Skoda Superb Customer Review | In-depth Must View Review | Ecardlr Part 2

Hi I am Apuroop, this is a 2000 cc and it
produces 350NM of Torque and this is an automatic with DSG gearbox. This is a top-end L n K variant of Skoda Superb. Now we ve done 12000 kms and it s been just
over a year since we have purchased this car. This is a second family car In the city this car gives me about 9 or 10
kmpl and it doesn t ever go below 8 and if you drive very well and if you have empty
roads then maybe you will get 11 not more than that in the city in the highway it can
go up to 13-14 not more than. The cost for the first service was approximately
13 14000 rupees not more than that and they said every service will approximately cost
me that much and in between once what happened after the first service there was this little
symbol which popped up here in the MID which said there is a little oil leak they fixed
that up and after that there is absolutely no issue so I was pretty satisfied with the
service experience I did not have any issue but one I did not like is this app I am not
able to use my app my Skoda app I am still behind these people I keep calling up customer
care once in a while, once in a while I forget about it, so I am going to make it a point
to eventually register my vehicle in that app. This car came with a 3 year warranty whereby
we pay certain amount, I don t know how much, I think about 60000 rupees and your service
is taken care off for 3 years. Now the packages which Skoda is coming up
they are coming up for 5 and 6 years packages so it I a much nicer thing I would suggest
anyone who purchases this car to go for you know to include service package and then purchase
it and then your service will not really be a headache. Basically we always had a Skoda before this
we had 2 Skoda s before this we went to the market to buy yet another luxury sedan because
that is the requirement and we had seen BMW 3Series we had seen Audi, Audi A4 and A6 which
had the quattro technology again we came back to the Skoda showroom whereby we felt it is
total value for money because we are getting all the features that you have in these luxury
cars and you know even the entry level cars in Audi and BMW the 3Series and the A3 they
cost more than the Superb which I can frankly say competes with the 5Series and the A6 you
know the 2nd level segment cars, it competes with that, in terms of performance, in terms
of features, it is just awesome. So I, I really had to scratch my head to find
a complaint with this car every damm thing about this car is perfect and absolutely superb. The price of this car on-road is 35 lakhs
and it gives you all the features that you get in BMW 5Series or a Mercedes you know
almost feel like you are sitting in a S Class so you feel so comfortable. This car is feels more enthusiastic to drive
very much eager to respond so that way the I think the Superb beats the Kodiaq its more
powerful on paper and in reality also it is an easier car to drive and very enthusiastic,
so that motivated me to go for the Superb only and it is priced 5 lakhs lesser than
the Kodiaq. Plus there is Audi Q3and BMW X1 was also there
they are good cars to drive but they do not have the space that this car offers. The space and comfort that this car offers
is top-notch on par with the 5Series, so I really loved that, that is why, there was
no reason for me to look back blindly with my eyes closed I said I will go for Superb. Seat comfort absolutely just one of the best
aspect of this car is the seat comfort. Seats are extremely comfortable, the side
bolstering is very good, thigh support is also very nice you can see the seat there
is this extra segment for the thigh support and it is not just a gimmick it really works
as thigh support even for a tall person like me I have adequate thigh support and I have
no issues getting into the position for driving also because the steering is also adjustable
reach and the height. It has a 12-Way electrically adjustable seat,
even the co-passenger has an electrically adjustable seat. You have different settings to adjust your
seats. Number one by using this knob this particular
section I can fill-in the air and make it more cushiony for myself and with this particular
knob I can push back-rest angle a little back or forward depending on how I want it. The best feature is this one where you know
for the Lumbar support if I press this button then there is some air which fills up over
here for my lower back I have very good support. Already the angle for the lower back is very
nice but this gives further air and the more cushiony effect so you know sometime I can,
I just want to relax on the highway and only focus on my driving ad just sit and then I
get a very nice cushiony felling for my lower back. See there is a Memory function. There are some cars these days which come
with electrical seats but no memory function that really does not serve much purpose, because
if somebody comes and distorts your seat position you have to get it back into it all the way
again, but this one has a very nice memory function, so I have set to my position over
here, the moment I press this so the driving seats gets adjusted to my, So what all it adjusts the driving seat? Yeah, the driving seat, the electrically adjustable
ORVMs and if you have customised any other settings over here, even the steering wheel,
even the steering wheel, yes. I put it on to 1 and the mirrors and the seat
have got adjusted and the steering we have not really chosen any effect for that so it
is like that only. So I have adjusted the seat to my setting,
this can be a one small minor gripe for this car because it is a sedan, a luxury sedan
usually these cars are set little low you sit a little low, so for me I am a tall guy
so I do have to bend down a little and come in, so that is definitely a small issue. Now that driver seat is as per my settings
and even for me my height is 6 feet 1inches and I am fitting very, very comfortably, I
have very nice knee room and decent headroom, I would not say the best but decent headroom
it is fine for me I can say I am very comfortably seated here and there is this nice armrest,
come with twin cup-holders we have done quite a few highway trips on this and never for
once bet it at driver seat or the back we did not feel any kind of exhaustion. This back angle is very nice, these headrests
also are adjustable so I can get into a perfect position I just wish my headroom was a little
bit more. If there is a shorter driver look at the amount
of legroom I have. There is lot of knee room definitely very
very comfortable car and no car in this segment or any other segment can match up to the space
that this car offers. There is a huge transmission tunnel over here,
sitting a third passenger of a big size might be a bit of a problem, kids can here and sit,
no issues at all because even this middle seat the leather is nice and soft so they
can sit here, there is absolutely no problem. There is a Dual Zone Climate Control, I just
press the Auto in this and it does job for me. There is a dual zone climate control, the
passenger on the side can also adjust the temperature. The rear AC also, there is temperature setting,
you know I can reduce or increase the temperature according to my need so I have climate control
here also in a sense, for a person sitting in the back he can use these to adjust the
front seat also, suppose nobody is sitting here and I want more space I can do that also,
so that is also nice feature and I have these sun blinds, sun blinds are integrated with
the design they do not automatically come out but I can use them whenever I want to. In the back also we have a sun blind comes
which come with the car but I have to manually put it up but the glass area is a little small
I don t feel anything claustrophobic or anything but the glass area is small could have been
a little different. Give me rating of comfort 5 on 5 and AC, AC
I would say yeah 4 on 5. It is got this new design language of Skoda,
this grille, you know it gets this chrome treatment and it feels very nice, it is like
those wings are coming with the Skoda logo. These four lines on the bonnet, so aerodynamically
if you see I think the design language is very nice, it looks like a very nice premium
luxury segment car. Basically all European cars have these design
language, they don t really stand-out or shout-out to you with the design but it is a very much
understated, understated elegance is the best way I would like to describe the design. From the side if you look at this car you
feel it is extremely long be it the alloy wheels, be it the mirrors or you know this
tail lamp which is extended over here, especially this black colour with that Laurent & Klement
badging over there, I really like the side profile also. When you look at this car from the side you
almost sometime cannot differentiate it from the Benz and BMW. Definitely Benz and Audi you can, you think
you know almost driving the same kind of car, so it feels very premium, very luxury, very
nice. The roof line it comes and very organically
nicley it merges with the back-side of the car, so you have that little coupe like effect. This particular effect does not really effect
the headroom that much of the car, it is pretty much similar in the front as well as the back. This particular design of the tail, it has
almost like a spoiler kind of effect. It is beautifully very nice elegant design
so I really like that total thumbs-up to them for the design especially in the black colour
I feel this car looks like a Black Stallion The touch & feel of the materials leather,
the beautiful leather, you know the sun roof and even this material over here, everything
feels very premium to hold and touch so the overall experience of the car is very premium. You know that you are sitting in a luxury
car, I only have to scratch my head and think what can I complain about, so I cannot really
complaint much, everything is there in this car, design is awesome, this piano black touch,
the leather and the combination of beige & black, I really appreciate that and I love that,
this looks very elegant you know very nicely integrated this entire thing and this particular
armrest I really appreciate it. I am a tall driver so I want this arm rest
to come a little up like this so I can adjust it like that and it does not fall. Rating on inside, design inside, the look
feel inside 5 on 5. I think there are 6 airbags, 2 in the passenger
and there is a side and curtain airbag also for the occupant in the rear and this comes
with a host of safety features there is road side assistance which is given from the dealer
and it comes with traction control, hill hold assist, electronic stability control program,
two discs in the front drum brakes in the back and it brakes in very sure-footed manner,
you get a nice cushiony feel while it is braking you will not get feel any jerky moments as
such even on hard braking you will never ever panic because the car is very intelligent
I do not know where and how they have placed those sensors but it really understands the
behaviour of the driver and based on the press of the brake it gives the adequate response. When I am changing the lanes, it makes sure
that I stay in the same lane, it alerts me over here in the MID, does not come with any
speed warning as such but you can set the speed limit in case you are giving the car
to somebody else and it has got a huge high beam projector over here, LED projectors. The throw of the headlight is very big very
nice, even the Fog lamp you have a projector bulb over there, safety rating, 5 on 5. Build quality there is really not much too
talk about it, generally European cars have very understated design and build quality
but everything is put together in a very nice way there are no panel gaps or anything as
such these knobs, these buttons never ever gave me any problems and all the switches,
the paddle shifters, the gear box even this arm rest comes up and I can adjust it however
I want, no issues whatsoever, build quality on the inside absolutely good. The Bonnet also is quite heavy though overall
build quality, doors everything is spot-on. What about the build quality overall rating
5 on 5 In the same budget, if you want a car like
this there is no other alternative for you which can match the kind of comfort, the kind
of driving, kind of overall experience that you are getting from this car, there are no
other car which can match these kind features, so it is very difficult for me to convince
you to not buy this car, maybe you can look at Kodiaq, Kodiaq Scout is there, which has
come recently, so in this price range Skoda is dominating, you don t barely have any other
player and even if you do you might not find those options to be so attractive, so I believe
this is the King of that segment luxury sedan at this price it is the best car. If you like my honest opinion about this Skoda
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12 thoughts on “Skoda Superb Customer Review | In-depth Must View Review | Ecardlr Part 2

  1. Skoda Superb +ves
    1) Elegant Contemporary Design
    2) Best and Spacious Rear Seat Drive
    3) Best Space Management
    4) Luxury on par with most luxurious sedan's
    5) Build Strong
    6) Safety is Paramount

    Skoda Superb -ves
    1) Poor Resale Value
    2) Poor Service Experience Perception
    3) Not perceived to be on par with BMW 3 Series, Audi A4 etc

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