Seated Hip Rotation – Chair Exercises Part 2 – Stick Mobility Exercises

Alright, so in the second video of our seated drills, we’re gonna start adding in a little internal
and external rotation with the hip flexion. So we’ve got Dennis set up on the chair, what he’s gonna do is, he’s gonna
bring the sticks in a little narrower and he’s gonna take his left leg
and we’re gonna bring it out a little. So when you bring this leg out the main thing
you need to worry about is letting your pelvis, *not* letting your pelvis rotate. So only bring it out enough just to give
you clearance for the stick to come through. So his left hand is gonna be at about 12 o’clock and his
right hand is gonna be at about between 1 and 2 o’clock. So what he’s gonna do now is, he’s gonna
lift up that right leg into flexion, and now we’re gonna start to add in
internal rotation and external rotation. So what we want to do is, watch your knee, look down, and make sure
that our knee stays in the middle of the sticks. Alright, we want to control this from the hip. He’s gonna do maybe three to four reps,
come down, and we’re gonna switch legs. So you gotta bring the feet in. Now this right hands at 12 o’clock. Left hand is gonna
be at about, between 10 and 11 o’clock here. He’s gonna bring that right hip up.,
we’re gonna go into internal rotation. Keeping that knee right in the middle here. And we’re gonna come down. And relax. So now if you want to
add more challenge to this, while you’re doing these drills we
can take that knee into extension. So we’ll just do one rep,
just to show you what’s going on here. Now from here he’s gonna source
the movement from his hip, but now he’s gonna try to rotate his foot in and out. And bring it down Good. So give that a shot. Say five to six
reps on each side and you’re good to go.

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