Sanrenmu Land 9103 Knife Review. A $15 budget blade with Sandvik.

If you were finally waiting for Sanrenmu to
Ganzo a Reeve boy have I got the knife for you. Youre like didnt they Ganzo the 21 with the
710? Wait so if the 710 was put out in 2010 maybe
Ganzo this whole time has been sanrenmuing. Now if youre wanting to know if the 9103 Im
reviewing is more like the 6108 or the 717 then go buy all the damn knives yourself. So while your contemplating what I just said,
and while Im contemplating what kind of beer Im going to drink this weekend, lets go over
the dimensions of the Sanrenmu Land 9103 which borrows heavy visual clues from the Chris
Reeve Sebanza 21. So lets look at the overall length and weight. The blade lngth, and cutting edge, smaller
blade than the large inkosi too. The handle size and grip area. And the spine thickness and handle thickness. Now if youre no stranger to knives then you
know Sanrenmu is no stranger to Chris Reeves knife designs Well examine that in the last
20 minutes of this $15 knife review where I bought the $410 Sebanza 21 to prove it,
but first lets examine the blade, which is a drop point and a flat grind, made from the
not really hated Sandvik that Sanrenmu uses in a lot of their knives to great success-
I assume 12C27 is of course the knife nerd name for Sandvik. The other Sanrenmus I have that use Sandvik
are all easy to sharpen and have never had any real QC problems. They hold an edge a decent amount of time,
and theyre not called Aus-8 or 8cr13MoV, so people generally feel better about them. The blade length in the mid 3 inch range is
of course the length I prefer, which is good for food prep, general cutting tasks, and
not making you look like a wuss in front of other dudes. As some guy is still saying length he prefers. Then theres some fine jimping that provides
traction up top not spyderco fine, but sort of in the neighborhood. Also the top of the blade isnt a full 90 degrees,
as its sort of rounded, and ends in an edge. The blade is deployed by blue thumb studs,
which are different than the standard silver ones in the fact that it takes them a few
weeks to turn back to silver after the paint rubs off like it has on one of mine from some
pocket wear. Someone somewhere is like well looks like
Im saving $15. It isnt my fastest deploying large blade though
as you have to give it a medium hard flick.. to deploy its smooth and consistent throughout
the travel of the blade but it aint a Spyderco PM2 or nice Benchmade 940. Its locked into place by a frame lock, thats
pretty easy to disengage 1 handed. Detent is pretty good when closing, although
it sucks it in pretty close to fully closed. I cant get the knife to even partially deploy
when flinging it while closed. Which is sort of unique because I only have
a handful of knives you cant do this on. The handle is nice and smooth and stainless
steel, sort of satiny so expect it to be slick if you got some nice smelling fish guts on
it or its covered in squirrel intestines. The handle fits my hand nicely without fanger
crowding. Its an open back design with silver spacers,
except the lanyard hole which is blue. I did notice the back lanyard sleeve hole
rattles slightly. I dont know if that kills tacticability- probably. Maybe it does you could always spray paint
the whole knife black to offset -1 sneak. I think thats how it works. I tried to tighten the torx screws around
it, but they were already tight AF. The clip is reversible to the right or left
side tip up only. While it is over 4 ounces, so its a little
heavy its an easy pocket carry. The clip is tight but I found no problems
getting it into the pocket. Think just a tad tighter than a Spyderco clip,
but no Southern Grind clip. Ok so lets do a little mini comparison. I reviewed the 9052 last year, and found it
to be a good slip joint blade. This is a setp up slightly in quality but
this knife is heavier with a slightly longer blade plus that one has a beer opener on it. And some dude is light I can open a beer with
any knife. Here hold my beer. Ok.. thats true- but theres the slight chance
your too drunk and you wind up shaving the top off the bottle like I did once, and waste
your beer. Maybe real men arent concerned about glass. Then heres another Ganzo I random chose thats
a bit bigger. So that one is cool right? Thats the G753 Firebird. In my last Ganzo review a subscriber was like
you forgot to mention that was a Firebird Ganzo which brings up oh yeah this is a land
ganzo. Whatever that means. I think it means they put some blue paint
on a few of the screws. Its not like a Benchmade gold class where
its unique and or expensive materials they still use 440c, deployment feels same, and
construction is the same except the word Firebird or Land. And finally my favorite knife other than the
940-1, the PM2. I like this knife better than the Sanrenmu
its lighter, much more fun to deploy, has a higher end blade steel, and costs 120 more. That sai the 9103 is a great value for $15-$20
or whatever this knife is at the time. Its solid and well made most of my experience
with Sanrenmus are smaller blades, or larger slip joints so its cool that this locks, and
has a big blade. If you are interested in this knife you can
buy it from my links from Gear Best who provided this for review. Subscribe like comment because it makes you
really cool if you do. Thanks for watching.

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