Skyrim Archer: Sniping Bandits With A Bow at Orphans Tear (Location Walkthrough)

Trying to go for the head shot now, a bit more tricky. OH! I think I have got it! Oh my… *Laughing* I shot her in the foot. What’s up guys? My name is ESO, and welcome back to the channel. In today’s video we will be discovering the legend of Orphans Tear. Now Orphans Tear is North East from – no, that’s northwest – from solitude, just here on the map on the North Coast of Skyrim. Also known as the Sea of Ghosts because of all the ships that actually crashed into the Northern coastline. So let’s go ahead and take a look at this area. Okay, I’ve actually… there’s a horker attacking a wolf. An ice wolf. That poor horker. Oh..Get rekt son. See if we can help out this… Oh he’s running away, he knows that this is a lost battle. Get rekt.. Get rekt! This is Orphans Tear just here in the distance and behind us: Check it out man, the Castle Volkihar, which is where Harkon the legendary vampire lord lives. Luckily we don’t have to go that way, we can go this way to Orphans Tear. So let’s swim across here and see if we can take out some of these bandits that appear to be camping right next to it. Let me go for a long shot here boys. I can actually see a bandit just by the campfire. I reckon we could probably hit him from here. OH yes! Oh my God! What? How…? What? Oh my God! We literally just missed by a millimeter. What? How..? What? Surely not, come on! There’s another ice wolf running over there now. Is that ice wolf…is… That ice wolf literally just Drowned itself. Did you guys see it? Okay, there’s a whole party of people over there. Okay, here we go. Come on. This is definitely going to hit them right? OH! *Laughing* It hit him in the knee as well! *Laughing* Oh my God.. We’ve got to go for another long assassin shot right here, man. Trying to go for the head shot now, a bit more tricky. OH! I think I have got it! Oh my… *Laughing* I shot her in the foot. I’m going to have to go a lot higher to actually hit this person in the head. No that’s not going to hit. It’s going way over his head. This wizard is having a swim in the chilly ocean. Level 95 sneak – I like it. Look at this guy. I’m just going to drown him right now. Get rekt son. Oh my God, he survived that sneak attack. Are you kidding me? Hey, bro. How’s it going? He still hasn’t seen me yet. Oh my God, he’s got arrows sticking out of his head! Look at him! Hey, bro. Oh my God! *Laughs* I did it. He did a lot of damage just then. That damage from… was from one frost spell. Oh my God. I can also hear something else attacking me. Oh, no, that’s the location clearing noise, okay. Well, that was confusing. So we have a bandit mage and obviously the two other bandits we’ve killed already. I wonder what kind of loot we’re going to find at this ship. I’m actually not 100% sure but this ship must have, probably, crashed here. And then the bandits have just made a camp and started looting it. Maybe set up… Oh my God, that’s a lot of cheese. That is a LOT of cheese. Okay, there’s some empty wine bottles. These guys are clearly having a great time. And they’ve actually locked this chest, there must be something valuable in it. I would hope so anyway. Oh, really, Skyrim? Come on… Come off it. Oh, yes, there we go. A hunting bow, 56 gold, soul gem – not entirely useless, but… Haha! So you got shot in the, in the shin. Can’t believe she actually got killed by that, these are very low level bandits. And this guy: shot in the back of the knee, as we saw earlier. Yeah, I mean, they don’t really pose much of a threat apart from the mage. He was a bit of a beast. So they’ve actually got their own boat as well, and man, there must’ve been a big shipwreck here. Yeah, they’ve obviously been out fishing and they got some… Oh! Bloody hell, Lydia! Where the hell have you come from? They’ve got some mead as well. So they’re probably from inland these, err, bandits. Let’s hop on this boat and see if we can find any more hidden treasure. So there’s another sleeping area here and magicka potions, this where the mage was sleeping. Ah, he’s also drugged up on skooma and as you guys know, I’m a khajiit, and I like my skooma so that’s mine now. There’s also a chest hidden behind this table. How conspicuous, Lydia. Bet you didn’t spot that. Alright. I’m gonna jump down here… and see if there’s anything hidden underwater… that we should care about. Oh, there is a magicka potion just here. Which is bloody useless to me. Get some air. Erm, I can’t see any treasure down here though. Let’s try this area. Okay, so a bed and then also some iron boots, which obviously, haven’t floated away because they’re so heavy. Okay, let’s check the second half of this wreckage. Oh, there are some clam shells. Aw, give me a pearl! Damn it! Oh, one sec, there’s a chest down there! Did i miss that? Oh, one sec, I’m gonna have to, like, swim back in here… and then if we go down here again… I didn’t even need to get all the way out. Oh my God. There’s a dead skeleton. This must be one of the sailors that originally crashed here. And there is a secret chest hidden in the Cargo hold. Nice! Lydia’s just like “Yeah bro, this is sick.” Look man, she’s gonna get hypothermia, Jesus. Lydia, man, what are you doing? Oh God, I’m drowning. I think these are slaughterfish eggs? Nope, nordic barnacle clusters. Pretty useful *stumbles over words* pretty useful in alchemy actually. Okay, nothing down here. Erm..No, it’s just some more crates and storage and whatnot. Literally nothing useful in the other half of the ship. And, obviously, this half is…the whole ship’s just underwater really. Must’ve broken in half when it hit the rocks coming in. These sand banks can be very treacherous. Lydia there, just chilling in the water. Right, let’s see if we can shoot a bird before we end the video. Come on Skyrim archery! I believe! I still believe! Well guys, I hope you enjoyed the legend of Orphans Tear. It was quite a small location, there are only three treasure chests, and a couple of vials of skooma, which obviously makes it a great location for me, to be honest, being a khajiit. But still if you guys did enjoy this video make sure you check out the description because I’ve got a whole playlist of different locations that we’ve already explored, which are actually a lot more interesting than this one. So make sure you go and check that playlist out in the description below. I’m not so sure which location we should go to next yet. We’ve pretty much explored most of… Skyrim to be honest, but I hope you guys enjoyed this video. I will see you in the next one. Have a fantastic day and goodbye.

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