Some A–hole Calls Deena Fat 🤬 | Jersey Shore: Family Vacation | MTV

(upbeat music) – [Presenter] Tonight
escape the cold weather and head to the shore. Jersey Shore that is. It’s all new, tonight. (pouring water) – Oh my God. – We are very polish today, I must say. Like a polishteur. – Perfect. – Perfect. – That was such mom. (laughing) – Mom juice. – Mommy juice. I mean I already paid for
it, it’s like alcohol abuse. And I mean, who doesn’t want wine? But it’s been such a nice girls night, it’s literally the best night ever. – I feel like my belly is even bigger now. – Oh God, I feel pregnant. – [Man] Every girl is fat. – [Girl] (gasps) Really? – Every girl’s fat? I’m pregnant. – Why would you call her fat? That’s so rude. – I’m walking out of the bar
and some guy calls me fat, and I’m pissed. – Come the f*** out, an a******. Do not call my friend fat
when she’s fricking pregnant. And even if she’s not
pregnant, she’s not fat. – Wait, who said that? – That guy. – Which one? Him? – He’s an as*****.
– The old man said that? – He said every girl’s fat. – Oh hell no. – Which he meant all of us. – Right there?
– Wait, he said all fat? – Yeah, I’m going to the bathroom. (suspense music) – You can come after me, you’ll die. The moment you talk about my friends, game over. I will annihilate you. Who’s your best friend? (people screaming) When I heard that, I see red. Wait, inside? – Yes. – Deena, you better hold my purse, cus I’m bout to make him
eat his words right now. – (gasps)
– Well, I’m staying here. – Jenni will actually kill you. So I don’t know what this guy’s thinking, but he’s gonna get his fu**ing ass beat. – Were you just making
fun of a pregnant girl? – I was
– Finding someone was fat? – I did.
– You’re a piece of sh**, you’re fu**ed. – After that, extend your stay and head to Floribama Shore. – Kirk, kirk, yoga pants gray. – Aight. – Nilsa completely blew
my chances with the girls early in the night. What’s up, girl, how you doin? – Good, how are you?
– Good? When I see this new girl
that walks in, you know she’s cute. What’s your name? – I’m Kendra. – Kendra? Gus. She’s got a really really nice
booty, so I’m all about it. Obviously, you saw me looking at you from across the pool table.
– I did. (upbeat music) – I have no idea, why
have we left Gus behind. Because I want Gus to snuggle with me. – I’d love for you to come back.
– Okay. – I’d love to talk to you more But that’s up to you, I don’t
– You want to come back? – Sure! – Come on. – That’s my man, Gus is my man. So, the hoes better back off. – Shake it girl, shake it girl. Is it Nilsa thought it was bad enough that he was talking with other chicks. Uh ho, hell no! This boy brings home Kendra. I mean, I see world war three
happening in a few hours. And that’s gonna be when Nilsa wakes up, and sees this chick in her house. (upbeat music) (playful music) Yeahh! – Aaggh! Gus brought a girl home, and like Nilsa’s been inside the house, she has no idea, none. (Nilsa’s snoring) Whatsup, bitches. (Codi screams) (laughter) – That scared the sh** out of me. – [Codi] Did I scary? – Hell yeah. – Did I scare (laughs) Excuse me, ma’am. Who are you? And who are you with? What’s your name? – I’m Kendra. – Oh Kendra, nice to meet you, I’m Codi. Wait a minute, wait a minute. That’s not Nilsa, Gus. (music) – What? – Nothing. – I know exactly what you thinking. So go ahead and say it. – What happened? What happened? – Hey, you wanna take a seat on the couch? – Actually, can I use the bathroom? – Yeah, of course. There’s one right here. Hang on one sec. – What? – Don’t miss a second, it all starts tonight
at 8/7 Central on MTV.

100 thoughts on “Some A–hole Calls Deena Fat 🤬 | Jersey Shore: Family Vacation | MTV

  1. I don’t understand how a girl can leave with a bunch of men she doesn’t know and go over to his house.. 🤯🤯 idk not my thing I guess lol the whole time I would be thinking he’s going to kill me when I close my eyes haha

  2. I freakin love J-Wow. She’s Savage AF. I’d do the same thing, if someone calls my friends 👭 fat you best believe I’ll be coming after you with my fist 🤜🏼 👊🏼 straight for your face.

  3. I remember when as a kid watching the old jershey shore how they drank heavy liquor and beer now they just drink wine

  4. I’m pretty sure that dude didn’t call anyone fat, I think he may have overheard deena saying her belly is big, he was probobly saying sarcastically “oh ALL girls are fat” to someone he was at the bar with. I fucking love jersey shore but not everything everyone says is about you🤷🏻‍♂️

  5. Okay why would you cut the video at the most interesting part🙄 we get it you want people to watch the full episodes but come on😂😂😂

  6. People clicking to see Jenny go off: 🙋‍♀️🙋‍♀️🙋‍♀️🙋‍♀️🙋‍♀️🙋‍♀️🙋‍♀️

    People clicking to see racket Florida bs:

  7. They are all fat. Fat heads. Fat ego’s. Fat fake acting. Fat fake show. Why am I even wasting fat precious moments commenting on this?? Lol

  8. Floribama is the stupidest shit, they’re like trying to be the jersey shore all of them have one person from jersey that they try to copy but are super like shy abt it and it’s just awkward it’s like a middle school play version of jersey shore

  9. One why is Jersey shore still on after almost ten yrs? I know some of them only supposed to be in their late 20s or early 30s now but no offense that show is not that great anymore. Second why show only half the clip just to interrupt it with another stupid show about a guy trying to hook up with an ugly chick.

  10. Bro wtf is this…. i feel like im watching the scary movie version of jerseyshore… these people try wayy to hard

  11. WTF was the CUT-off to Damn Floribama Shore?!?? Floribama Shore will NEVER be anywhere close to the show Jersey Shore was/STILL IS!!!

  12. He said “every girl is fat” and snooki is like “you don’t call a pregnant girl fat” 🤔🤔 so she tried stirring the pot right away 🙄

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