Rumors About Britney Spears and Criss Angel

the onset companies the has been caught signalling with magician criss
angel here couple things every one of the work a newly without their either
make it out of there not you don’t really means like we wanna say they’re making out but we
don’t we’ll actually see them making out so they were saying close to each other mistakenly
meticulous right %uh the gossip raises is that all the time to implies that they’ve been
really happened did number two magicians gap police ok erco this guy olympics no yes known as a he walk secrecy walks on water
maria’s do what’s our jesus christ norell sunset %uh an essay in a while they always had a
look they always have something like copperfield as that greasy like i’m so suave look that
went out in the nineteen eighties david blaine has the like and so more of smoke acadia political marshall activity rather
speak up %uh the rosanna great well i don’t know because
i can’t hear you and group event crusades also throw that mind freak %uh where you’re so cool you so
dangerous yeah i i like this look when probably had project so our compound passive scott %uh end up with a temperamental periods i guess he made britney’s good sense disappear
that night sales of or what fire and flood map that’ll give approval so what they’re what happened to they headed
right while she was caught spending the night with him at the beverly hilton to her so an intense pain that’s why i love
of the work off week possibly try around like twenty cameraman almighty god you have caught us the either
three different hotels and they said the bodyguard to several of
the get condoms and they’re so subtle yeah thanks so so but
now here’s what they are suits are on defend britney here a little bit mischievous and
all you know did you did too you do this good stuff and she’s got the mandates date what difference does it make i’m in i
know you gotta be good mom than that that doesn’t mean you can’t go out a one night or problem accidents and some
guys unless somehow that means you’re not a good
mom waiting one-night or couple init says crew cc parties like an animals you know it takes
care of ur kids went to every student every kid’s wishes painted a check troopergate she’s like put who’s got eight
months right in these kids they got leaky never nets let minority all issue here it was a mother’s
love behind it but at the same time i don’t want people to
be like you do you have any photos you have kids silicone we saw it on our top now we saw with
classical so watches about that when you get a lot done hassle of your kids was going on to other
law of the kids have a new ones enough and that’s not the best of the problem here but
i mean she’s reckless you can’t deny that to reckless work there you fall apart i think that is that you’ve
caught me usually was reckless i have to admit it alike wishes trips are for the names this
is like how do i look sexy and i think a lot of dedicated phrase read you put it away and
now look you got roles i love it i don’t mind but you know of no you know look sexy any luck here support base is one of the fake itne %uh that ad this is britney spears and rally they say
in a recent picture no i do can be done by reason u_v_ light seven years
ago yall get out with you if you me like two weeks ago my awstats britney spears bash on the real pretty soon with that’s number
one initial of their new haircut don’t get like a thirty seven-year-old british
mom nasa you army who are you well they have it %uh i so finally mike overall analysis is
pretty a calm down the everyone saw go out and do you get all those trade or like a seat
stay away from rejections okay that’s it young turks more close on the other side

100 thoughts on “Rumors About Britney Spears and Criss Angel

  1. it does'nt really matter who your with u make a big deal about it. who cares it they like each other its life get over with it. its not a bigggg deal!!!!

  2. This guy's a piece of shit. Jealous that he's a fuckin loser on "the young turks" and Criss Angel is famous.

    Thanks for wasting my time, assholes!

  3. Yeah, this guy is soooo jealous of Chris Angel! LOL Britany, yeah, okay, she's got issues. I hope she gets her act together. But this guy did nothing wrong to this reporter except maybe take his girlfriend?

  4. People are saying britney is a bad mother because she doesnt spend time with her kid but think about this for a second. Would the kid really be better off?

  5. this video is stupid.
    argh,and miranda they WERE together,just gossip,dont make fun of another singer,that you listen to just cuz ur obsessed with cris angel lol rofl(and when i say were together ment like walking)
    people just make stuff up to get money ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. You really gotta be a boring person to hate magicians ๐Ÿ˜€ Sure they're sly bastards who deceive you but … Still gotta love em ๐Ÿ˜€

  7. LOL i was just laughing inside, this FAT ass is just jealous and while speaking he is stucking and swallowing words…Just hate this type of man. And seen a mic they use? Like a sex toy. Criss Angel and Davide Blain are enertaing us. and we love it, we try cracking their trick because some are jelous just curious and some are just like this fat ass dumb speaking in this video people like him shake their fat up to making a video on youtube because of jealousy.

  8. at 4:00 he is saying like who are you like they are schmuck, and who is he this fat ass? Just fat-shaker in front of camera. Guys, what Criss could achieve, and same David just try get half of their career. This been hard to them. (fuck you, who dont agree with my two coments)

  9. The only reason that fat guy is a hater beacause hes fat and will never get laid and has nothing better to do than bag on people to make him feel better about himself. I hate people so bad especially ones like this on here

  10. omg u suck so bad this piece of crap video is 4 mins long and its still too long y make a show just to show how jealous u are of someone waaaaay more successful & hotter than u pft sad fat :O

  11. this is fake criss has a girlfriend and he likes to have famous to hang out with him and the body gaurd that bought condoms bought it for himself

  12. omg…i get sooooo annoyed by this guy. seems like he never has something good to say.
    and WTF, who is he to criticize magicians???is he jealous that criss is hotter than him? is he jealous that criss gets to hang out with someone famous? criss angel is awesome, AND YOU SUCK! MINDFREAAAAK! btw, you think ur funny? I BET YOU HAVE YOUR OWN MAN BOOBS TO PLAY WITH!

  13. I love that when Cenk makes fun of God, no one minds. You make fun of any celebrity, he gets 9/10 comments are rabid fans insulting him. Its an opinion, calm down

  14. I think this guy fucks his mom!! And the fact that he believes in Jesus disqualifies him as an intellectual, so therefore anything he says is stupid and pointless. Criss would kick the shit out of this guy, fuck his wife in front of him and make him like it…

  15. I dont like that guy. Stay away from magicians? Watch me get as close to the amazing Criss Angel as can be! Lol, hes jealous he's not as successful as Criss xD

  16. Jesus Christ is the only person who walks on water…..and your proof is text in a book right? So Harry Potter flys on a broom……I Belive!!!! lol Christians are so ignorantย 

  17. Wow such cunts too bad britney is on a tour rn selling while you irrelevant whores are posting flop videos that get more dislikes than likes

  18. You hate magicians you young jerk?? You're a pathetic excuse for a human carbon footprintl Too bad Chris didn't make you dissapear… Permintlly out of the site of 320million people.

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