Spear and Shield | 창과 방패 [Gag Concert / 2017.06.03]

(Spear and Shield) Gosh, I barely got on the subway. Honey! Hurry, honey. Honey! My girlfriend, Suji. We have seats. Let’s sit. Are you a couple growing apart? Just one spray and you’ll be in love again. Cupid perfume for sale! Getting sick of your relationship? Just one spray and you’ll start fighting. Devil perfume for sale. What are you looking at? We’ll use our stuff on them at the same time and if they fight, you get off. Agreed. I see your offer and if they get lovey dovey, I’ll raise you 10 years’ worth of allowance my son saved. You’re a scumbag. Agreed. I see the allowance and raise you 10 years’ worth of lodge money my wife saved. You’re a bigger scumbag. Agreed. I see the lodge money and raise you my life. Why do you keep betting things over this? This couple… Has our lives in their hands. 1… 2… 3! What do we do? They’re totally lovey dovey! They’re fighting! 1, 2, 3, 4… ♪ The blue skies and milky way ♪ They’re so in love! She’s slapping him! A knee to the stomach! They’re so in-synch! Let’s make it harder. Make it harder. Higher. It’s like the UFC! Why would you throw at knee at me? They’re fighting! Now they’re lovingly making a heart. I won! This station is Hapjeong. Hapjeong Station. We’re at Hapjeong, honey. Let’s get off. Let’s show them how amazingly in-synch we are. So lovely! Turn, turn! Turn! Nice! She’s slapping him with her foot! He loves it! She keeps hitting him! But he still loves it! Are they fighting? Or are they in love?

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