Hello my Friends, We Gonna Watch Highlights, From them Belarusian Heptathlon Athlete Sharlota Paehlitse At the European Combined Events… Team Championships, in Lutsk of Ukraine At the Comentary Your Global Friend Icon Mike! And we just watch, her First Attempt at 1.69 At High Jump Competition, that was Void She Clear 1.63 and 1.66…. from her First Attempt, without any Fouls And this was her… Second Void Jump at 1.69 We go to see her Third and Last Attempt at One point Sixty-Nine (1.69) that was also Void and she will Finish at… 13th Place out of 17 Athletes. And let’s go now to Shot Put And her Third and Last Attempt Her First Shot was Void, and the Second was at 9.84 meters Her Third was at 10.12 meters We see now her Second Throw at Javelin that was Void Void was also the First Throw of her This is her Third and Last Throw, that was Valid And was at 30.35 meters And we go now to see her Performance at Long Jump Combination 5.92 meters is her Personal Best, 5.68 meters is her Season Best In the Card we see the results from her performance in all Three Track Races Competitions that she go very well New Season Best at 100 meters Hurdles New Season Best at 200 meters And a New Personal Best at 800 meters But let’s go to see her First Jump at Long Jump It’s a Red Flag, It’s a Void Jump for Sharlota Paehlitse This is the replay Let’s see her Second Jump now She get the White Flag, it’s a Valid Jump! A Valid Jump at 5.58 meters And let’s go now to see her Third and Last… Jump at Long Jump Competition White Flag is up, it’s a Valid Jump! Her Third Jump was the best from the three and was at 5.64 meters Sharlota she will get… The 12th Place Out of 16 Athletes In Long Jump Competition. Sharlota she is not even 21 Years Old, She have a Very Bright Future! She’s a Track Athlete, More than a Field Athlete. Don’t Forget to Subscribe to our Channel for More Videos! Bye! Bye!


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