Shop Talk: The Specialized Venge

SAM BENEDICT: Welcome to SBCU. We’re going to talk
about the Venge. If you’re the type
of rider that’s looking for the fastest
freakin’ bike out there, this is all about you. The Venge is more
bike than aero, which means it is an
aerodynamic fast bike, but it also has a
great deal of stiffness and is an awesome handling bike. And let’s talk about how
we did those three things. So the Venge is a
ridiculously aerodynamic bike. And what that all
comes down to is, making this slip through the
wind as clean as possible. And so, when you look at the way
that the tubes are constructed, we have to make the wind flow
very smoothly over the bike, so not to disturb the
wind, create turbulence, and actually slow you down. So from the front
of the bike, it’s all about being narrow and long. The head tube and the
fork, nice and narrow, but what you’ll notice here is
the fork is actually a 3 to 1 ratio. That means it’s three times
as long as it is wide. That’s a rule from the UCI. Has to be able to do that
in order to be a legal bike. But nice and thin and
narrow in the front. The down tube, same idea. Big, so we can be stiff,
but nice and long, so the wind will
hit from the front, flow across, and
stay nice and smooth. Working your way back to your
air foiled seat tube and seat post, and the last
part to finish it off is the super cool
cambered seatstays. Now, they’re
cambered a little bit towards the outside of the
bike because the wind is never going to hit the
seatstays dead-on. So we actually cambered
them out, but still keep them nice and aerodynamic,
and the whole package just slips through the air. So on the stiffness
side of things, we start to realize what makes
the Venge more bike than aero. I want to be able to
get out of the seat, freakin’ put the hammer down
and accelerate past everybody to the finish line,
win the sprint, ahh, everybody goes crazy. So you’re looking up
here at the head tube. And we have a tapered
head tube, inch and 1/8 to an inch and 3/8. So when you’re really
just twisting the bars, going for all the effort, the
bike’s going to stay planted, it’s going to stay stiff,
and going in the direction that you want. The frame is also a
FACT IS construction. So that’s four
parts of the frame– your top tube, head tube,
most of your down tube, your one-piece bottom
bracket, chain stays. This is where your
power transfer is. You’re putting all that force
in, trying to twist the bike, but it’s going to
stay strong and true. Your seat tube and your
seatstays all finish it off. So yes, it’s
aerodynamic, but also built to be an incredible
stiff bike, super fast, wind it up and go
for the sprint. There’s three things
that I want to point out of the Venge that are
particular favorites to me. The first one are the
Roval CLX60 wheels. Now, 60 is how deep
these wheels are, and that’s pretty freakin’ deep,
and it matches up perfectly with the bike. They’re light, they’re
stiff, but they’re also more aerodynamic than
a shallower rim that’s going to add to
the bike, make you go faster than you
ever did before. The second part is the
internal cable routing. Now, yes, they look
absolutely just beautiful, but they’re also great
for hiding the cables. There’s nothing sticking out
in the wind, nothing that’s going to mess up your airflow,
so great feature there as well. And the last one is the
Body Geometry Romin saddle. Now, the Romin is perfect
for this style bike because we want to get
low, we want to get fast, and that drop-nose
style allows you to get low, rotate your hips,
and still be an a good blood flowing, body geometry
position to get you home safe. So that’s the Venge. It’s more bike than
aero because it’s fast in the wind, super
stiff, and an all-around great handling bike. One of my favorite
bikes to ride. Go out there and ride one.

12 thoughts on “Shop Talk: The Specialized Venge

  1. I think this will have to be my next bike.  I hear nothing but good things from riders that are lucky enough to have one.

  2. Lol so your favourite thing about the bike are the wheels which have nothing to do with the frame and internal cables which all bikes over £600 have.

  3. I think given recent performances the Venge needs updating the Giant Propel and Canyon Aeroad have superseded the Venge and its outdated design

  4. I bought my Venge last August and have been in love ever since; fast, stiff, light, aero, smooth and an agile handler. It will whisper through the wind. I get complements all the time even though it is several years old

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