100 thoughts on “See first video of Thai boys’ rescue from cave

  1. Dragging the boy on a stretcher even under water? How's that possible? sorry I couldn't visualize it as the thought of it is causing me to have a panic attack


  3. FYI, this hospital building is brand new, using the money from the charity marathon led by the Thai Rock Star 'Toon Bodyslam.'

    Last year, he completed his 55-day 2,215km marathon, running from the south of Thailand to the north of Thailand (Maesai, where the cave is located as well) to raise US$33m for public hospitals around Thailand.
    Read more at https://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/asia/thai-celebrity-toon-bodyslam-completes-2-215km-marathon-to-raise-9526558

    Moreover, his full name is Atiwara which means a "wild boar" as well. What a story, isn't it?

  4. CNN kindly help them.infantino the fiffa President has promised to fly them all to Russia for the world cup final, how happy I am.

  5. I feel like CNN is really obsessed with sensationalizing this situation. Like I know they have to report news because that's their job, but sometimes it seems like they turn people's trauma and dangerous situations into entertainment. Like a spectacle. I'm not sure if what I'm saying makes sense. Does anyone understand what I mean though 😂

  6. Hope all the leaders who want to conquer the world by bombing and killing others would touched by this story .

  7. Now I know why they are keeping them in the hospital for so long. They drugged them before bringing them out so now they have to make sure they are recovered.

  8. They need hyperbolic chambers be grateful to be alive and stop ya bitching American kids when ya mommy or wifey cuts off the power when you haven't saved that level u trying to reach……. Deal with it and flip em the bird🐣🐣🐣🐣🐣🐣🐣🖕🏿🖕🏿🖕🏿🖕🏿🖕🏿🖕🏿🖕🏿🖕🏿🖕🏿🖕🏿🤖🤖🤖🤖💀💀

  9. Blessings for the Thai diver, Saman Gunan, who died trying to save these people. The true essence of heroism and humanity.

  10. Expecting David Hogg to give a press conference anytime now…. he’s safe and has something to say about “cave control”

  11. So a 25 year old football coach,
    decided to go cave exploring after a game.
    This stupid act,inadvertently caused a
    NAVY SEAL to lose his life!!
    Will that coach’s irresponsibility have any

  12. These arent the actual boys, the cave was flooded and all perished, the families were paid off. They paid actors to play the rescued boys. Thailand being American at heart, needed a win in the public's eyes.

  13. Those aren't the real boys, they are all crisis actors.. (look at those mask to hide their identity)
    This whole thing was a 'false flag'..
    Liberals are going to wage war on the world, (I heard it from Alex Jones) so it must be true?

  14. Safe now X. Ans soon be with their families. The team of divers doctors etc. Fantastic human beings. Thank you fir saving the boys. Xx

  15. It's a miracle! Thank God for answered prayers! Many blessings to the soccer team & their families from the USA.

  16. I dont get why they would not show even a glimspe of any of the boys coming out of the caves after they was rescued they wait till now to show any pictures of them at all and they have a mask over there face so you cant tell if these are the boys from the caves or not for all we know it could be boy actors lying on those beds making it look like the boys from the caves. Im not saying that it is actors because i truly do hope its them and i think it is them but it has bothered me that they was so secretive about the boys being rescued they wouldnt tell you who was rescued and when no picture other than seeing a ambulance driving and them holding umbrellas to the helicopter you would think they would show pictures of them coming out of the cave especially now since they have all been rescued. Again im not saying the boys in the beds are actors but because they was so secretive about the rescues and only saying 4th boy out 8th boy out and all the flip flopping from weakest to the strongest and the next report it was strongest to the weakest and flip flop on the next update and them saying coach was in the 1st group out then no the coach was the last out and flip flop again.

  17. God bless all those selfless responders for sacrificing their own lives to save these youngsters . Ever so grateful for giving these boys a second chance.

  18. Imagine being in that cave like they were and not knowing if anybody was going to find them, and the would be alive when they did.

  19. what I don't understand is how exactly did saman gunan lose his life? was he underwater when his air ran out? didn't anyone notice he was in distress?

  20. Glad these tough kids made it out alive , and good work to every adult that worked insanely hard getting them out

  21. I told U they should 'prey' to Buddha.
    How Buddhist meditation kept the Thai boys calm in the cave
    The boys’ coach lived in a Buddhist monastery for a decade and taught them to meditate in the cave.

  22. Its good to see them well..but just cross in mind still confuse how before that ,they gave sedative/drug/medicine or watsoever,and how they swim after that…not in normal condition rite…correct me if im wrong.

  23. it's a miracle of God, praise Jesus! the poor little guys were emaciated even BEFORE entering the cave and starving for 17 days, look at them now :O

  24. And the race is officially on for a Hollywood producer to be the first to buy the rights for a movie. Spielberg is salivating at his chance to revive his failing career.

  25. Fuck the World Cup we need updates on this. I hope the team knows more people on earth watched their story than the big game.

  26. And no damn mention of the fact they weren't swimming and walking of their own accord, but were wrapped up in a coccoon

  27. God bless every person who involved in this rescue operation & rest in peace for ex Thai Navy Seal Saman Gunan.

  28. I learnt two things, one; if the mankind comes together anything is possible.. what looked like impossible, impossible, becomes
    "I'm possible" "i'm possible"
    second thing is why aren't we coming together to solve all the crisis in the world? i am sue it wouldn't take long to solve them
    we can definitely live in a beautiful place called "Earth"

  29. I learnt two things, one; if the mankind comes together anything is possible.. what looked like impossible, impossible, becomes
    "I'm possible" "i'm possible"
    second thing is why aren't we coming together to solve all the crisis in the world? i am sue it wouldn't take long to solve them
    we can definitely live in a beautiful place called "Earth"

  30. for those who are commenting "nice hospital" have zero understanding how rich Thailand REALLY is. They serve hundreds of thousands of patients each year in this country. And many thousands of those are international patients. Stop judging an object by its outer surface and start exploring. Especially the world you live in.

  31. When Hollywood makes this a move instead of Thai's, it will be Illegal immigrants chased into a cave by ICE and Trump will order a wall be built around the Cave? Has CNN found a way to blame Trump for this yet?

  32. My heartfelt prayers and gratitude for the diver who died. He must truly have been an angel, he served his purpose and went back to where he came from.

    And so much admiration for those brave divers who were brave and ready to sacrifice to save others.

  33. No sooner the last victim was rescued, on the Press conference announcing it, the Thai spokesperson already mentioned the turistic potential of this cave after the horrific incident, and that they were thinking in exploiting That's all well and good but considering that at least, four of the boys , (the coach – who, by the way, is just another victim of some very dire circumstances, and Abdul among them) are refugees – some even orphans- one should hope that the Thais give them, at the very, very least, citizen status — therefore as adults, can earn same money as Thais- perhaps training them themselves to be future cave tour guides? and world institutions, Such as FIFA , rather than offer them entries to soccer matches, even if it was the World Cup would give them something more substantial & sensible, such as scholarships. God knows they can afford it. For the Press, to PAY, and PAY well , for interviews that, giving the world attention this story has produced, would make media a LOT OF MONEY. I only hope all good for the future of these children, no more hardships in their lives, not just being a " flash in the pan" for media attention, and all my sincere condolences to the young wife who lost her Navy Seal husband. I also hope she will be look after properly for life. DO NOT EXPLOIT THEM, HELP THEM. The world is watching …and judging the moral fibre.

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