Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures – New Orleans Part 1

I got to see New Orleans in a way I’ve never seen it before which is sober, because I was responsible for keeping Griffon alive. I don’t know if you know this about my wife but, if you are in a new town we have to go to the Ghost tour for that town. We go on the first half of the Ghost tour, and come back, and there is like a 20 minute break where you get some more drinks and Griffon drinks like two huge drinks. Then she gets weird. She goes to the bathroom, and she comes out like just wobbling She looks like a fucking pinball She’s got this stupid grin on her face, she goes “I lost my purse” and I go.. “did you have it with you?” and she goes… “mmmMhmmmm” “Did you lose it in the bathroom?” “mmmMhmmmm” and I go “Go back in the bathroom and get it.” And she goes back in bathroom comes out and she goes “I lost my purse” and I go “Was it not in the bathroom” “umm mmmm” and I was like “Why are you so FUCKING happy you lost your god damn purse!?!?!?” I have to now back track to see if she sat down And left it somewhere while we were on the tour. And so, I’m like “What do I do with Griffon?” because I realize at this point she’s gone. So I just stick her with the tour people and I’m like “Just stay with them whatever you do.” And I run around New Orleans back tracking trying to find her purse I can”t find it anywhere I go back and I find Griffon kind of like plodding behind them, like not able to keep up And bumping into shit…… And I go well…FUCK. And I also Think the tour is trying to get away from her Like Griffon was just walking into mail boxes and stuff going MmmmmMMMmm And so I go and I grab her I’m like “I gotta get you back to the hotel” so I like literally have to walk her to the hotel she’d be bumping into me and then she would bump into somebody and be like “WHAT!?!?!?” And so I finally get her to the hotel. She’s really wobbly at this point So I stand her against the wall And I’m fishing the key out and while I’m doing that She just slid down the wall and slammed her head into the ground! And then I look at her and she’s covered in blood She’s like ripped her chin up and she just starts crying I get her in the hotel room And she like runs into the bathroom and Just starts throwing up everywhere

100 thoughts on “Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures – New Orleans Part 1

  1. dude i was showing this to my friend and im just watching and he goes "OMG WTF THE PURSE IS RIGHT THERE HEY JOSH DID YOU SEE THAT ITS THE PURSE!!!!"
    long story short he got punched in the face

  2. For the longest time, I've thought Griffon has an upturned nose or something like that. I JUST realized it's a nose piercing.

  3. The ad that I got before the video was literally the entire 40 minute pilot episode to the new show, "Finding Carter". Um… kinda weird.

  4. Where was the story that Geoff told about Grif telling off a security guy when they were on a trip? I''m looking every where…

  5. So, Ghost Tour? Is that like a tour of all the supposed haunted houses? You do this in every town? Is this a thing in America? I've never ever heard of it in Sweden o.O

  6. so why does griffon's mouth get to be animated when she talks.. but geoff just stands there open mouth when he talks?

  7. Did anyone else literally get an ad for the French Quarter ghost tour before this. YouTube must have did that on purpose, no way that just happened.

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