Ruben Lenten: What kite suits your riding style?

How’s it guys you’re here with me Ruben Lenten we’re here at kiteboarding mecca Platboom Cape Town South Africa. The wind is absolutely cranking today and I wanted to show you a little bit more about the Ozone range kites; the Enduro the Edge and the Amp To help you decide what suits your riding style most, these kites are absolutely amazing and built with a purpose. So let’s dive into this As the kites are inflated you can already see the difference in the shape of each kite. A different shape means a different performance and feel. Kicking off with the Enduro this all-rounder is Ozone’s best seller for intermediate to advanced riders With the freeride freestyle and wave setting the Enduro is a jack-of-all-trades With the kite up in the air, I feel immediately how easy and light this kite is to fly I fly it on the factory setting which is the middle knot the freeride setting. Out on the water I noticed that there’s definitely power to be found in this Enduro I feel very in control as this kite reacts quick and it loops super nice and smooth The Enduro the ultimate all-round do-it-all inflatable kite. Freeride, wave and freestyle settings first style open C design any style any conditions. Performance kite for intermediate to advanced riders, the ozone Enduro. The Edge is the high performance floaty booster and upwind speed machine Whilst launching this high-performance wing I can already feel that it wants to fly up The Edge goes up wind like crazy and the riding speed is just nuts That’s why they win all the races on this kite! Just pull in and hold the bar jumping wise this kite boosts like a maniac, flies high and long A very nicely performing kite for the rider that wants to go fast and up high The Edge, high adrenaline freeride machine Now on to the AMP, the latest addition to the ozone kite range. This is our progressive C shaped kite for intermediate to advanced riders that love a bit of power The AMP is my favourite kite because it is very responsive and powerful which was great for boosting big airs and throwing meaty mega loops You can also change the settings on the end bridles to the second knot To make the kite more forgiving to learn and progress into your tricks more easily. On this setting it also makes the kite great for unhooked and park style riding and there’s even a fifth line option for the riders that want a bit of more power at load and pop. The AMP a user-friendly progressive C-Kite. Primary focus on being predictable and adaptable. Two variable bridle geometry settings in four line mode and a fifth line conversion option. Make sure that you get a test of an ozone kite this year. So you can choose your favorite kite to progress your kite skills For more information check out OZONEKITES.COM or hit us up directly. Ride hard and fly high!

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  1. Excellent kites edge is my favorite gust eater hang time monster. But there foil line don’t waste your money unless you have money to burn

  2. Thank you!
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