Rogers DOA Flocked Head Mallard Decoy Exclusive

alright waterfowl addicts I’m here in
the Rogers shipping warehouse for our online shipping and I just heard over
the radio that the new Rogers exclusive do a 12 pack of floating mileage just
came in I had to come out here got on the cart and went and found these in the
warehouse to get a look at them because I haven’t seen them yet so exclusive to
us you can only get them through our website we have a 12-pack of do a refuge
series mallards with blocked heads all right you go on online and you can
find six pack of Refuge mallards with painted heads but not flocked heads so
we got a dozen pack here with flocked heads what’s also pretty neat is normal
refuge six packs come with the upright head and arrestor head right here our
exclusive 12 pack comes with a what would they call it skimmer head
something you can’t get anywhere but at Rogers so this pack actually comes with
so I see here three restaurants two skimmers two upright Drake’s three
wrestler hints and two upright hands we got the hen right here it’s a
great-looking hen go ahead and turn on your HD and we’re going to look close
through these decoys real quick I want you to get a good look at them so let’s look at these mallards are all
kind of unique they’re a little bit different a pretty good-sized body great
detail good flocking on the head it’s a great-looking dqo i deep decoy
right there we got an upright Drake here good wide-body and the rest are here a little bit more
green on top there so what’s really cool about this pack is we have them in our
flier which just came out we posted it digitally today it’s gonna be in your
mailboxes soon these for a 12 pack is a hundred and forty bucks for a 12 pack
flock Ted deal ways here so like if you go by usually a refuge six pack is
$74.99 so that’s 150 for a dozen and that’s painted head so there’s really a
good value in this pack and 140 bucks with the flocked head it’s a great
looking decoy I’m excited about these like I just open them up I’m gonna take
these to the store and let all the guys look at them there this should be pretty
cool so waterfowl weakens coming up we’ve
been saying in a lot so August fourth fifth and six the calling competition is
going to be on fifth and six these will be on a special in store so you want to
get the best deal of the year on this decoy you got to come in to waterfowl
weekend get an ad come load up we got we got containers of these so we got enough
all right guys remember everything over 100 bucks on
our websites free shipping so come check us out these deal ways are on the
website right now thanks

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