Special Agent OSO Diamonds Are for Kites #3 – Matilda Lees

Thanks you very much! a tight knot thanks Sarah Chuck – now
for step three use the wind to make the kite fly here’s a tip you need to hold
out the kite and run with it so the wind can lift it into the sky sounds like a
plan hold out the kite and run with it oh there’s no wind and cocaine supposed
to start at second we need to find a way to make wick well you see something it
can make some wind the propellers on whirlybird make wind oh boy leave earth
need you down at the park fast I can do fast that’s what just doing my job now if you’ll excuse
me I have a rope bridge to cross what should I do so this rope doesn’t
get loose and fall off tie a knot nice and tight
cross the lines tuck it through hold and repeat now I can cross the rope bridge Stanley working so standing
you’ve earned your ravine crossing training award sounds like our boss is calling mr. DOS
good work also but you’ve done more than cross a ravine today tell him Paul pilot it was shaped like a diamond we made
sure that knot was tight done it without whirlybird and for that you’ve earned a special
assignment digi metal I never would have completed
my special assignment if it weren’t for your hard work so I want you to have a
special assignment digi metal to these metals for you you won’t be this
assignment was one high-flying adventure and you remember which car hit the
dinosaur book he can good look at the kind

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