as well as the four
hours I’ve committed to on the bike each week,
I’ve also committed to an hour off it because suffer fest have plenty of other workouts which includes strength workouts, mental strength workouts and yoga and that’s what I’m beginning with today. The Shake Off Your Day session which I’ll be doing
along with Abbie Glover who is the instructor. I’m not very flexible so we’ll
see how I compare to her. Not very well, I’m imagining,
let’s give it a try. Definitely room for improvement there. Anyway, I’ll check back
in with you next week. Time now for our weekly
inspiration segment. Your weekly chance, in
fact, to win one of three Wiggle voucher amounts. £100, your net, if you get first place. Second will get 75 and third will get £50. And you can spend that
on whatever you want over on the Wiggle online shop. So, without further adieu,
in third place this week we have got Dave over in
Guernsey in the Channel Islands at the crack of dawn,
pre-work training rides with Team Splinter.
– [Si] Good shot. Dave that does look pretty
inspirational, doesn’t it? The nice thing about that
photo, the inspiring thing, I think we’ve said this before. If you’re in the northern
hemisphere at the moment you don’t even have to get up that early to catch the sunrise, it was
at 8:14 this morning, Dan. – Yeah, actually you’ve
developed a recent obsession with sunrise and sunset
times, haven’t you? Strange.
– I have indeed. I’m finding it strangely
optimistic at the moment. – Yes, well we’ll move
quickly on from that. This has come in from Jough Watson. Jough you win second place
and therefore £75 of vouchers. Got lost on my bike. What I like about that photo
is how symmetrical it is. You’ve either done a very
good job of cropping it or a very good job of taking
the photo in the first place. – What I’m thinking though, Dan, is that it’s not gonna
be that easy to get lost when there’s only one road
and it’s dead straight. Anyway, I can kinda see what
you’ve done in principle. That does look enticing, doesn’t it? I’m well up for that. Right, that means then in first place, we have this image sent in by Mike. – [Dan] Magic Mike, on water, look. – [Si] Riding his Norco
Sasquatch fat bike. I didn’t realize fat
bikes could go on water but there we go. He said this is in the
Great Salt Lake, Utah, USA. Great place to ride for
miles along sandy beaches best done in wintertime, but there you go. That does look super cool, doesn’t it? – Very good photo there.
I wonder who took it? Anyway, £100 on it’s way to
you, Mike, well done for that. A reminder, if you’d like to submit your inspirational photos,
there’s two ways of doing it. Firstly, you can use our uploader, there a link to that in the description just below this video or the second way is using Instagram and use
the hashtag GCNinspiration. Which is getting popular, isn’t it? People are posting
non-inspirational photos using that hashtag now. – I just don’t understand why she’s using an aero helmet, Dan. – [Dan] I know, it’s weird. – It’s now time for cycling shorts. – Cycling shorts now and we’re
gonna start with science. How about a statistical comparison of the anthropometric characteristics between world tour and
professional continental cyclists courtesy of Josh Miller and Kyle Suza at California State University. Basically, are there any patterns between the height and the weight
of professional cyclists? – Yes, what they did was analyze the data of 710 male professional cyclists. Is there a difference between them? Not really, no. They did
find that world tour riders tend to be a little bit older and there is a difference between different specialities of riders. So, somewhat unsurprisingly,
GC riders do tend to be a little bit lighter and
a little bit smaller. But they’re also a little bit older. – Yeah, and you might
not have guessed this but also sprinters have a higher BMI, body mass index, yeah
wouldn’t have guessed that. Anyway, what we did find
strangely intriguing were the averages across
professional cyclists. So, we thought you might
wanna play a little game. Guess the average of the pro cyclist. So we’re gonna start with the average age. I reckon they’ll be some kind of music. – We’d better put some music, hadn’t we? – Ready? It is 27.9 years of age, yes. – That really is interesting. Alright onto the average height of a male professional cyclist. Ready? Five foot 11 or one meter 81. – One meter 81 and finally then, the average weight of
professional cyclist. – It’s the big one.
– Play along at home. 68.6!
– Wow. You know what this means, Si, is that incredibly for the first time in our respective lives we’re
above average in everything. Across the board really.
– High five, mate. – Yes.
– Yes. – Now onto somebody who is
well above the average age for a cyclist, Mr Carl Grove. He hit the headlines
last week for becoming the oldest, we think, cyclist. Possibly athlete, in fact, in the world to ever fail an anti-doping test. – Yeah, Grove is 90 years old and is the current world champion for individual pursuit in the
90 to 94 year old category. Where, actually, he’s
also the sole competitor. – Is he?
– Yeah. – That’s what you call
an individual pursuit. It’s just an individual. – I was gonna say that it’s
just an individual, isn’t it? Still, well, apparently
he tested positively for epitrenbolone, which
I’ve got absolutely no idea what it does, never
heard of it in my life. But Usada accepted his explanation which is that it came
from contaminated meat and they’ve let him off with a warning. I didn’t realize the
contaminated meat defense actually held any water
but apparently it does. – Yeah they’ve issued a
public warning, haven’t they? I did particularly like this response to Caley Fretz on Twitter from John Fielding that says “give the guy
some credit for squeezing out a urine sample on
command at 90 years of age”. Well that is, that’s very
true actually, isn’t it? – Now you may remember last year than Dan hot footed it to the
Italian city of Bologna for his holidays on hearing
that they were giving out beer tokens as an
incentive for riding bikes. It turns out that they’re not the only Italian city to do it,
Bari have done something similar but they’ve taken it up another notch, replacing beer tokens with
good old fashioned cash. – Yeah, hard cash. So this was reported in
the Italian newspaper La Repubblica, I think it
roughly how you pronounce it. And there they said that the local council are doing a four month trial and during that trial you can earn up to 20 cents per kilometer for
doing your commute by bike. Up to maximum of 25 euros per month. Although, you only get half that amount, 10 cents per kilometer if
you do it on an e-bike. – As it should be, I’ve
told you a million times, e-bikes are cheating. – Yes, I guess it
probably is cheating, so. Anyway, sticking with e-bikes
for a few more moments. Next week at the Consumer
Electronics Show, Cybic are due to release
the worlds first ever Alexa enabled e-bike. At the top of the range
it’s going to be called the E-legend.
– [Si] Wow. Now, what it means basically is that you’ll be able to have
a conversation with your bike and ask it questions like, well, which direction should you go? Or ask it to play some music
like the Ramones for example. – [Dan] Ah more noise pollution. Forcing your music on other people. – [Si] Cool music, Dan.
– [Dan] True. – And also you could
get it to do things like send a text message for you or get it to switch your lights on or indeed order a takeaway,
whilst you’re on your way home. – Yeah, or coincide with when
you get home, is the idea. What I particularly love about this is the prospect of loads of people going round town on bikes talking to them. – But their bikes will all
be called the same thing and so actually you could sabotage someone that rides past on a Cybic E-legend. Oi, Alexa, change gear. (crash) Turn left, put your breaks on! – Turn that music off,
will you? It’s awful. Anyway, we’re gonna stick with e-bikes … – Play the Ramones! – For just a few moments longer because I thought this
story was very cool, indeed. All 85 employees of the Natural
Habitat Adventure Company over in Louisville, not Lewisville as I unfortunately said on
the Racing News Show recently. Got a lot of comments about that. Atrociously muddy conditions
in Lewisville, Kentucky. Anyway, they were all given free e-bikes by their boss, how cool is that? The idea being to make
the company healthier and also more environmentally friendly. – That is amazing, isn’t it? I wonder how many other
companies will follow suit? It seems quite a worthwhile
investment, doesn’t it? Now, right, from e-bikes
now to virtual bikes because there is some news
in the world of Zwift. Zwift have recently announced
the new Kiss Superleague which is an e-sports pro cycling series. Now a few teams have already signed up including the Haagens Burmen Action Team and also the team Dimension
Data under 23 squad. – Pretty exciting, isn’t it?
– Yeah. – Competing against the full time pros is going to be the Zwift
Community Allstars team who’ve generally got full time jobs so it’s going to be very
interesting to see how they get on. They’re being led by the Zwift racing legend Kim Little, aren’t they? Who always kicks your butt
in every race, doesn’t he? – Yeah, he does. Oh one of the many. But I’ve got a feeling I’ll
do quite well actually, Dan. Bit of that Zwift insider knowledge. Anyway, more big teams to
be announced soon apparently and it all kicks off on the
23rd January for the men and the women’s season
kicks off in February. – One thing that has
already kicked off on Zwift is the Tour De Zwift, which
is a nine stage event. Where 60,000 participants signed up. – [Si] 60?
– [Dan] Yep. Those nine stages take place across the five different Zwift worlds and if you complete all nine, you’ll unlock the Tour De Zwift kit. – Right, speaking of kit,
what do you think about this? The Bigla team formally Cervelo Bigla, now just Bigla announced their 2019 kit. Don’t know about you, I like it very much. I think that’s super cool. – I think I’m in complete
agreement with you there, Si. If you’ll pardon the play on words, there are no Biglogos on there, it’s very neat and tidy, isn’t it? – [Si] Uh you can be excused. – Speaking of kits,
we’ve already mentioned at the start of the show but next week we’ll be going through the kits of 2019 and the pros, hot or not, and actually we’d like you to vote for them so stay tuned to our social
media this coming Friday, where you’ll be able to tell
us what you think is hot and what you think is cold.
– Yeah. Right, finally, from cycling shorts, we’ve got a bit of bad news. The curse of GCN which
we thought was confined to professional cycling, it’s spreading. – It is.
– It’s spreading into the world of business.
– Like a disease. – Yeah, no sooner had
we said than Stan Day, CEO of SRAM, was one of
the most influential, powerful people in the world of cycling and he stood down from his post as CEO. He’s now chairman of the board but having led the company for 31 years, since the invention of grip shift, he takes a stand down.
– He does. It was a sad day for SRAM. – Oh well.
– Sad day, sadly. – For our tech of the week we
are gonna head over to Ollie who is lurking about in the workshop. – This week on the GCN tech show, we look at four new
wonder high tech materials that have the potential
to revolutionize cycling. Now one of them is self-healing polymers. So imagine bike tires that
could repair themselves, heal up if you got slices or cuts in them. It’d be remarkable. To find out what the other three are and the usual bike
vault and your upgrades, join us on Thursday, it’s gonna be great. – It’s time now for the
result of our giveaway from quite a few weeks ago, actually. People lacking a bit of patience there. They want to know whether they’ve won the Seak Leak lights. – [Si] We were in no fit
state on New Year’s Day, were we Dan?
– [Dan] No. – [Si] To announce any
competition winners. – Definitely not, I’d had
enough of strobe lights the night before quite frankly. Anyway, the winners of this giveaway are, in no particular order,
Jeffery Low from California, Margus Palu from EE, I don’t
even know where that is. – [Si] The drum rolls in the
wrong place actually, isn’t it? Hang on.
(drums on table) – [Dan] Well done, Si,
we’ll put a drum roll in the right place
afterwards, don’t worry. And finally Daven Oskvig from the USA, so well done to you, we
will be in touch with you and get those out to
you as soon as possible. – Oh, just make sure you
head over, by the way, sorry, to the tech channel
cause Ollie is unboxing some Continental GP 5000’s.
– [Dan] Is he? – So you could potentially get your hands on some hot new tech, over there. – It’s time now for hack
forward slash bodge of the week. A reminder that the hash tag
is GCNhack on social media or you can use the uploader
in the description below. This week, we’re gonna start with a friend of Ollie Bridgewood, named Brad C. He, unfortunately, scuffed his reiterator which is a horrible thing to do, isn’t it? And you look down after
you bike falls over and you see those scratches and oh! Anyway, he’s come up with a solution. Took various grip sand paper
on a block and smoothed the gashes then polished
with a rag and mothers. I don’t even know what that means. Anyway, looks much better
than it did, I’m sure. – Maybe that’s an autocorrect. Actually, it’s probably something that everyone knows about, isn’t it? – Might be a northern thing, I don’t know. – Do you know what he’s done, though? He’s basically turned
his Ultegra into Dura Ace with that, bit of like, two-toneness. – [Dan] It does look slightly better doesn’t it, than standard? – [Si] Yeah well, there you
go, that’s a hack isn’t it? – [Dan] I think so, yes.
– Yeah. Further improving the look of your Ultegra group set with a bit of mothers. – I’m really worried
that a rag and mothers is something very rude, shall
we move onto the next one, Si? – Let’s move on. This
is sent in by Juan Pa. Glued some cut out inner
tube onto my bike rack to protect my car, that is a neat job Dan. – [Dan] Yes.
– [Si] That’s gotta be a hack. – [Dan] Definately grade
A hack, I would say. – Grade A hack and a grade A for neatness, as well, I like that. – Next up, Richard
cycles spotted this out. I’m presuming it’s not his. A true hack to A, raise yourself and B, make it more comfortable. Wow, what a bodge and a half that is. – [Si] I absolutely love that. I love what thought has
gone into that bike. – [Dan] Not much.
– Oh, that’s not very comfortable, it’s a bit low, I’m just gonna put another
one on top, genius. Probably a bodge though, isn’t it? – Yeah, bodge, definitely.
– Right, Keith Maclure sent this one in, when the
prongs on your ISM saddle are just a bit too wide and
give your thighs a hickey, check it out, zipped
tied them together there to give him a little bit more clearance. A bit less clearance in one regard, but a bit more clearance
for your thighs, there. – [Dan] Not willing to
sacrifice a lack of feeling in the nether regions for speed, there and doing something about it so that’s gotta be a hack, hasn’t it? – [Si] Absolutely. – Right, we had this one
come in on Instagram. From Blockrickin Crit,
my winter waterproof cycling boots with an improvised gator from a diving suit cuff,
stops water running down my leg and into my boots. – [Si] I like it, Dan. – [Dan] That’s an amazing
hack if that worked because almost nothing
stops water going down into your cycling shoes, is there? – But my hacking brain has
just gone into gear, Dan. That could be replaced …
– Took a while – Yeah, my speech has suffered but anyway I’m picking up a hat. He could replace that
expensive diving gator with an inner tube, there we go. And save yourself some cash,
double hack points there. – [Dan] It does look like it might be cutting off the circulation
to the rest of his legs. – [Si] I would need a fat
bike inner tube for mine. – How big to they go, fat bikes? Anyway, last one for this
week, I like this one. It came in on Instagram again
from Need More Bicycles. Daddy rides GoZwift so I
absolutely need to do the same. A bike stand, a piece of
wood, a cardboard laptop, some imagination and a little
boys dream has come true. That’s very cool, indeed. – [Si] That’s very cool, isn’t it? – [Dan] I’d say hack. – Yeah, there we go. Keep ’em coming. – Caption competition time now. It’s been a while since we
announced a winner of a caption in fact, isn’t it?
– Yeah, cast your minds back to the 18th December, I believe. – Anyway, this was the
last photo that we had of (mumbles) out on
training camp in Majorca and we have a winner, that
winner wins a GCN camel back water bottle on its way to you
is Robb Chastain with this. “With a bit of resignation,
he simply accepted that every team measures
marginal gain differently”. We did find that very amusing, didn’t we? – I have a feeling Robb might
have won before, you know. – He might well have done, yeah, but he deserves to, get on touch with us on Facebook, Robb, with your address and we’ll get that out to you, ASAP. – Yeah, right, what is
our photo for this week? Well, it’s Miguel Angel Lopez, in some kind of slightly cringy PR photo for his Estana team there. – Yep, I’m gonna get you started. – Go on then. – [Dan] No, I said sit on
the wheel, or you’ll crack. – Another belter, that is good, Dan. Help yourself to a GCN bottle. If you think you might stand
a chance of beating Dan or Robb Chastain, then stick your caption in the comments section down below and we will pick a winner,
hopefully chuckling merrily as we do so. – I think I did the
intonation wrong there. No, I said sit on the wheel
or you’ll crack, not on. – Before we get onto what is coming up on the channel this week, we will have our habitual look back at some of the amazing comments that you’ve been
leaving under our videos. Actually not just for last week but for the last few weeks. Starting with this one,
actually, from a GCN show, where we showed you the un-pixelated version of Dan in his white kit. Anyway, Dean Groovy,
apologies to your Dean and to many other people. “What’s with deviating
from pixelling out Dan’s Covella testing kit early in the episode, I’m not gonna re-watch to
give you a precise location thank you very much,
luckily I had my reading glasses on as my reflex
was to stab at my eyes, dang, I can’t un-see that. True, I mean a lot of
us did think like that. – Well, have some sympathy for me, I have to look at it everyday when I do my daily morning routine, I look at myself in the mirror naked, uh, anyway, next up, this was
underneath the Shimano 105 versus Dura H video last
year from James Porter. “Auto rolled into this episode. You made what I thought might
be a dry subject entertaining. And I learned quite a bit, damn. Have you every considered
an episode explaining retirement investing, I’ve
F’d that up pretty good. Maybe an Ollie Si tutorial
on compound interest”. – But with this blast shield
down, I can’t even see. How am I supposed to be able
to fight? I mean, shift. – To be fair, I need to do
some swatting at myself there, Dan but yeah, there’s a thought,
GCN does retirement funds. I mean, we’ll have to get
some experts in, for sure. – Yeah, we should probably
have done that for this. – Yeah, we probably should, right, we’re finishing off with Brian Messemer. This was under Dan’s
brilliant zero to hero, slightly optimistic
– Question mark. Let’s not forget.
– Zero to let’s see what happens, uh, anyway. “13 units of Dan’s lactic
acid escaped his body and clicked on the dislike button. Other than that tiny
unfortunate blemish, yeah, this video is perfect, amazing
content” Thank you, Dan. I struggled, I went
through a lot of comments trying to find a negative
one to put in here. – In the end you had to write
one yourself, didn’t you? – And I was one of the
13 units of lactic acid. – Yes, I think you might be. Alright, shall we get
onto telling everyone what’s coming up on the
channel for the next 7 days? We’ll begin with Wednesday where we are going to look at climbing in the saddle versus out of the saddle,
more will be revealed when that video comes out. – [Si] From the queen of
climbing out of the saddle, Emma Pooley.
– [Dan] Yes. Did she manage to sit in the
saddle for some of that video? On Thursday, we’re gonna take a look at out top 10 neo pros to watch in 2019. Neo pros being first year professionals whose name you should look out for. And then Friday as ever
is ask GC-anything. – Yeah, on Saturday, we are giving you some seriously good core and
stretching exercises to do off the bike, specifically
for your hamstrings and your lower back. – Is that by Emma, as well?
– Yes, it is. The only one who can do
core work and then Sunday, how much training can you
fit into a lunch hour? We’ve got a GCN presenter
challenge coming up for you. And then Monday and Tuesday
is the GCN Racing News Show and the GCN Show, respectively. – 314. – We are getting towards the
end of the show, unfortunately. But we still have time for extreme corner and this week it’s Elliot Heap showing us what the new nuke proof
gravel bike, oh yeah, a mountain bike, gravel bike, can do. (rock music) – Phwoar, not bad, I’d like
to see Matthew Vanderpol attempt a mount like that
one, that was ballsy. – Could of been, yeah.
– But I could definitely skid like that, for sure, I can do skids. – Well, yeah, he definitely
doesn’t pay for his tires does he, that bloke?
– No, he doesn’t, does he? Right then.
– Right then. Oh we said right then at the same time, that was embarrassing,
but we’ll carry on anyway. That is pretty much the end of the show. What we’re going to do though is go over to our GCN shop,
shop.globalcyclingnetwork.com because we have so many people writing in saying that they love
the new GCN Italian logo and I’m inclined to agree with them, the designers have done
a great job with that. Anyway, you can buy a
t-shirt with that very logo at the shop and you’ll find a link to that at the end of this video. – And, of course, remember,
that you can head over to GCN Italia if you speak Italian and watch brand new original
GCN content over there with Alan Marangoni. Also, while we’re on housekeeping, Dan, let’s also remind you that
you can come to Majorca and ride and hang out with GCN and unfortunately Dan and me, too, so that one is the end of
March, 21st to the 24th so if you’re interested,
we also have a website the link to which is in the description beneath this one, as well. – You will find out first hand if I have indeed gone from zero to hero. Perfectly coincides with
the end of my 10 week get fit quick …
– It does. – I think I know what the
answer might be, but still. – Yeah, talking about zero to hero if you haven’t seen Dan’s video which is very very good indeed make sure you click on the
screen and watch it now. – He hated saying that.
– Yeah, I did.

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