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Its our twelve year anniversary today! If you want to get 12 percent off in the store for 12 days go to and enter the code RT12YEARS 12 years more like 12 beers or 12 ears or 12 gears or 12… So, while we’re on the topic of fucking gross shit, Kerry and I recently got back from London Miles: It was super fun.
Barbara: You got sick didn’t you? I did get sick. It was Saturday Night, I started feeling a little sick, a little nauseous. And I threw up and I’m like, “Okay, well this sucks,” and I started getting like bowel problems. It was not good. And then a few hours
later it got to the point where I threw up so hard I lost my voice and I
realize I couldn’t talk and um I’m just not feeling really right
so I tried calling Kerry but he couldn’t hear me when I talk so
then I texted him, and I text him something along the lines of.. I think I’m in a bad spot
Cahnz u com halp mez?? So he comes over and he opens the door and I’m standing there shaking. And I’m like “Hey Man. Whats going on?” I look like some sort of drug addict or something. And umm, the the hotel we’re staying at. I couldn’t, I couldn’t talk so when I called them they go “Ello, this is the front desk” and I go, I go “Hi, yes, could you please bring me some medicine?” And they immediately go “Oh yeah, what would you like?” As if like we have we’re keeping secrets now. At one point I wanted just something other than water. “Try the Seven Up.” So he gives me Seven Up, and I… [suck, suck, suck] Oh God, this is delicious. [suck, suck, suck] And I hand it to Kerry and he’s going for it
and then according to Kerry my eyes just explode out
of my head and I slammed the coke down and I jump up and
as I’m going in the bathroom And then I hear BLUUHHHH
[Barbara]: Oh god! Are you fucking Kidding me?! I shit myself. I threw up so hard that I pooped my pants.
That was aah.. Jon: Gotta get out.
Miles: That was my first trip to London. Hey guys, Miles here. If you’ve ever poop your pants be sure hit that subscribe button. And if you haven’t pooped your pants, be sure to hit that subscribe button! You should also head over to our RT Store to check out some merch that’s going to make you shit yourself its so good! And if you’re feeling down in the dumps check out some of these other videos

100 thoughts on “Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures – Poopy Pants Miles

  1. Be careful with the water in other countries. In most outside of America, tap water is definitely not made for consumption. In certain countries like the Philippines, the tap water is pretty bad, but they will serve it to you at restaurants because it's a poor country and most people are already used to it there. Tourists, however, should bring their own water or something.

  2. Who the fcock drinks fizzy drinks when his stomach is on the verge of dying? God! Get some chicken soup, or some strong black tea, or some rice porridge! This is a level of stupidity that's beyond painful for my fragile mind. (your could also drink raw vodka though, would disinfect your stomach)

  3. Did he drink tap water in London? I've heard that if you go to a different nation drinking the tap water there will make you sick because there's different stuff(?) in it that everybody from that nation is used to, but you're not.

  4. Anyone who's been to mcm and got drunk or been to any of the fun after events knows this is the norm xD
    welcome to the UK guys XD

  5. I was sick like that once. I couldn't eat or drink anything without throwing it up five minutes later, and I was dry-gaging a bunch, and I just had no energy at all, but I couldn't sleep because I felt so bad, and when I was able to keep food down, I had all sorts of bowel problems. I was horrible.

  6. i had a similar experience in melbourne my first time there and i get sick exactly like that and i have an almost identical situation. my room number was 12 on floor 12

  7. That's why I'm glad there is a bathtub right beside the toilet in my bathroom, if I feel that bad I can sit on the toilet and just turn and throw up in the bathtub

  8. My family goes to mexico to visit my grandma and some uncles and cousins and when i first went there it was horrible i was so sick i couldnt move without throwing up and i would just lay down on the couch all day and it just sucked

  9. Experience something similar a few weeks ago, luckily I was already just down to my underwear, so that's all I ruined.

  10. 12℅ off 12 years. My life goal is to stay alive for their 100 year anniversary and see if everything is 100% off

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