Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures – Jeremy & Michael Get Hurt

-I’ve only had– I’ve only had like two or three stitches, but it was like a centimeter from my eyeball.
-Oh really? -I got hit in the head with a piece of PVC.
-How’d you get hit with PVC? -My brother threw it at me and hit me in the face.
-Yep, sounds good. Sounds right
-A, B. *Smacking sound* Hospital. Stitches. You know my father was always like– he’s like ultimate handyman. He fixed everything; has to do everything himself, so it was common That was like shit laying around like tools and parts and stuff like that And I think he had old PVC pipes and the end was snapped So it was like jagged and broken at the end. It was my oldest brother David and his friend David, funny enough They were in our backyard So he comes and gets me and he goes, “We’re playing Olympics” or some shit like that Yeah, and in their head it was a Javelin, and they’re like, “Alright, we’re gonna throw the javelin in the yard.” “You know, you’d be like the judge and stand there and see where it lands.”
-“Okay.” Thing comes like, “Oh here it comes, here it comes.” Hits me right in the fucking face; literally right here in the face. Like a 10-foot long pole. -On the upside, they had a very precise measurement of the landing.
-Yeah, it– it– it’s right there I remember, I remember like getting up, like being dazed -And then just blood washing over my eyeballs.
-Was it like the beginning of a Bond movie?
-It was! Where it’s like *sings Bond theme* And I just couldn’t see. -He’s a freak–
-These stitches here, must be the most bizarre way. It involves baseball bat and a beanie baby. I was in my basement and was just fucking around and I like a plastic baseball bat like it’s like a wiffleball bat. I took a beanie baby, and I was like “fuck it” “let’s just do this” cuz I’m fucking around the baseball bat. Put it on the Floor and like a golf club, wound up the bat and smacked it; it went straight up And hit the light on my ceiling so it’s started to shake and obviously as a kid. I’m like “Oh, fuck– like did I break it?” And as I’m looking at it it falls -Past me, hits the ground and shatters and the glass goes up into my head.
-Jesus. As a kid, i’m like: “Oh fuck, like I broke the light” and so like I just turn around and run up. My plan is to get into my room and pretend I like- well, I don’t know. So, on my way up the stairs my mom sees me She’s like “Jeremy, is your nose bleeding?”
and I see blood on my arm. So I literally go “Probably”
like that, and she’s like “what why’s your nose bleeding? What happened?” I went, “Maybe it’s all that broken glass downstairs” hahahahahaha -It’s like, I don’t know, you know it might be, and she’s like
– Nice cover! Excellent!

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  1. What…what was Michael's brother's plan?….like…was it supposed to just scare him? Was he that bad at aiming? I just…

  2. my brother was messing around with a broken stick and it was sharp af i was runing out side my brother throwed it at me and it tuck a small chunk out of my leg

  3. I feel like almost everyone was almost blinded at least once. It's amazing how few people aren't blind in at least one eye.

  4. when I was young I got a pretty bad cut a few centimeters way from my eye and probably needed stitches but he just super glued it (it does work he's a doctor he knows 😂😂😂👌👌👌)

  5. can we get the captions fixed? at the start michael says "i've only ever had two or three stitches" and the captions say "i've only had two wheeler stitches", now i'm not sure if i'm incorrect, but i've never heard of two wheeler stitches.

  6. I have a huge scar down the middle of my knee because I had to have emergency surgery after simultaneously dislocating and breaking it really badly by standing perfectly still

    It's the stupidest injury I have

  7. I've gotten stitches above my eyebrow from a milk jug; in my defense it was full and I was three at the time so it was HEAVY

    Also, the nurse who treated me thought my parents had abused me

  8. If your gonna have the only link to the episode be to your site… please fix your site so it works with mobile IOS without linking to your YouTube or ad looping or going to the first episode of rwby constantly

  9. Once, I was twirling a plastic pipe around and it smacked into a light fixture, which landed right on my head. But intead of treating my wound which was bleeding through my hair and down my face, my first instinct was to hide all the glass. How, you might ask? By picking all the shards out of the carpet with my bare hands.

  10. Theory:

    When people receive massive damage to their frontal lobe, they may have that lobe removed. A side effect of this is lack of formal behavioral skills, rudeness, and not thinking about certain dangers. When Michael was hit with the pipe, what if he received a frontal lobotomy, and that is why he's so rude?

  11. I'm so confused. My step dad has told this exact story before except he was one of the david's. And his name is david!

  12. Wait am i the only one who noticed that the davids have D1 and D2 on their T-shirts like this is David 1 and the this is David 2 funny right

  13. I have a surprisingly similar story where I was throwing around one of my stuffed animals and it shattered the guard that they would put under lightbulbs that were inexplicably glass as well. Glass only got in my leg, though.

  14. michael's story sounds familiar. when was i younger my friend and i were making a course for a hayride in his back yard and he had a little brother who wanted to help out so we let him. some time later his little brother finds one of those sharp aluminum pvc pipes you use for tents and hes not paying attention and throws it at my forehead. i end up with a wide open cut on my forehead and i can feel the tissue under the skin that broke too. i didn't pass out but vision went black, felt very light headed, blood running down face and clothes for a good 20 minutes and no one ran inside to get his mom to take me to the er even tho lived a block away. when bleeding slowed i walked home cleaned up and went to sleep. ended up with a migraine for 3 days and a scar in middle of forehead that i still have today.

  15. When I was around six or seven, my cousin was using an aluminum bat to hit pop cans he threw in the air. I think I was told to go get him, so I ran up behind him to tell him and got hit in the face. He was doing the full power swing where by the end you let go with you main hand and let it swing around. Hit me right on across the edge of my right eye socket.
    I remember flying back against a tree, my vision was shaky, everything sounded hollow and far away, and then blood gushing everywhere. I couldn't hear anything and felt like I couldn't breathe. Next thing I remember I was in a car, then at the hospital with someone sticking a needle in my face. Stitches and stitches and stitches.
    Doctor told my mom that I was lucky. Just a tiny bit in any direction likely would have killed me, and/or might have crushed my eye and shattered my eye socket..and still killed me.
    Never really became much of a baseball fan. Whodathunkit?

  16. "JEREMY! that's amazing! We gotta… celebrate… we gotta, get stoned in my basement!"

    Sorry, be more chill reference


    good job you didn't sell it amirite?

    No?… no other be more chill fans here… okay bai

  17. Wait let me get this straight….David is Michaels brothers name….Michael voices as max….and has a hatred for David in the show….everything adds up!!! No no jk

  18. The first story kinda reminds me of something that happened when I was 5. I jumped into a pile of snow that had a shovel buried in it, and the shovel went into the part of my nose right between my eyes. My dad decided that the best thing to do was take me to Walgreens with a ton of paper towels stuck in the crack because we didn’t have any bandages big enough

  19. In your face… same story happened to my dad and uncle. He threw a tent pole when they were kids, my uncle ran and turn around and he turned at the wrong moment and nearly got his eye.

  20. I found this and i would love to share it with everyone-

  21. I managed to get an injury near my eye just by lightly hitting it against a thin piece of wood, around, let's say, 1 centimeter thick, and there was A LOT of blood. I was six and thought I was dying. Hate head injuries

  22. “Is your nose bleeding??”
    “Well why is it bleeding??”
    “Could be from all the broken glass on the floor.”

    Lil J being a sassy Lil’r J

  23. Because I’m petrified of lying I would’ve been like “help there was an accident the light broke I’m bleeding I need help”

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