Russian dude with knife in his back going out for a smoke

Where do you go? Look what is he doing Girls, he is now yours.
Walk after him yourself. Where are you going? Vladimir, are you crazy? I wonder if he is going far? Are you going far?
its winter outside go back
Man: smoke You don’t have cigarettes

53 thoughts on “Russian dude with knife in his back going out for a smoke

  1. Meanwhile in Soviet Russia, a poor innocent kitchen knife was killed by a dastardly blyatman that jumped back into it, and then smothered it with smoke from his vodka bong. The knife is survived by its children, the young Salad Fork and the toddler Butter Knife. A service will be held for the deceased knife at the local kitchen wares store, attended by his father Mr. Bayonett. He was adamant in saying he will avenge his blunt son, by "carving the blyatman a new one".

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  3. This guy’s vital organs have not been affected. The knife was removed and the muscle tissue was sutured. A very simple case.

  4. Guy made an accidental big brain play, the freezing temperatures would have reduced the blood flow and numbed the area

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