Smelling Clean, Even with 20 Days of No Showers

– No showers 14 to 20 days, your bathroom is a five gallon bucket. Sometimes we need to burn our nostrils ’cause we all smell so much. My name’s Jenny Conway and I live in Leavenworth, Washington. I get to go all kinds of
amazing, beautiful places. Mount Rainier, Stevens Pass,
Mexico City, Denali in Alaska. Being out in the mountain for days, how do you handle body odor or cleanliness and things like that? And it’s difficult. For a while I just quit using deodorant just ’cause I didn’t feel
like it was good for me. But finding Lume this year
was really nice to have to use on my feet and for my pits. And I felt like I was not
as smelly as I could be. I can tell a difference
between when I wear it and when I don’t. Throwing on some Lume worked really well and really helps kill the scent. It’s made it easier to not
be smelly around folks. The mildness of the
fragrance in Lume is nice. I just smell clean. I really had a great experience with it, and using Lume helped me feel fresh. (cheerful music)

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