Resident Evil Timeline – The Complete Story (What You Need to Know!)

With a remake of the classic Resident Evil
3, along with the brand new title Resident Evil Resistance, right around the corner,
we here at Suggestive Gaming figured now would be a good time to look over the story of the
franchise so far. That’s right, the entire Resident Evil story. Seeing as this is going to be a huge undertaking,
I realized that I can’t go at it alone; so I recruited the help of our friends Jeffrey
and Noah from the 2-Bit Players. What’s up, *expletive* Jeffrey, we’re supposed to keep this clean! Sorry, Noah. Alright, Josh! We’re pumped. We’re ready. Let’s do this! I’m so *expletive* excited Do note that we will only be covering events
that are canon to the video game series (which means the Paul W.S. Anderson directed film
series is off the table), and given the breadth of the franchise (and the fact that certain
games can play out differently depending on which character you pick), we’ll have to
leave some things out (so feel free to fill in the blanks in the comments). Now, without further ado, this is what you
need to know about Resident Evil. Our story begins on July 23, 1998, where a
train owned by the pharmaceutical company Umbrella, called the Ecliptic Express, is
suddenly attacked by a swarm of leeches, killing it’s passengers, while a mysterious figure
overwatches from a nearby cliff. Two hours later, the Raccoon City Police Department’s
Special Tactics And Rescue Service, or S.T.A.R.S., send in their Bravo team to investigate a
series of cannibalistic murders in the nearby Arklay Mountains. However, on their way, their helicopter is
forced to crash land in the forest. There, they find a military police transport
truck overturned, with it’s officers’ dead. The team then split up, and their field medic,
Rebecca Chambers, comes across the Ecliptic Express, stopped in the middle of the forest. Rebecca enters the train, only to find it
overrun by the former passengers, now re-animated zombies due to their exposure to the t-Virus. This virus was a creation of the Umbrella
Corporation’s. Created from the Progenitor virus (an ancient
West African virus), the t-Virus’ purpose was to mutate biological cells for the betterment
of the human race, but eventually developed into a military product. After exploring the train, Rebecca eventually
discovers Billy Coen, a former Marine who was the prisoner the military police truck
was transporting. The two begrudgingly form a partnership when
they see the mysterious figure outside the train. Shortly thereafter, it begins to move once
again. The two are able to stop the train before
it speeds off of a cliff, and instead end up directing it towards an abandoned Umbrella
research and training facility. There, they learn of the history of the Progenitor
virus, and Umbrella’s use of it by the corporation’s founders, Oswell E. Spencer, Edward Ashford,
and Dr. James Marcus. Marcus was responsible for the discovery of
the virus, and while Ashford wanted to use it’s regenerative properties to help the
handicapped, Spencer and Marcus saw its potential as a biological weapon and began creating
the t-Virus. Meanwhile, Umbrella employees Albert Wesker
and William Birkin observe the situation, and they realize that the t-Virus has gotten
out of control. Wesker decides to leave Umbrella to join their
rival before their inevitable discovery and implosion. Birkin, however, decides to stay behind to
continue his work on a more powerful “G-Virus”. Wesker then explains that he’s planning
on luring the S.T.A.R.S. Alpha team, which Wesker has joined as a double
agent, to the Spencer Mansion, where the t-Virus has already spread, to collect data on the
infected. Birkin then decides to arm the training facilities
self-destruction measures. After getting separated from Billy, Rebecca
meets back up with Captain Enrico Marini from her team, and he informs her of Bravo team’s
plan to meet up at a nearby mansion, but allows Rebecca to find Billy first. Just after, however, Rebecca is attacked by
a giant B.O.W. created by the t-Virus known as a “Tyrant”. She is able to temporarily subdue it before
meeting back up with Billy, who is able to help her defeat the creature. Shortly after, Billy and Rebecca finally meet
the mysterious figure responsible for the outbreak on the train, who turns out to be
none other than Dr. James Marcus, or so it would seem. He reveals that he was assassinated by Wesker
and Birkin on the order of Spencer ten years prior, but the queen of his experimental leeches
entered his body and absorbed his DNA in order to regenerate him, obtaining his memories
and taking his identity. He then splits into a mass of leeches and
chases Rebecca and Billy through the facility. Meanwhile, Wesker makes his way to the Training
Facility, encountering and defeating the Tyrant on the way. Once there, he comes across Spencer’s lead
bodyguard, Sergei Vladimir. After an argument, Sergei sends one of his
genetically engineered “Ivan” bodyguard Tyrant units after Wesker, who is able to
defeat it. Their battle is brought to a halt however,
as Birkin activates the self-destruct system. Wesker then escapes to meet with the S.T.A.R.S. Alpha Team to make their way to the Mansion. Elsewhere, Billy and Rebecca are able to defeat
the Queen Leech. Afterwards, the two find the Spencer Mansion,
and Rebecca heads towards it to meet with S.T.A.R.S., while Billy leaves, being declared
“officially dead” to escape his war crimes. Rebecca finds her way into the mansion, but
is unable to find the rest of Bravo team. Eventually, fellow Bravo member Richard Aiken
finds a sleeping Rebecca, and the two head off to find their captain, Enrico Marini. On their way, the two witness Sergei Vladmir
with one of his Ivan’s, carrying a B.O.W. prototype away from the mansion. Later, the two are ambushed by a giant snake-based
B.O.W. called Yawn, which gives chase. It is able to corner them in the library,
but Richard jumps in front of it to save Rebecca. She is able to shoot the monster to scare
it away, but Richard is left incapacitated, infected with the creature’s poison. Shortly after, S.T.A.R.S. Alpha Team arrives to investigate the disappearance
of Bravo Team. They find Bravo Team’s downed helicopter,
along with the corpse one of the pilots, but finds all the other members missing. Shortly after, they are attacked by mutated
dogs called Cerberuses, which kill team member Joseph Frost. Alpha Team’s pilot Brad Vickers takes off,
leaving the remaining four members: Chris Redfield, Jill Valentine, Barry Burton, and
their captain Albert Wesker, to escape to the mansion. Inside the mansion, the team split up to search
the building. The Bravo team members are found inside, but
all of them are either dead, or die from their injuries, including Richard, who sacrifices
himself to save an Alpha Team member. Jill works with Barry, while Chris meets up
with Rebecca. They learn that the mansion is actually owned
and operated as a base by the Umbrella Corporation. It was built for Oswell Spencer by George
Trevor, whose family was abducted and experimented on to research the Progenitor Virus. The daughter, Lisa Trevor, is still alive,
although mutated by the virus, and S.T.A.R.S. is forced to avoid her as they progress. After destroying a giant plant and some giant
sharks, S.T.A.R.S. eventually finds Captain Enrico Marini, who
believes there is a traitor among the ranks, before he is shot and killed by an unknown
assailant who escapes afterwards. S.T.A.R.S. finds the basement of the mansion to be a
secret laboratory, and there they find the Epsilon virus, which had leaked and infected
the mansion’s inhabitants. Wesker is finally revealed to be a double
agent working for umbrella, who led S.T.A.R.S. to the mansion to test the B.O.W.’s effectiveness
on armed soldiers. He then intends to destroy the facility to
cover up the various illegal activities. Unbeknownst to the others, he had also injected
himself with a mutant t-Virus strain in order to strengthen his body. It is then revealed that Barry was working
for Wesker, under the threat of his family’s murder. Wesker eventually admits to his true nature,
and also reveals that he plans on double-crossing Umbrella by handing over their research to
their rival. He then awakens the T-002 Tyrant to attack
S.T.A.R.S., but it instead attacks him first, impaling him. The lab’s self-destruct system begins to
count down, and the remaining S.T.A.R.S. members (Jill, Chris, Rebecca, and Barry)
make their way to a nearby helipad to call in Brad. He arrives, just as the Tyrant reappears. The S.T.A.R.S. team is able to defeat the creature with a
shot from a rocket, and they are able to escape as the mansion explodes in the distance. While the mansion exploded, Wesker was able
to survive his attack, due to the virus within his body, and secretly escape. Fighting Lisa Trevor on his way, Wesker traps
her inside as he leaves, finally putting her out of her misery with the mansion’s destruction. Two months later, in Raccoon City, eight patrons
in J’s Bar witness a news report about increased violence in the city. Shortly after, an infected man walks in and
bites one of the bar’s staff, Will, killing him. The others escape, discovering the city to
be overrun by infected zombies. They eventually reach the Raccoon Mall, where
the police intend to detonate explosives to kill a massive group of zombies. Two of the police are killed, however, forcing
the group to assemble the detonator themselves, using it to kill the zombies. They then leave, as more police reinforcements
arrive to secure the city. Elsewhere in the city, two firefighters investigate
the boiler room of the nearby Apple Inn, before it explodes, trapping them and the other survivors
from the bar inside. After fighting a mutated civilian, called
the “Suspended”, they are able to escape into the city. Later, Cindy Lennox (the waitress of J’s
Bar) approaches the Raccoon Zoo, noticing a note indicating an evacuation chopper’s
planned arrival. The survivors enter the zoo and are attacked
by various infected animals, but are able to escape to a tram. However, as the tram is leaving, it is brought
to a stop as the evacuation helicopter crashes, killing another group of survivors nearby. Elsewhere in the city, we find Jill Valentine,
investigating Umbrella. After the outbreak, she’s forced to attempt
to escape, eventually reaching a warehouse where she and civilian Dario Rosso bar themselves
inside while waiting for a rescue party. After a day, however, Jill decides to give
up on that idea and head out, leaving a stubborn Dario behind, who locks himself inside a crate. On her way through the city, Jill comes across
S.T.A.R.S. pilot Brad Vickers, who is bitten by a zombie
during their first encounter. He warns Jill of a looming threat to S.T.A.R.S. members, before she heads off to the Racoon
City Police Station to search for a way out of the city. There, she sees Brad again, who tries to warn
her to run before he is attacked by a giant, Tyrant-like B.O.W. programmed to eliminate
all of the S.T.A.R.S. members: the Nemesis-T Type. Jill is able to escape the Tyrant and make
her way through the police station, overhearing a distress signal inside. She then heads downtown to find its broadcaster:
mercenary Carlos Oliveira. Carlos, who is employed by Umbrella’s “Biohazard
Countermeasure Service”, helps Jill during another attack from the Nemesis, and proceeds
to inform her about his team’s emergency escape plan: to use a tram to reach the city’s
clock tower where a helicopter will arrive for evac. Jill reaches the tram and meets Carlos’
fellow mercenaries: Sergeant Nikolai Zinoviev, and injured Captain Mikhail Victor. Jill and Carlos then head off to find equipment
to fix the tram. During their search, the building Nikolai
is searching gets bombarded by zombies, and he is presumed to be killed. Jill and Carlos fix the tram, but as it begins
to move, they are attacked by the Nemesis. Mikhail sacrifices himself, detonating a grenade
and blowing the Nemesis out of the tram, however, this causes it to derail and crash through
the wall blocking their way to the clock tower. Jill and Carlos are able to work their way
through the clock tower and figure out how to ring it’s bell to alert the rescue chopper. When the chopper arrives, however, it is shot
out of the sky by the Nemesis, weilding a rocket launcher. Jill and Carlos fight him, and he eventually
collapses in a pit of fire. During the fight, however, Jill is infected
with the t-Virus. Carlos then takes her into the clock tower
to rest as he looks for a cure. Meanwhile, Claire Redfield is searching for
her brother. Her and rookie RCPD officer Leon S. Kennedy
separately stop at the same gas station, which they find to be under attack by zombies. The pair meet and take a nearby sheriff deputy
cruiser to the city. There, they overhear an announcement encouraging
survivors to head to the police station for shelter. They are forced to continue to the station
on foot, before they are separated by an explosion and carry on independently. Claire and Leon do reunite, but are separated
by a locked fence. A nearby rescue helicopter is shot down and
explodes, ending their reunion. Another Tyrant, the T-103, appears, and begins
to stalk our heroes. Claire finds an underground tunnel and traverses
through it, coming across a young girl named Sherry Birkin. However, shortly after she is attacked by
a mutated creature wearing a lab coat. She is able to temporarily defeat the creature,
and the two make their way into the Police Station’s parking garage, but there they
are surprised by corrupt Police Chief Brian Irons, who kidnaps Sherry and takes her to
an abandoned orphanage. He then calls Claire demanding she bring him
a pendant Sherry dropped, and she reluctantly agrees. After she heads off, Lean finds his own way
to the parking lot and meets FBI agent Ada Wong. In the station’s cell area, they find a
reporter named Ben Bertolucci who was arrested by Irons for investigating Umbrella’s shady
operations. However, Ben is killed by the Tyrant, who
attacks Leon, but he is saved by Ada. The two then agree to work together, and head
through a gun shop owned by Robert Kendo (who takes his infected daughter aside before a
single gunshot is heard), before Leon and Ada head to the city’s sewer system. Meanwhile, Sherry attempts to sneak past Irons
to escape the orphanage, but she is unable to escape him. However, the creature in the lab coat reappears
and infects him. Shortly after, Claire arrives and finds Iron,
who is killed by the parasite he was infected with. Claire then finds Sherry in a facility under
the orphanage, but the two are found by the Tyrant. During their escape, the creature appears
once again and kills the Tyrant, but turns its attention towards the two. It attacks an elevator they are in, causing
it to drop violently, knocking Claire unconscious and forcing Sherry to head off on her own. Claire is awakened by Annette Birkin: Sherry’s
mother. She informs Claire that the creature chasing
them is her husband, William, mutated. She also reveals that she took Sherry before
leaving suddenly. Claire heads off and eventually finds Sherry,
trapped inside of a trash compactor by Annette. Through her travels to unlock the compactor,
Claire discovers proof of the truth: William had escaped with the G-virus, hoping to sell
it to the U.S. Military. He was discovered by Umbrella soldiers, who
shot him fatally. However, in order to survive, he was able
to inject himself with the virus in his final moments. He then hunted down and killed the soldiers,
shattering the vials of the T-virus they held and causing the outbreak in Raccoon City. Claire encounters William and fights him once
again before successfully opening the compactor. Inside, she rescues Sherry, but finds her
to be infected by William (who had been hunting her due to her DNA closely matching his, allowing
for the virus to spread). Annette tells Claire that she can heal Sherry
at her lab: an Umbrella facility called NEST. Meanwhile, Leon and Ada also come across Annette. Ada informs her that they’re there for the
G-virus, but Annette responds that it won’t be possible. She then ignites an infected corpse before
opening fire. Leon tackles Ada and takes a bullet for her,
passing out afterwards. Ada follows Annette, eventually finding her
but also getting knocked into a trash compactor. Leon awakens and rescues Ada, and the two
head off to NEST as well to get a sample of the virus. On their way, Leon and Ada share a moment,
and a kiss, and Leon continues on, as Ada is too injured from her fall into the compactor. Leon obtains the sample, and battles William. Afterwards, Annette reveals that Ada is not
actually an FBI agent, but rather a mercenary who plans to sell the virus. Leon confronts Ada, and she admits her deceit,
pulling a gun and demanding Leon hand over the virus. Annette shoots her, however, and she slips
off the bridge they stand on. Leon reaches to catch her, dropping the virus
into the abyss beneath the lab. Leon loses his grip, however, and Ada falls as well. Meanwhile, Claire finds the vaccine for the
virus, unlocking it with Sherry’s pendant. She also battles William as Annette administers
the virus to Sherry. Claire emerges victorious, and Annette succeeds
in curing Sherry before dying from wounds incurred by William. Afterwards, the facility begins a self-destruct
sequence, and Claire takes Sherry to an evacuation train, where she successfully communicates
with Leon. After fighting and defeating William once
again, Claire enters the train and takes off. Elsewhere, Leon encounters the Tyrant again,
and Ada, who somehow survived her fall, tosses him a grenade launcher to help him defeat
the creature. He does so, and escapes to find the moving
train, hopping on and finding Claire and Sherry inside. The train is again attacked by the final remains
of William. The pair are able to defeat him once and for
all and the three finally escape the city. They leave the train to continue on foot,
and Leon and Claire swear to continue their fight to take down Umbrella, and the three
agree to stay together… at least for now. Afterwards, the sole survivor of William Birkin’s
attack on the Umbrella operatives, codenamed HUNK, escapes the city with a sample of the
G-virus. At a temporary shelter, Dr. George Hamilton
finds a note from his colleague Dr. Peter Jenkins, asking him to help at the nearby
Raccoon University. George takes some survivors to help Jenkins
at the University, but when they arrive, they find him dead by gunshot to the back of the
head. They find his notes, referencing an anti-virus
called “Daylight” intended to fight the t-Virus. The survivors then set out to find the materials
needed to synthesize the anti-virus. Elsewhere, a team of mercenaries working for
Umbrella encounter an experimental Tyrant B.O.W. Called “Thanatos”, created by rogue Umbrella
researcher Greg Mueller. Nikolai arrives to collect a sample of Thanatos’
blood, which he does, enraging the monster and causing it to kill all of Nikolai’s
ground troops. The canister of blood falls, and the survivors
are able to retrieve it to obtain one of the Daylight components. They then obtain the two other components
and head to synthesize the vaccine. Upon doing so, however, they are interrupted
by Mueller, who threatens them with Thanatos before he is shot dead by Nikolai. The survivors then escape with the sample,
and Nikolai starts a timer on a detonator of C4 charges throughout the university. The survivors escape and battle Thanatos,
finally defeating the monster. A helicopter then rescues them, as they escape
with the sample of Daylight. Three days after Jill fell unconscious, Carlos
finds a vaccine at the Raccoon City General Hospital and uses it to save Jill, rendering
the virus dormant in her system. The two then head to the park, and Jill finds
a secret room used by Umbrella’s secret “supervisors”, sent to observe and record
combat data from the B.O.W.’s in the city. Inside, she hears a message informing the
Supervisors to abort their mission, as the city will shortly be destroyed. Nikolai arrives and reveals himself to be
one of the Supervisors before he threatens to kill her, before a giant worm forces him
to flee. Jill defeats the worm and discovers an Umbrella
waste disposal factory, where she meets up with Carlos, who informs her of the U.S. Military’s
plan to destroy Raccoon City with a thermobaric missile strike. Attempting to get to the factory’s helipad,
Jill battles the Nemesis once more, defeating it and obtaining a keycard needed to get there. At this point, Nikolai either escapes or is
killed, but either way, Jill encounters the Nemesis one final time. Using a prototype railgun, she is able to
finally kill the creature once and for all, meeting up with Carlos and escaping via helicopter
(potentially aided by Barry Burton, depending on the previous encounter with Nikolai). Elsewhere, we find an Umbrella Security Service
member, Captain Rodriguez, preparing to leave the city in an aircraft with a stolen B.O.W. He is with Umbrella researcher Dr. Linda Baldwin,
who convinces him to wait while she goes back to the R&D center to retrieve a drug that
may help in stopping the spread of the virus. As she enters, experimental Hunter B.O.W.’s
escape captivity and place the facility on lockdown. Baldwin is able to obtain her sample, but
cannot escape the facility until the lockdown is released. Another researcher, Dr. Carter, begins to
activate a Tyrant, called the Tyrant R, hoping it can kill the Hunters and allow their escape. The Tyrant R succeeds in killing the Hunters,
and Carter then plans to cause it to destruct by activating a bomb hidden within the creature. However, the Tyrant R interrupts this plan,
killing him, destroying the sample, and knocking Baldwin down into the water treatment facility
below. There, she is found and rescued by survivors,
and after some water flushes through the sewers, they emerge outside the Apple Inn. After fighting the Tyrant R one more time,
the survivors reach Rodriguez and escape the city before its destruction commences. Meanwhile, we find Ada, escaping the sewers
to the surface of Raccoon City, in front of the Apple Inn. There, she intends to meet her contact from
Umbrella’s rival company, but finds him dead from suicide. Suddenly, Albert Wesker calls her on a nearby
computer, accusing her of failing her mission and defecting to help Leon, but she shows
him the sample of the G-Virus she was able to recover. Wesker then informs her of the city’s imminent
destruction, and tells her to find a helicopter carrying an Umbrella Executive to escape in. Ada makes her way, fighting the Tyrant R on
her way (and killing it in turn), before finding the helicopter and attaching her grappling
hook to a package being carried by it, allowing her to escape the city. Afterwards, the U.S. Government carries out their plan and destroys
Raccoon City with a thermobaric missile blast. One month later, private detective Ark Thompson
is asked by Leon, his personal friend, to investigate an Umbrella facility. Ark is able to infiltrate the Umbrella controlled
Sheena Island under the guise of impersonating Umbrella Commander Vincent Goldman. However, Ark is seen by a child, Lott Klein,
who informs the real Vincent of this impostor. Vincent, believing Ark to be sent by Umbrella
Headquarters to find proof to remove him from his position, then triggers an Outbreak, hoping
to escape in the scuffle during the cleanup operation. During the Outbreak, Vincent discovers Ark
in his office. The two have a quick fight, where Vincent
grabs Ark’s dog tags, but Ark is able to escape to the helipad and commandeer the chopper
there. Vincent grabs on to the landing skids, and
as Ark attempts to fly away, he loses control, causing Vincent to fall to the ground, and
the helicopter crash lands with Ark still inside. When Ark recovers, he wakes up with a gun
but no memory of who he is or why he is there. He fights through the island’s infected
inhabitants, finding Vincent’s unconscious body, holding his dog tags. This causes Ark to believe that the man in
front of him is Ark Thompson. Eventually, Ark finds photographs of him impersonating
Vincent, leading him to believe that he is in fact the Commander, and the perpetrator
of the horrible acts on the island. Ark continues through the island, finding
the Umbrella Facility and two children: Lott and his sister Lily (whose parents were employees
of Umbrella). They initially fear him, believing they’ll
be punished for revealing his identity to Vincent, but he protects them and earns their
trust, leading Lott to reveal Ark’s true identity to him, which sparks him to regain
all of his memories. The facility suddenly triggers a self destruct
sequence, and Ark sends the kids to the facility’s railway station where he will meet them. However, on his way, Ark encounters the prototype
Hypnos T-type Tyrant. After fighting the Tyrant, Ark heads to the
railway and the three regroup and take the tram to a helipad for evacuation. There, the Tyrant attacks once again, but
Ark defeats it and takes off in the helicopter. However, still not quite done, the Tyrant
grabs the helicopter, but Ark fires two missiles at it, finally killing it. The three then fly off in the distance, not
quite knowing what their future holds… Three months after the destruction of Raccoon
City, Claire infiltrates an Umbrella facility, still searching for Chris. Claire is captured by Rodrigo Juan Raval,
and imprisoned in the remote Rockfort Island facility. While unconscious in her cell, she is awakened
by the sound of a nearby explosion. Rodrigo arrives and releases Claire from her
cell, believing they all will be dead soon anyway. Outside, Claire discovers that an outbreak
of the T-Virus has occurred on the island. Shortly after, she comes across a fellow escaped
inmate, Steve Burnside, and the two discover that Chris has been under surveillance by
Umbrella. Claire uses a facility’s PC to contact Leon
to inform Chris of her capture and Umbrella’s surveillance. Claire continues on and finds the Ashford
Estate, eventually meeting its inhabitants: twins Alfred and Alexia Ashford, who try to
hinder Claire and Steve’s progress. The pair eventually discover Alfred to be
disguising himself as his sister as part of a dual personality disorder, before they are
able to escape the island in an airplane. During their flight, they are attacked by
the T-078 Tyrant, which Claire is able to fend off, before the ship’s autopilot activates
and takes them to an Umbrella facility in Antarctica. There, they are again confronted by Alfred,
who Steve is able to shoot, causing him to fall into an abyss. Just after this, the mutated remains of Alexander
Ashford, the twins’ father, as well as son of Umbrella Co-founder Edward Ashford, awaken
as the Nosferatu, and it attacks the pair as they reach a helipad. Claire fights the creature and kills it, allowing
her and Steve to take a nearby snowmobile and head off to a nearby research outpost. Meanwhile, Alfred crawls to find his sister,
Alexia, waking from a cryogenic sleep she was put under after she injected herself with
the T-Veronica virus the family developed 15 years prior. Now awakened with mutated abilities, but her
consciousness intact, she is able to dispatch a tentacle to capture Claire and Steve. She then cradles her brother as he finally
dies. In the meantime, Chris Redfield arrives on
Rockfort Island after receiving Claire’s message from Leon. While searching the island to determine where
Claire has gone, Chris comes across Albert Wesker, who was hired by a new organization
to capture Alexia for a sample of the T-Veronica virus. Surprisingly, Wesker now possesses superhuman
strength and speed. Wesker reveals Claire’s location to Chris,
before leaving to search for Alexia. Chris heads to the Antarctic and discovers
the Nosferatu, recovered and sprung up to hang by Alexia. Chris is able to defeat her defenses and reach
Claire, in a replica of the Spencer mansion within the base. They are separated by Alexia’s tentacles,
and Claire heads off alone to search for Steve. Claire finds Steve, but he is unfortunately
infected with the t-Veronica Virus. He then mutates into a giant axe-wielding
creature and attempts to kill Claire. One of Alexia’s tentacles captures Claire,
and Steve is able to fight the virus to free her. Steve then reverts back to his normal self
and professes his love for Claire before dying from his wounds. In the main hall, Chris watches Wesker confront
Alexia. She refuses to turn herself over, and mutates
into a more powerful form to battle Wesker. He then leaves Chris to handle the situation
as he runs off. Chris fights Alexia, defeating her then heading
off to rescue Claire. However, Alexia arrives again, and Chris is
forced to take her down again to protect his sister. Alexia then mutates further, and Chris uses
an experimental weapon called the Linear Launcher to take her out once and for all. As they attempt to escape the now self-destructing
facility, Wesker captures Claire, and Chris gives chase. Outside, Wesker releases Claire, revealing
that his men have taken Steve to extract the t-Veronica Virus remaining in his body. Wesker taunts that maybe Steve can be revived
as he was to see Claire again. Chris convinces Claire to leave as he fights
Wesker one-on-one. After the fight, the exploding building causes
injury to Wesker, causing him to flee, warning Chris that the next time they meet will surely
be their last. Chris then reaches a plane that Claire found,
and the two fly off, escaping the facility as it explodes, with Chris vowing to destroy
Umbrella once and for all. Four years later, Leon S. Kennedy (now working
as a special agent for the United States) is sent with USSOCOM soldier Jack Krauser
to South America to track down Javier Hidalgo, a former drug lord who had gone missing, but
reportedly had reached out to Umbrella. In a nearby village, they find the inhabitants,
some Javier’s men, to be infected. They fight their way through the village to
find their guide, who claims that a girl has brought devils to the village before he is
taken away by a B.O.W. Leon and Krauser find the girl, soothing the
B.O.W. with a song. The duo are able to fight it to scare it away,
then head inside to rescue the girl. Unconscious, they take her on a boat and head
upstream to Hidalgo’s mansion. When she awakens, they head into a dam, where
Javier and his men arrive. He reveals the girl to be his daughter, Manuela,
who he has been treating with the t-Veronica virus obtained by Wesker to hopefully cure
her terminal disease. She is able to avoid his capture, however,
and the three regroup on top of the dam. Eventually, they come across the B.O.W. again,
and it is revealed to be Manuela’s mother Hilda, mutated due to a failed attempt at
curing the disease with the virus. As they kill her, she shoots out a spike from
her body, piercing Krauser’s arm, infecting him with the virus. Javier then merges himself with a plant harboring
the t-Veronica Virus, and Manuela focuses the power of the virus inside of her, and
she helps kill the monstrosity that’s become of her father. Afterwards, the three escape on a helicopter. Manuela is taken in by the government, and
Krauser is discharged from the military for his injuries… but inside his own mind, he
knows the path he must take to harness the power now inside of him. Sometime later, disgraced former Umbrella
employee Morpheus D. Duvall is aboard the Umbrella owned Spencer Rain ship, holding
the world hostage under threat of releasing the virus unless he receives a ransom from
the US and China of $1 billion. Bruce McGivern is sent in by a United States
government task force developed to take down Umbrella, and a Chinese agent named Fong Ling
is sent in by her respective government. Bruce is confronted by Morpheus on the ship’s
foredeck and held at gunpoint. Fong Ling surprises the both of them with
a grenade attack, allowing Bruce to escape into the ship, and injuring Morpheus. To heal himself, Morpheus injects himself
with an experimental combination of the t Virus and a G virus antibody. This causes him to mutate, but he is able
to maintain his mind state. He battles Bruce in his new form, but Bruce
is aided again by Fong Ling to emerge successful. The two then work together to return power
to the ship and access the bridge, where they discover the ship’s collision course towards
a nearby island. Bruce then fights an escaped experimental
t+G virus Tyrant (called the Tyrant 091), and is able to defeat it before jumping into
the ocean and swimming towards the shore of the island. There, Bruce and Fong Ling find that the island
was repurposed by Umbrella as a waste disposal facility for B.O.W. Experiments. After defeating some, they learn that Morpheus
has reached a deal with China, who will pay his ransom if they kill Fong Ling. Bruce cuts out a tracking device in her tattoo,
rendering them unable to kill her by orbital strike. Bruce defeats a large B.O.W. Called Pluto before Morpheus arrives and sends
the elevator he and Fong Ling are in crashing to the sea floor. They are able to survive, but later, Fong
Ling is captured by Morpheus. Bruce is able to finally defeat Morpheus after
the G component of his virus took control, allowing Bruce to deal enough damage to kill
the beast. Afterwards, Bruce and Fong Ling escape using
a nearby boat, and the two share a kiss, with Fong returning to the US in a rescue helicopter
with Bruce. Months later, Jill Valentine and Chris Redfield
reunite on a new mission together: to investigate a town in the Caucasus region of the Russian
Federation for B.O.W. Activity. They quickly discover everyone in the town
to be infected by the t-Virus, and conclude that Umbrella’s to blame. They find one survivor, a girl named Anna. They find Wesker, who doesn’t take responsibility
for the outbreak, instead claiming it to be an accident. Wesker escapes, and Chris and Jill are forced
to flee to their vehicle to get a grenade launcher to kill attacking Hunters. Anna then gives Jill a pendant to protect
her from the “cursed” beings. The pair then find Wesker in Anna’s house,
approaching a safe, which he claims holds Umbrella research. Anna gives Wesker a pendant, which he is able
to turn into the key to open the safe. However, it explodes, having been a trap for
whomever would try to steal the data. Wesker survives the explosion and finds a
disk of research elsewhere in the house. Chris and Jill later determine that there
is an Umbrella factory nearby that was producing the B.O.W.s in the area. Chris and Jill find, and storm the facility
with the help of a group of armed activists. There, Sergei Vladimir unleashes the t-Virus,
as well as all of the most powerful B.O.W. Defenses inside the facility. They are able to take all of these down, as
well as Umbrella’s most sophisticated and powerful Tyrant, the Tyrant-Armored Lethal
Organic System, successfully securing the facility. Using Chris and Jill’s attack as a distraction,
Wesker also infiltrates the facility and is met by Sergei, who sends one of his Ivan bodyguards
after him. Wesker is able to dispatch of this threat,
and finds Sergei once more, who infects himself with the t-Virus. After he mutates, Wesker kills him, and steals
all of Umbrella’s data from their Red Queen supercomputer. He then erases the machine and leaves with
a new goal in mind. Afterwards, Umbrella is tried and found guilty
of their crimes revolving around the Raccoon City outbreak. Wesker testifies anonymously, implicating
founder Oswell E. Spencer, starting a global manhunt. Wesker then uploads all of the stolen data
into his computer, vowing to meet Spencer again… A year later, the floating Mediterranean city
of Terragrigia is attacked by the bio-terrorist outfit “Il Veltro”. The Federal Bioterrorism Commission calls
in help from the independent Bioterrorism Security Assessment Alliance (co-founded by
Chris Redfield and Jill Valentine) to take care of the threat of B.O.W.s in the city,
but they ultimately fail, causing the head of the FBC, Morgan Lansdale, to call for the
city’s total destruction using the solar power satellites the city used for energy. Despite the BSAA’s leader, Clive R. O’Brian’s
protests, the FBC carries out this plan, evacuating all operatives from the city, and assigning
agents Parker Luciani and Jessica Sherawat to protect the building for evac. At the same time, a human rights organization
called TerraSave works to rescue any survivors before the city’s destruction. One member, Neil Fisher, finds and rescues
a girl named Natalia, whose parents were killed in the outbreak, and he gives her a teddy
bear which she names Lottie. After the evacuations complete, Parker and
Jessica reach their own escape chopper, and the satellites activate, altogether destroying
the city of Terragrigia. Disappointed by the FBC’s decision to destroy
the city instead of saving it, the pair then leave the commission to join the BSAA. Months later, Leon S. Kennedy is sent to an
unnamed village in Spain to rescue Ashley Graham: daughter of the President, who was
kidnapped by a mysterious cult called Los Iluminados. There, Leon encounters the villagers, infested
by a mind controlling parasite called “Las Plagas”. At the same time, Ada Wong (still working
for Umbrella’s rival company) is sent by Albert Wesker to gain information on Las Plagas. She sees Leon battling the villagers, and
makes her way to the nearby church, ringing the bell to lead the villagers away. Leon then meets a captured Luis Sera, who
unbeknownst to him is a researcher planted by Wesker’s organization (who Ada is currently
looking for). The two are then captured, and the Cult’s
leader, Osmund Saddler, injects Leon with the parasite while he is passed out. When the two awaken, they are able to break
their bonds, and Luis runs off. Leon then makes his way towards a nearby church,
after learning that Ashley might be there. On his way, he is accosted by Los Iluminados
priest Bitores Mendez, but Ada arrives and shoots him, distracting him to chase her instead. She is then shot with a tranquilizer dart
and captured by the cult, who she is able to escape easily. Leon fights a giant Plague-infected creature
called the Del Lago before collapsing in a nearby cabin due to his exhaustion and festering
infection. After waking, Leon makes his way to the Church
and rescues Ashley. However, upon leaving with her, the pair are
confronted by Saddler, who reveals that not only has Leon been infected with the parasite,
but so has Ashley. Los Iluminados plans to allow the two to return
to the President, then take control with the Plagas to infect and subsequently control
the President and other powerful figures in turn. The two are able to escape the church and
make their way back to the cabin, where they meet Luis. After defeating an onslaught of attacking
Ganado (or those infected with the Plagas), Luis steps out and speaks to Ada alone, who
he informs that he is leaving to gather a sample of the parasite for her. Leon and Ashley then head off to reach a nearby
Castle, hoping to take refuge until they can extract. On their way, they are again confronted by
Mendez, but Leon is able to kill him and take his artificial eye, using it to activate a
retinal scanner and open the gate to the castle. Inside the castle, Leon meets Ramon Salazar,
the castellan of the area. Salazar, a 20 year old (despite his appearance),
reveals that he is also infected with the plagas, but the dominant species that allows
him full control of his body as well as other hosts’. Leon and Ashley leave to go to the center
of the castle, but Ashley begins to cough up blood due to her infection. Distraught by this, she runs away from, Leon,
getting captured in the process. Leon searches the castle for Ashley, and is
eventually confronted by Ada. He asks her about her employment, but she
doesn’t reveal anything, instead cryptically escaping in a smoke screen. Leon finds Ashley, and as he is about to arrive
to rescue her, Luis arrives with a drug to suppress his and Ashley’s infection. However, he is quickly killed by Saddler,
who obtains the sample of the Plagas that Luis obtained for Ada. Saddler leaves, and with his dying breath,
Luis gives Leon the medication and warns him that he must retrieve the sample from Saddler. Ada witnesses this, and informs Wesker of
this development. Leon reunites with Ashley, but the two are
again separated. Leon fights his way to Salazar, who reveals
that Ashley has been taken to a research facility on a nearby island. Salazar then fully mutates, and Leon is able
to kill him. Leon then finds Ada in a speedboat, who offers
to take him to the island. Once they arrive, Ada escapes from Leon once
again, and she heads off to meet with Jack Krauser, now working for Wesker as well. The two discuss their plan to obtain the sample,
and after she leaves, Ada is informed by Wesker that Krauser’s mission is to kill Leon. In the research facility, Leon finds Ashley,
and the two escape only to find Saddler, who reveals that their virus has progressed to
the point where he can control them, making Ashley join him as he leaves Leon incapacitated. When Leon regains his ability to move, he
heads off to find Ashley once again, but is attacked by Krauser. Just as Krauser is about to kill Leon, Ada
arrives and shoots him, causing him to retreat. She then leaves Leon once again. Leon fights his way to Ashley once again,
eventually coming across Krauser, who’s infected arm fully mutates before the two
fight once more, with Leon defeating him and continuing on. Ada reports Krauser’s death to Wesker, who
decides to use Leon to do the dirty work of killing Saddler, with Ada on cleanup duty
afterwards. Later, Leon and Ada’s paths cross once again,
but during their meeting, the Plaga takes over Leon, causing him to attack Ada. She is able to stab him to snap him out of
it, and the two split up once again. Afterwards, Ada is attacked by Krauser, who
survived his recent encounter with Leon. The two fight, and Ada is able to kill him
once and for all. Leon finally finds Ashley’s containment
room and confronts Saddler, who is quickly able to overpower him. Luckily, Ada arrives and shoots Saddler, providing
enough distraction for Leon to release Ashley from her pod and escape. Ada then fights Saddler on her own, eventually
believing to have killed him. However, when she goes to retrieve the sample,
he attacks and captures her. Leon and Ashley find a room with a device
to remove the plagas from their bodies. They use the device to cure themselves, then
head off to escape the island. Leon leaves Ashley behind, and goes to the
top of the facility to find Saddler with the captured Ada. Leon is able to free Ada from captivity, and
he and Saddler begin to fight. During their battle, Ada finds a rocket launcher,
and once again throws it down to help Leon defeat his foe. After killing Saddler, Leon obtains the sample,
but Ada forces him to hand it over at gunpoint. She then escapes in a helicopter, throwing
him keys to a jet ski to escape the self destructing island. Leon and Ashley make their way to the jet
ski and drive through the caves under the island, narrowly escaping the blast as they
make their way to freedom. Months later, FBC agent Rachel Foley is sent
with her partner Raymond Vester to an abandoned cruise ship called the Queen Zenobia to investigate
the potential return of the terrorist group Il Veltro, responsible for the Terragrigia
incident. The pair get separated during their mission,
and Rachel encounters victims of the newly engineered t-Abyss virus who ultimately kill
her. Later, BSAA director Clive O’Brian sends
Parker Luciani and Jill Valentine to the ship, as it was reportedly the last known location
of fellow agents Chris Redfield and Jessica Sherawat. Jill and Parker reach the ship, and fight
through various t-Abyss mutants before finding Chris tied up behind a locked door. When they unlock it and enter, however, they
discover it to be a mannequin decoy, and are surprise attacked and knocked out by a Veltro
operative. Meanwhile, Chris and Jessica are in the mountains
of Europe, where they find a Veltro base of operations at the Valkoinen Mökki airstrip. Just as they reach it, however, they are finally
reached by O’Brian and informed that he sent Parker and Jill to the Mediterranean
on false intel and has since lost contact with them. Believing them to be captured by Il Veltro,
Chris and Jessica head off to the Queen Zenobia. On the ship, Jill and Parker awaken and regroup,
eventually escaping to the bridge and finding FBC agent Raymond Vester, who immediately
recognizes his former co-worker Parker. Raymond refuses to answer why the FBC is there,
and walks away from the two BSAA agents. Later, they find him once again in a communication
room. The equipment to call out is destroyed, but
they are able to watch a transmission from Il Veltro leader Jack Norman who threatens
to infect one fifth of the world’s water supply with the t-Abyss virus. O’Brian then sends agents Keith Lumley and
Quint Cethcham to the airstrip to investigate Il Veltro’s motives. On the ship, Jill and Parker head off to restore
power. On her way, Jill finds a now mutated Rachel
Foley, who she is forced to kill. Her and Parker then find a lift which takes
them below the decks of the ship. Meanwhile, Keith and Quint arrive at the airstrip,
where they find surveillance footage of invisible hunters, as well as a security token to allow
them to extract data from a nearby crashed freight plane. Parker and Jill reach the engine room and
restore power, but this triggers water to quickly flood into the room, trapping the
pair. Keith and Quint find the crashed plane, but
are attacked by the invisible hunters. They are able to fend off the attack and access
the data on the plane. Quint finds the coordinates of the ship and
sends the info back to O’Brian, who relays it to Chris and Jessica. The pair board the ship and begin to search
for Parker and Jill. However, they find the ship to be missing
their fellow agents. They then discover that they are on the Queen
Zenobia’s sister ship, the Queen Semiramis. On the Zenobia, Parker and Jill are able to
swim to safety and reach a communication tower to call O’Brian. He informs them that they were set up, but
has to take another call where he is informed that the energy satellite used to destroy
Terragrigia has been activated by the FBC and pointed at the Queen Zenobia. Quint helps Parker and Jill find and operate
a UAV stored on the ship, which they are able to use to divert the satellite’s targeting
system. While the explosion misses the ship, it creates
a giant wave that threatens to capsize the ship. Meanwhile, O’Brian speaks to FBC director
Morgan Lansdale, who hints at his involvement with Il Veltro. Chris and Jessica reach the real Queen Zenobia,
and inside, Parker and Jill are confronted by the Veltro operative that was on the ship. He begins to reveal the secret behind the
ship and Il Veltro, but is shot by an arriving Jessica, much to Chris’ disappointment. They rush to unmask the operative and discover
him to be none other than Raymond Vester. He whispers something to Parker before seemingly
dying from his wounds. Chris and Jill then reunite to search for
the virus to stop it’s spread, and Parker and Jessica go to find a way to buy time by
stopping the ship from sinking. Meanwhile, back in the mountains, Keith and
Quint find proof at the airfield that shows that Veltro was never back in effect after
the Terragrigia incident, but instead it was all a show orchestrated by O’Brian to convince
Lansdale that they were. The FBC discover their presence and order
a bomb strike on the airfield, which the two are able to avoid. Chris and Jill reach the laboratory where
the virus is kept and they begin to suppress it. They are then contacted via video phone by
Lansdale, who admits his hand in helping cause the Terragrigia incident in order to gain
funding and influence for the FBC. Meanwhile, Parker pulls a gun on Jessica,
revealing that Raymond informed him that she is a mole inside BSAA working for Lansdale. Just then, Raymond arrives and confirms, having
survived the gunshot due to a kevlar vest. Raymond proclaims that Jessica is currently
trying to activate the ship’s self-destruct mechanism to destroy any evidence of Lansdale’s
corruption that is on the ship. Jessica confirms these suspicions by grabbing
her gun, shooting Parker, and triggering the self-destruct sequence. Raymond then runs after Jessica, leaving a
wounded Parker behind. Jill and Chris find Parker, and Jill helps
carry him through the ship. However, when a catwalk breaks, she is unable
to stop him from falling. While Chris helps try to pull him up, he ultimately
slips and falls into the fires below. Jill and Chris race to get to the helipad
at the ship to meet their extract pilot, but the ship is attacked by a giant mutated creature. They are able to fight it off and await a
helicopter, which they board and use to kill the creature, which sinks the ship with it. Chris and Jill then debrief O’Brian on the
situation, who reveals his conspiracy of tricking Lansdale into revealing his affiliation with
Il Veltro. He also reveals that before Kirk and Quint
died, they discovered the existence of a third ship, the Queen Dido. Meanwhile, on the sinking ship, Raymond finds
Parker and informs him that Jessica has escaped the ship, before picking him up and helping
him do the same. At the BSAA headquarters, the FBC, led by
Lansdale, arrive and arrest O’Brian, using his involvement in the new Il Veltro as a
smokescreen to take him down. Chris and Jill then submerge in the sea and
enter the Queen Dido, finding Il Veltro leader Jack Norman inside. However, they discover that he had injected
himself with the t-Abyss virus a year prior, but had been resisting it’s mutation through
sheer will. Jill obtains a drive containing recordings
of his communications with Lansdale, but as they try to leave, he injects himself with
even more of the virus, transforming into the “Final Form Abyss” Tyrant. The pair are able to fight and kill him, bringing
an end to the real Il Veltro once and for all. Jill then broadcasts Norman’s video of his
and Lansdales communications revealing his involvement with the terrorist attack behind
Terragrigia. Seeing this, the FBC agents immediately release
O’Brian and arrest Lansdale instead. Afterwards, the FBC is dissolved into the
BSAA, which is reformed as an organization under the United Nations. Parker is found and rescued on the shore and
rejoins the BSAA. O’Brian, however, steps down, knowing that
his actions were unbecoming of his position. Later, Raymond delivers a sample of the t-Abyss
virus to Jessica, revealing that they had secretly been working together for TRICELL
(a rival of Umbrella’s) to obtain the sample. Later that year, Claire Redfield, now working
for the human rights organization TerraSave, arrives at Harvardville Airport to meet with
her friend and her niece Rani Chawla. Meanwhile, protests break out over an outbreak
of the t-Virus in India, believed to be caused by pharmaceutical company WilPharma’s experiments
with the virus on human subjects. Suddenly, a t-Virus zombie attacks the airport,
and a full-on outbreak occurs. In the shuffle, Claire sees a surprisingly
calm former WilPharma researcher Curtis Miller. Suddenly, a landing plane carrying an infected
passenger crashes through the airport. Claire is able to rescue Rani, as well as
Senator Ron Davis and an unnamed airline employee, and the four make their way to a VIP lounge. By nightfall, the city’s Special Response
Team and the US Marines lock down the airport and set up a quarantine for any survivors
that escaped. Leon S. Kennedy is sent in to assist two S.R.T
members, Angela Miller and Greg Glenn with the situation. While the two initially disregard his advice,
Leon ends up helping the two infiltrate the airport, fight off several infectees, and
reach the survivors in the VIP lounge. The group are able to escape with Leon and
Claire’s expertise, however, Greg is bitten and infected in the process. Outside, Leon calls his contact at the US
Field Operations Support, Ingrid Hannigan, who informs him that a member of terrorist
leader Miguel Grandé’s army has been captured, which will hopefully lead to a link between
the attack in India and the attack at the airport. Meanwhile, a fleet of WilPharma trucks arrive,
much to Claire’s dissatisfaction. However, WilPharma researcher Frederic Downing
arrives and claims that the trucks contain the t-Virus vaccine. Leon arrives and confirms that WilPharma’s
experiments in India weren’t the cause of the outbreak, but rather an attempt to stop
it. Claire then feels remorse for TerraSave’s
hand in slowing down the creation and distribution of the vaccine that could have prevented the
current outbreak. Moments later, the trucks explode, destroying
what is revealed to be the entire stock of the vaccine. Believing this to be another bio-terrorist
attack, Frederic is sent to return to WilPharma to check and make sure the raw data is safe. Claire remembers seeing Curtis Miller at the
outbreak scene, causing Angela (who reveals Curtis to be her brother) to take Leon to
contact her brother at his home. Claire then goes with Frederic to WilPharma. Leon and Angelia find that Curtis has lit
his home aflame. Angela then takes a nearby photo, featuring
Curtis and his late wife and daughter, who died in the Raccoon City outbreak. At WilPharma, Senator Davis calls Frederic
to tell him not to show Claire what WilPharma is in possession of. He doesn’t follow this order, however, and
reveals that WilPharma also holds a sample of the G-Virus that William Birkin created
at Umbrella, intending to use it to create a similar vaccine. Frederic then leaves to check on a server,
and Claire calls Leon and informs him of the G-Virus discovery. Just then, Frederic calls the office phone
to inform Claire that he discovered a time bomb and she needs to leave immediately. She then sees Curtis holding a briefcase before
an explosion occurs in the facility. Leon and Angela arrive and split up. Leon goes upstairs and finds Claire, telling
her to find the escape elevator. Angela then finds Curtis, who injected himself
with the G-Virus sample, hoping to expose the truth about the Raccoon City incident,
which the government covered up. Marines arrive and begin to swarm Curtis,
who mutates into a giant creature. Claire reaches the elevator, and takes it
to the facility’s control room. Leon arrives in the main area and shoots down
a piece of scaffolding, crushing Curtis. Leon and Angela help the surviving marines
to an elevator shaft as the facility begins to spray flammable liquid to begin a self-destruct
protocol. Curtis mutates once again and escapes from
under the debris, killing the final escaping Marines. Like Birkin before him, Curtis seeks someone
who shares his DNA to help spread the virus, and he turns his sights on Angela. Leon and Angela then dive into a nearby pool
of water and escape the self-destruction blast. They fall into a system of underground labs,
where a surviving Curtis still stalks them. Leon and Angela get separated, but Angela
drops the family photo, which Curtis sees, allowing his consciousness to regain a bit
of control to not kill her. He tells her to run before the lab falls from
self-destruction, but she refuses. Leon arrives, however, and grabs her to save
her from falling just as the lab descends. Curtis uses his mutated tail to take hold,
but Leon shoots him one final time, sending him falling into the abyss below. In the control room, Claire discovers that
the security system in the facility recorded the entire ordeal with Curtis and his mutation,
before she leaves to find an arriving Senator Davis. Claire then accuses him of being behind the
terrorist attacks to create a reason for WilPharma to produce the vaccine in order to raise their
stock, which he had an investment in. Leon then arrives to reveal that the terrorist
the FBI captured finally talked, revealing that the true mastermind behind the outbreaks
was Frederic, who faked his death to Claire so he could escape with the t-Virus, the vaccine,
and the information on the G-Virus to sell to General Grandé. Leon, Claire, and Angela arrive at the intended
handoff location and apprehend Frederic, preventing the Virus from getting into terrorists’
hands. The next day, Leon, Claire, and Angela meet
one last time. Leon reveals that Frederic was in fact a former
Umbrella researcher in Raccoon City, who escaped with the viruses before it’s destruction. Leon then leaves in a military helicopter,
and Claire reunites with Rani and her aunt. Later, Senator Davis is dead in his office,
with all of his files on the viruses and pharmaceutical companies being erased from his computer by
an unknown entity. TRICELL, revealed to have bought what remained
of WilPharma, then arrives at the facility and collects the severed tip of Curtis’
mutated tail. The next year, the BSAA receive intel on the
location of the founder of Umbrella, Oswell E. Spencer. Jill Valentine and Chris Redfield are sent
to capture Spencer, as well as search for potential information on the whereabouts of
Albert Wesker. Meanwhile, Wesker is in the mansion, speaking
with Spencer. The old man reveals that Wesker was actually
manufactured as part of the advanced “Wesker” children, which Albert was made to be the
most powerful of. Wesker then powerfully thrusts his hand through
Spencer, killing him on the spot. While Spencer’s security is found to be
dead by Chris and Jill, they are forced to fight their way through mutated creatures
and mansion traps before they find Wesker, standing over Spencer’s corpse. The pair fight the powerful foe, but he evades
their attacks, capturing Chris and nearly killing him before Jill sacrifices herself
and lunges at Wesker, sending them through a window and off the nearby cliff, leading
Chris to helplessly watch his partner fall to her death. Three years later, Chris is sent to Kijuju,
Africa to meet with Sheva Alomar of the BSAA’s West African Branch. The two then head off to find a black market
B.O.W. smuggler named Ricardo Irving. They quickly discover, however, that most
of the city’s inhabitants have been infected by a new type of Plagas. The two fight their way through the infected
citizens of Kijuju, named Majini, before finding the only surviving member of the BSAA’s
Alpha Team: Captain DeChant. DeChant informs them that Irving set them
up, leading to the death of the rest of Alpha Team. He then hands over a data drive containing
files he stole before succumbing to his injuries and dying. Soon after, Chris and Sheva are surrounded
by Majini, swarming in on motorcycles, but they are saved by the BSAA Delta Team, led
by Captain Josh Stone. Josh gives Chris a memory card with more information,
including a photograph of Jill Valentine. Eventually, Chris and Sheva find and corner
Irving. Before they can capture him, however, a masked
figure bursts through the window and helps him escape, unleashing a B.O.W. to distract
the pair. They defeat it, and Delta Team member Dave
Johnson shows up to transport them to rendezvous with Delta Team to follow Irving to an oilfield. When they arrive at the rendezvous point,
however, Johnson finds the rest of Delta Team dead, and as he checks on one of them, he
himself is killed by another giant B.O.W., which Chris and Sheva are able to defeat afterwards. Chris and Sheva are ordered to return to headquarters,
but believing Jill to be alive, Chris refuses, instead hoping to find her. Sheva agrees to help, and the pair head to
the oilfield, passing through a mashlands on the way. There, they discover a village with more infected
inhabitants, as well as a pair of tents adorned with the TRICELL logo. At the oilfield, Chris and Sheva find Josh,
who narrowly survived the attack on Delta Team. They then find Irving and the masked figure,
who escape via boat and trigger the facility to explode. Josh secures a boat of his own, and the trio
escape as the oilfield explodes. They then catch up to Irving’s boat, and
he injects himself with the Dominant Species Plaga to mutate into a giant aquatic creature,
which Chris and Sheva ultimately defeat. As he lays dying on the ship, he blames his
lack of power on Excella Gionne, the director of TRICELL’s West African division. He also mentions a new virus called Uroboros,
and directs Chris to search a nearby cave to find the answers he’s looking for. Josh takes Chris and Sheva to the cave, then
leaves them to return to BSAA to hopefully get backup. Meanwhile, Excella and Wesker discuss the
development of the Uroboros virus, which has now come to its conclusion. She also administers a serum to Wesker to
keep the virus in his body stable. Chris and Sheva make their way through an
underground civilization in the cave and eventually find a mysterious flower called “Stairway
of the Sun”. Nearby, Chris spots an Umbrella logo, and
they find an old Umbrella research facility that has since been taken over by TRICELL. There, they discover that the flower is the
source of the Progenitor virus, and in turn is the genesis of all of Umbrella’s bio-weapons. The pair make their way to a cylindrical room
lined with pods containing test subjects, which they had seen in the photographs with
Jill. Chris then uses a computer to hopefully uncover
which pod contains his former partner. They are attacked by a giant plagas infected
creature, but are able to defeat it and find the pod containing Jill. However, when it opens, Chris is disappointed
to discover that it is empty. They are then called by Excella, who orders
them to leave, revealing that she was the one who pushed the BSAA to call for their
evacuation. The pair then continue into the lab, eventually
finding Excella, and the masked figure, in the flesh. Excella then unleashes a Uroboros infected
test subject on them, which they are forced to kill. Deeper in the caves, the pair once again find
Excella. Again, they are interrupted by the masked
figure, who Chris is able to get a shot off on, knocking off their mask. This prompts Wesker’s arrival, much to Chris’
surprise. Wesker then pulls down the masked firue’s
hood, revealing it to be a brainwashed Jill. Wesker proclaims that he only has seven minutes
to devote to “playing” with Chris, and afterwards he hands the task off to Jill. She attempts to break free of her control,
but Wesker activates the device administering the P30 chemical causing it. She then rips open her jumpsuit, exposing
the device. Chris and Sheva fight Jill, incapacitating
her enough to remove the device from her chest. Jill, now back to her normal self, encourages
the pair to leave her and stop Wesker from administering Uroboros across the globe. Chris objects, but Jill asks him to trust
her, and he and Sheva leave her behind as they enter a nearby elevator. On the surface, Chris and Sheva see a freighter
ship, which Wesker and Excella are boarding. The pair are able to secretly board the ship
as well, before it leaves the dock. Jill passes out, but is rescued by Josh, who
had entered the caves looking for Chris and Sheva after he saw a ship leave. He then takes Jill to reach a helicopter outside
to chase after the pair. On the ship, Chris and Sheva find Excella
with two briefcases. She flees, but drops one in the process. Sheva then picks it up, noticing Wesker’s
serum inside. They chase her, eventually finding her once
again, only this time she has been infected by Uroboros. Wesker then calls from an intercom, revealing
his intention of infecting the world with the virus so he could rule over a new race
of humans. Excella cries out, disappointed that she won’t
get to rule by his side, leeches burst from her body, killing her and consuming a nearby
pile of corpses. Chris and Sheva then call down a Satellite
Laser strike to destroy the giant creature before it sinks the ship. Afterwards, they recieve a call from Jill
and Josh. Jill informs Chris of Wesker’s secret: the
virus inside of him that causes his superhuman abilities. She then mentions that an overdose of the
serum Sheva found would act to weaken Wesker’s abilities. The pair eventually reach Wesker preparing
to board a plane containing the virus. He attacks them, besting them with ease. However, Chris is able to subdue him, and
Sheva injects a heavy dose of the serum. While this stops his onslaught, he is still
able to board his plane and take off. Chris and Sheva chase it on foot, and are
able to make it onto the plane as it takes off. A fight ensues on the plane, where Chris is
able to inject Wesker with another dose of the serum. This causes him to fall off of the plane,
and it crash lands onto an island with an active volcano. There, Chris and Sheva emerge from the plane
to find that Wesker survived the fall. Refusing to give up his plan, Wesker punches
through one of the plane’s Uroboros missiles, infecting himself with a massive dose of the
virus. Chris and Sheva get separated in the ensuing
fight, but Chris is able to punch a boulder to create a path so they can rejoin and fight
the mutated Wesker. After one final stand, Chris is able to shoot
Wesker’s exposed weak spot enough to knock him into the volcano. Josh and Jill arrive in the escape helicopter,
and drop a ladder down to Chris and Sheva. As they finish climbing it, however, Wesker
emerges from the lava, and in one final act of desperation, grabs the helicopter with
his mutated arm. Chris and Sheva then shoot him simultaneously
with a rocket launcher each, finally killing Albert Wesker. The four then fly off into the sunset, and
Chris recognizes that his fight is worth it. The next year, Rebecca Chambers takes a temporary
teaching position at the Philosophy University in Philosophy, Western Australia. Another teacher at the school, Bethany, expresses
concern about students in the university that have gone missing, and Rebecca runs off to
discuss this with the founder of the university, Ezra Sennett. In his office, a local detective named Barrington
Meyer confronts Rebecca about her visiting the local fossil museum, but she writes this
off as an extracurricular interest. She leaves the room, but overhears Meyer receiving
a bribe from Ezra to keep his investigation minimal. As Rebecca leaves, she comes across student
Mary Grey and professor Dr. Liam Howard before an outbreak occurs. Bethany and Rebecca coordinate an evacuation
of the students, and during this, Rebecca notices a man who resembles Tyler Howard (a
former police officer she met during an outbreak in St. Cloud, Minnesota). Chris Redfield, now in charge of training
new recruits for the BSAA, is sent with his best recruit, Piers Nivans, to deal with the
outbreak at the university. There, they meet with the BSAA’s Oceania
Branch agent Sophie Home, and the team meet with Becca and Barrington. Chris takes charge of the situation, and sends
Sophie and Barrington to clear out the east wing, while he takes Rebecca and Piers to
clear out the west. Not trusting Barrington, Chris takes his revolver
and gives him a pistol that secretly has no ammunition. Now separated, Rebecca reveals to Chris that
she knows Ezra is bribing Barrington, and might be involved with the outbreak. She also reveals her suspicion that Dr. Howard
may be involved as well, after investigating the fossil museum, which he directs. As they leave, it is revealed that Tyler was
watching them from behind a staircase. In Ezra’s office, he speaks with Howard
as well as his secretary and adopted son Matthew Russel. Ezra reveals that he hired Dr. Howard to study
the virus to create a strain that could mutate anyone to become more intelligent. However, Howard used the university, and its
resources, to instead perform research into bio-organic weapons instead. Chris’ team reach the fossil museum, hoping
to find Howard. However, they instead find bumbling security
officer Posh Brown who explains that he was instructed by Howard to lock down the museum
before he left to go somewhere else. They then instruct Brown to show them how
to get to Howard’s research lab, but as he does so, a Zombie attacks him, biting his
leg, which he lies about. Mary, trapped in an AV room with another student,
Lucas Butler, call Rebecca to have her open the fire shutters to allow another student
named Olivia Price, into the room. Olivia had not reached the room yet, however,
but Mary wanted to get out of the room to go find her. Outside, Lucas is forced to kill an infected
Bethany. Afterwards, Post closes the door again, and
leads the group to Howard’s office while Tyler follows closely behind. Meanwhile, Sophie speaks with Barrington,
who pulls his gun on her. He reveals that he hopes the BSAA fails so
the police department, paid off by Ezra, will cover up the entire situation. Sophie is able to retrieve his gun, but when
Barrington is attacked by a zombie, she finds that it has no bullets. Piers arrives and kills the zombie, and Barrington
escapes. However, he comes back with a pistol of his
own and pulls it on Piers. The two then fight hand to hand, until they
are interrupted by another zombie attack, which they are saved from by Tyler, who proclaims
that Dr. Howard didn’t do anything before leaving, allowing Barrington to escape as
well. Just then, Sophie and Piers are joined by
Mary and Lucas. Mary convinces the two to help them go look
for Olivia, but she lags behind and texts Olivia to get her location. Meanwhile, Chris, Rebecca, and Posh are in
the fossil museum where they find the “Irish Giant”, the remains of a man discovered
a century ago that was recently transported to the university to be researched by Dr.
Howard. They are attacked by zombies, but Posh closes
a fire door and locks them out. Chris then finds a hidden safe room, and the
trio enter to inspect it. Inside, they find data relating to Umbrella’s
viruses and research. Chris then asks why Rebecca was initially
investigating Dr. Howard, and she reveals that he was in fact Tyler’s father. She also reveals that Tyler died 5 years ago
in the St. Cloud incident, after he showed her a PDA containing information on former
Umbrella researchers, including his father. When she found out his father was employed
by the university, she took a job there to investigate him further. As she finishes telling her story, Barrington
arrives and takes Rebecca hostage. He leaves with her, threatening her life if
the BSAA lets any information leak about the outbreak. As they leave, they see Mary just as a trap
is sprung, causing the ceiling to drop, which Chris and Posh barely escape. Meanwhile, Lucas notices that Mary is no longer
with the group, but Sophie and Piers continue on. Chris and Posh find themselves in Howard’s
lab, and Tyler arrives, pulling his gun on Chris and takes the data he found. Tyler reveals that he was recruited by the
US government to become a special agent, and demands that Chris leave the situation to
him. This prompts a fight between the two, in which
Chris reveals that they know of Tyler’s father’s hand in the academy’s outbreak. Tyler refuses that his father could be responsible,
and instead blames Umbrella, eventually submitting to help Chris uncover the truth, with the
intention of clearing his father’s name. Tyler then recalls a conversation he had with
Mary recently where she proclaimed that Dr. Howard would “reset” the world. Piers and Sophie arrive, accompanied by Lucas,
and they are brought up to speed. Posh then finds Howard’s identification
system. Tyler is able to use it, and shutters open
revealing the missing students in tubes, being experimented on and turned into zombies. Lucas is shocked to find that Olivia is one
of the experiments. The group then fight their way to escape through
a group of zombies, but Lucas is bitten trying to calm Olivia. Initially distraught when Olivia is among
the zombies shot, he turns and tries to shoot himself, but is unable to before the virus
takes hold. He goes to attack Sophie, but Piers kills
him, protecting her. The pair then escape with Chris. Elsewhere, Tyler finds Mary, who laments the
loss of her friends before walking off as Chris, Sophie, Piers, and Posh arrive. Posh’s leg has gotten too bad to proceed,
so Sophie offers to stay behind to protect him so the others can go find Rebecca. Meanwhile, Rebecca and Dr. Howard are both
being held captive by Barrington. He explains that he was forced to work with
Umbrella after his funding was frozen to provide income to support Tyler. He then continued to research the T-Virus,
experimenting on fossils to hopefully find a way to resurrect Tyler. However, since he was unable to find Tyler’s
body, he shifted his focus into researching biological weaponry instead. Rebecca proclaims that she saw Tyler alive,
and breaks free and promises to bring him back to his father. She escapes, with Barrington seeing her and
giving chase. Afterwards, Ezra tries to explain his motives
to Matthew: that a smarter race would no longer find a need to war with one another. Matthew disagrees, believing that with no
purpose to evolve, humans would instead suffer more. Meanwhile, Rebecca finds Sophie and Posh,
and she tries to heal him with herbs and a first aid spray. However, his virus takes hold, and he begs
Sophie to kill him; a favor she is forced to grant. Afterwards, Barrington catches up and holds
the two women at gunpoint. He offers them one final chance of helping
the cover-up and taking a payout, but they deny the offer. Barrington takes out his gun to shoot them,
but Posh, not quite dead, lunges and bites the detective, causing him to turn into a
zombie almost immediately. Sophie shoots him, finally killing him before
thanking Posh and putting him out of his misery for good as well. In Ezra’s office, Matthew has hung himself
after his argument with his adoptive father, and Dr. Howard is preparing to kill him. However, Chris, Piers, and Tyler arrive and
stop him. Howard admits to creating a new strain of
the T-Virus through his experiments with the Irish Giant fossil, but Ezra is able to distract
Howard, grabbing the case with the virus and escaping. Tyler then confronts his father, who releases
a new Tyrant infected with his strain. The three fight the Tyrant as Howard scurries
off to observe and collect battle data. Tyler and Chris distract the giant, and Piers
is able to shoot it to defeat it, much to Howard’s disappointment. He then injects himself with the virus as
his last ditch effort, forcing Tyler to shoot and kill his father. Rebecca and Sophie reunite with the group,
and Tyler finds a letter written from his father apologizing for his actions and revealing
something about Mary Gray that he is unable to finish reading before she arrives and takes
Rebecca hostage at gunpoint. Mary reveals that she isn’t truly human,
but the result of an experiment by her father, another Umbrella researcher, and Dr. Howard,
who injected her with the T-Virus to hopefully cure her fatal blood disease. This treatment worked, but required a steady
treatment of the virus administered by Howard. Because of this, Mary considered Howard a
father figure, and becomes infuriated at Tyler for killing him. She also admits that it was her that led Howard
to his plan of “resetting” the world with his bioweapons. Chris is able to talk sense into her and take
her weapon, but she still resists, engaging in hand-to-hand combat, enhanced by the virus
inside her. The battle moves to the rooftop, and Tyler
is able to speak with Mary, who realizes her true anger lies with the fact that Lucas chose
Olivia over her. She then asks the group if she can start over
again, and Tyler responds that she can. She thanks them, saying she will now reset,
before mutating into a giant creature. The team fight the creature, before Rebecca
arrives with a rocket launcher, which Chris shoots at it, leaving behind nothing but the
memory of Mary Gray. Afterwards, Chris thanks Tyler for his help,
handing him the letter his father left. Sophie then gives Piers her number, and they
leave her behind to return to BSAA to take on the next threat together. Meanwhile, Ezra runs off with the sample of
the virus, finding Mary’s disembodied arm next to a bullet-ridden umbrella. He clutches the arm, apologizing to her for
his hand in making her the way she was, before promising that he’ll carry forward in starting
his new world for them. Just then, the briefcase starts beep, leaving
Ezra’s future unknown. A year later, Claire Redfield attends a party
at the TerraSave headquarters, where she meets her new partner: Moira Burton (former S.T.A.R.S. officer Barry Burton’s eldest daughter). Claire is then pulled aside by Neil Fisher,
who informs Claire about a potential new virus in Washington. Suddenly, the power goes out in the building,
and it is stormed by a group of masked assailants who capture Claire, Moira, and several other
TerraSave members. When Claire awakens, she finds herself in
an old prison with a mysterious bracelet on her wrist. She is able to reunite with Moira, and when
they try to escape, the two find themselves to be surrounded by mutated humans. As they move through the prison, an unknown
woman begins to quote poetry to them through the devices on their wrists. Using clever teamwork, the pair are able to
escape the prison and are once again contacted by the woman, who refers to herself as the
“Overseer”. The two then make their way to a radio tower,
which Claire climbs to discover they are on an unknown island. Moira then sends out a distress call to whomever
can hear them. Claire and Moira then continue searching the
island, eventually finding fellow TerraSave members Gabe Chavez and Pedro Fernandez inside
of an abandoned saloon. The group search the town to find parts to
repair a nearby helicopter for escape, before the Overseer activates a siren in the town
to attract more monsters. Claire is able to shut off the siren, but
Pedro is overcome by monsters, triggering massive fear. The Overseer then informs them that they have
all been injected with a new “t-Phobos virus” that reacts to fear, and Pedro mutates into
a giant monster himself, which Claire runs from. She spots Neil Fisher outside, and he helps
her and Moira escape through a sewer system. On the other side of the tunnel, Claire notices
a giant tower in the distance. Figuring the Overseer must be there, she leads
the group in that direction. Eventually, they are forced to split with
Neil, who distracts a group of monsters to allow Claire and Moira to escape. As they progress through the city, Claire
and Moira find a little girl with a teddy bear and a bracelet (albeit a different one)
of her own. The girl, Natalia Korda, survivor of the Terragrigia
incident joins them, and they reach the tower. As they approach it, Gabriel arrives in the
now-working helicopter, however, the Overseer sabotages the controls, causing the helicopter
to spin out of control, triggering Gabe’s fear and mutation before it crashes to the
ground, killing him; and in the confusion, Natalia goes missing. At the entrance of the tower, Claire finds
a note directing them to the nearby factory. There, they solve several puzzles until the
factory eventually explodes, dumping them in a waterway that leads to the tower. Inside the sewer system connected to the waterway,
they find an old native to the island named Evgeny Rebic who, while refusing to help them,
allows them to pass through the sewers. On the other end, they reach the tower, and
inside they find an office with a list of TerraSave employees that Neil had at the party,
now with several names crossed out. Moira then spots a feed of Neil on a monitor,
and he is approached by an offscreen Overseer. In their conversation, Neil is revealed to
have been behind the TerraSave capture, as he was personally chosen by Morgan Lansdale
of the FBC to carry on his vision. He then worked with the Overseer to create
a new terrorist threat to hopefully justify the re-establishment of the FBC. The Overseer chastises him for his foolishness,
and injects him with the virus. Claire and Moira find Neil, just as he begins
to mutate from the virus. He overpowers Claire, and Moira is forced
to grab her gun, something she had feared using since she accidentally shot her sister
Polly with one of her father’s guns as a child. Moira overcomes her fear and shoots Neil dead,
saving Claire in the process. Meanwhile, the Overseer looks over Natalia,
who she has strapped into a machine with some kind of mechanism on her head. The Overseer proclaims that in six months,
the girl will awaken as her, revealing that the machine’s purpose is to transport the
Overseer’s consciousness into the girl’s body. Claire and Moira find the Overseers office,
including all of the controls and surveillance feeds for the island, and passing through
they eventually find the Overseer herself, separated from them by an impenetrable barrier. She gives a soliloquy, mentioning how her
“brother” died, and now she will share his fate before being resurrected as a god. She then pulls out a pistol, and shoots herself
in the head, triggering a self-destruct of the tower. The two then begin to run to escape the crumbling
tower, and Moira sacrifices herself to save Claire before being crushed under a pile of
rubble, forcing Claire to leave her behind and jump into the waters outside the island. Claire is later found and taken to an intensive
care unit. Moira’s father, Barry Burton, arrives to
ask Claire if Moira was with her. Claire apologizes to Barry, stating she did
all she could, but Moira didn’t make it. Sometime later, Moira is found and rescued
by Evgeny. She asks him to help her find a way off the
island, but he refuses, instead offering to give her shelter and teach her to hunt for
food to fend for herself on the island. After six months, however, the monsters on
the island become too unmanageable, leading to food going scarce. As they begin to stockpile food, Evgeny finds
evidence that his daughter, Irina, was injected with the virus and had since died on the island.This
gives the old man some closure, and he locks himself away to die alone from a fatal disease
he suffered from. Meanwhile, Natalia wakes up in a strange room. Escaping from the contraption, she encounters
another version of herself, donned in dark clothing. Upset that she can’t find her bear, Lottie,
the dark version of Natalia offers to help her find him. After being led by her dark version through
various places on the island, Natalia finds Lottie. However, Lottie is revealed to be fake, and
the dark version of her reveals herself to be the Overseer’s consciousness, using Lottie
as a ruse to try to take over Natalia. The dark Natalia disappears, and Natalia finds
herself on a beach, watching a boat arrive. The boat docks, and Barry Burton emerges,
not giving up on finding his lost daughter. He finds Natalia, and agrees to take her with
him. Barry discovers that somehow, Natalia is able
to detect the mutants on the island, and the two use this ability to traverse it, finally
killing the mutated Pedro Fernandez. They proceed to reach the tower, now abandoned,
and inside, they find a portrait of a man and woman. Barry immediately recognizes the man as Albert
Wesker, and Natalia informs him that the woman is Alex Wesker, the sole surviving member
of the project that created the Wesker children. Suddenly, Alex appears, now severely mutated,
revealing that her suicide had not gone as planned: in the moments between firing the
gun and the bullet piercing her brain, immense fear took over, triggering her t-Phobos virus
and allowing her to survive, albeit in a mutated form. She tells Barry that she has killed Moira,
before summoning several creatures to kill him. He is able to shoot the ceiling and collapse
it onto Wesker and the monsters, allowing his and Natalia’s escape. Believing he was unable to save his own daughter,
Barry vows to protect Natalia from Alex. Soon, they come across the sewers, and find
Evgeny’s corpse inside of his room. There, they also find Moira’s cellphone,
with a message recorded for Barry while she was trapped under the rubble. Barry then vows to kill Wesker for what she
had done to Moira. After the pair pass through a mine, however,
Alex catches up to them and tosses Barry off of a cliff. She then expresses anger that her copied consciousness
has not taken hold of Natalia yet, and begins to choke her. However, when Natalia opens her eyes, Alex
sees something inside of them that causes her to flee in fear. A visibly changed Natalia then finds Barry,
and begins to lead him through places she’s never been herself. Eventually, the two reach Alex at her underground
lair, and she injects herself with a massive dose of the Uroboros virus, mutating into
a giant, tentacled creature. The two fight, but Barry is unable to stop
Alex from capturing Natalia. However, Moira appears, having found Barry’s
badge outside, and shoots Alex to give Barry a chance to grab Natalia and take her out
of the facility. Alex gives chase, but in the knick of time,
Claire arrives in a helicopter armed with a sniper rifle. Moira and Natalia board the helicopter, and
Barry stays on the ground to take on Alex. Together, Claire and Barry weaken the mutated
creature before Claire, mirroring her brother’s destruction of Albert Wesker, shoots Alex
with a rocket, destroying her once and for all. Barry survives the blast, and joins the group
in the helicopter as they fly back home, leaving the BSAA to clean up the island. Barry then reveals his intention of adopting
Natalia and raising her as one of his own. Not long after, Leon S. Kennedy is pulled
from his vacation to sneak into the battlefield of a civil war occurring in the Eastern Slav
Republic to investigate reports that B.O.W.s are in use. However, just as soon as he arrives, he receives
a call from his field support, Ingrid Hunnigan, informing him that the U.S. government has
ordered an evacuation of all of their forces. Somewhat annoyed but also determined to clear
out any B.O.W. presence, Leon ignores the order and goes searching on his own. Leon eventually finds his CIA contact, but
discovers him to be severely wounded. He is able to get out the word “Beekeeper”
before a Licker B.O.W. attacks and finishes him off. Leon runs from the Licker, but is eventually
trapped with the Licker about to kill him. However, it stops on command from a man who
appears and captures him as he loses consciousness. When he awakens, Leon finds himself in a basement,
being interrogated by members of the rebel forces: JD, Alexander Kozachenko (known as
Buddy), and Ivan Judanovich (the group’s Ataman). Soon, the group is discovered by the Eastern
Slav army and are forced to escape, allowing Leon to break free. Ataman then falls sick, and asks Buddy to
kill him before he turns, which he reluctantly complies with. He then tells JD to go to a nearby church
while he heads to the surface. Meanwhile, the president of the Eastern Slav
Republic, Svetlana Belikova, meets with Ada Wong, who is posing as a representative from
the BSAA. Ada presents the dominant species Plaga, and
explains that a human infected with it will have a master-slave relationship with lesser
B.O.W.s, much like a queen bee with her workers. Elsewhere, Leon follows JD, and the pair are
attacked by Plaga infected zombies. This leads Leon to come to the conclusion
that the rebels are using the dominant species of the Plaga parasites which allow them to
control the Lickers, without knowing its side effect of turning them into mutated hosts
for the parasite. JD leads Leon to the church, and asks him
to stop Buddy, who is seeking revenge after the Easter Slav army bombed a school, killing
his fiancée. Leon comes across Ada, initially blaming her
for the release of the Plagas which she stole seven years ago. She denies this, but does confirm that her
current mission is to retrieve a new sample in Eastern Slav. She then leaves, warning Leon that the city
will be bombed soon. Returning to the church, Leon finds it to
have been attacked by Ganados, with JD the only survivor. Buddy arrives, much to JD’s delight, but
just as he does, JD begins to mutate, having been infected during the previous battle. Leon reluctantly shoots JD, and turns to ask
Buddy to give him the Plaga. Buddy refuses, seeing it as a necessary tool
in the game of war, when suddenly the city is bombed, causing the ceiling of the church
to collapse, allowing Buddy to run off. Meanwhile, Svetlana is informed that Ada is
lying about being part of the BSAA. When Ada arrives to speak to the president,
she confronts her about her lie, prompting a hand-to-hand battle between the two. When Ada tries to escape the room, the exits
are shut, and the room is revealed to double as an elevator that begins to descend below
the ground. Leon arrives at the Capital, finding it to
be attacked by several Lickers, indicating Buddy’s arrival and use of the Plagas. Leon finds the elevator shaft and heads down
it. Meanwhile, Ada awakens, finding herself strung
up in captivity. She’s able to use a knife hidden in her
heel to cut herself loose, and she escapes to find Leon inside of a “beehive” like
structure, containing the first cultivated samples of the dominant species Plaga. Svetlana shows up, surrounded by her army,
and Ada escapes in a smokescreen, leaving Leon to deal with the soldiers. Buddy then arrives with his attack Lickers,
who take out the soldiers. Svetlana then taunts Buddy behind bulletproof
glass, before she releases her ace in the hole, two Tyrants. She then ascends in another elevator, leaving
Leon and Buddy to fight the Tyrants. Now forced to team up, the pair attempt to
battle the Tyrants, but are overpowered and forced to flee. They seemingly find freedom when they enter
a freight elevator, but the Tyrants stop it, forcing the pair to climb through the hatch
in the car. The weight of the Tyrants then causes the
elevator to fall into the abyss, as Buddy jumps up to Leon, who catches him, allowing
the two to climb up a ladder to the surface. Outside, the two men are met by another Tyrant,
which they are forced to battle. Buddy commandeers a nearby tank and drives
it into the Tyrant, and Leon mans it’s canon. Unable to get a steady shot, Buddy controls
a Licker to distract the monster, allowing Leon to shoot it’s face, decapitating and
destroying it. Their victory is short-lived, however, as
the two Tyrants from the basement arrive. Leon helps Buddy escape, knowing he’s the
only one that can reveal Svetlana’s cultivation of the Plagas. Having ran out of ammunition, Leon then prepares
to take on the Tyrants hand-to-hand, before they are swifty lit up by US Air Force fighters
arriving to protect Leon. Afterwards, Svetlana gives a press conference
blaming the rebels for the events in the city, but she is quickly informed that they are
being attacked by both the United States and Russian military forces, intervening in the
civil war and occupying the region, leading to Svetlana’s resignation. Elsewhere, Buddy and Leon watch the U.S./Russian
forces march on the capital, and they both feel used by the political machine. Knowing the Plaga will overtake him, Buddy
aks Leon to kill him, before turning the gun on himself. Leon stops him, telling him that he owes it
to those that died to live on, even if it means losing the use of his limbs. He then shoots Buddy in the spinal cord, killing
the Plaga attached to it, allowing him to live. Afterwards, Leon speaks with Hunnigan, who
insists that the US knew nothing about the Plaga situation, while Leon remains with doubts. Ada then calls her employer, not sure whether
to hand over the Plaga, even after her potential buyer offers to wipe out an international
warrant for her arrest. After the dust settles in the city, Buddy
returns to his former life as a school teacher, confined to a wheelchair, but finally content. The next year, Chris and Piers are informed
by BSAA Far East Agent Merah Biji that their mutual friend and BSAA advisor Professor Doug
Wright has gone missing. The two learn that he had gone with his nephew
to the Marhawa School in Asia, and the BSAA visit it. There, they find the school to already have
fallen victim to an outbreak, but they find one survivor: Professor Wright’s nephew,
Ricky Tozawa. They go to save the Professor, but find that
he’s already turned into a zombie. Merah believes the perpetrator of the outbreak
to be student Bindi Bergana. Bindi, who was given a strain of a new virus
by a mysterious woman, called the Chrysalid, or C-Virus, had been infected with it and
mutated since the beginning of the attack. Merah disobeys a direct order from Chris and
goes off to fight and ultimately defeat the student. However, she mutates once again, and catches
up to the group attempting to leave by helicopter. They fight once more, and Piers kills her. The cleaners arrive and wipe out what remains
of the virus in the area, but the mysterious woman, and her motives, stay hidden from the
BSAA, at least for now… Meanwhile, after the C-Virus outbreak, Umbrella
Corps, a subsidiary of the now restructured Umbrella Corporation (recreated as an anti-B.O.W.
military force and known colloquially as Blue Umbrella to differentiate itself from it’s
pharmaceutical beginnings) begins combat testing for one of their agents, codenamed 3A7, led
by employee Abraham Jackson. Eventually, Jackson goes missing, and the
trials are instead led by Beatrice Bertrand, who, despite constantly setting him up for
failure, is continuously impressed by 3A7’s performance. Because he survives these trials, Betrand
is fired, and 3A7 is replaced, leaving Umbrella and becoming feared by its remaining researchers. One month later, Chris and Piers are again
on a mission with the BSAA, leading Alpha Team in Edonia, an eastern European state
that has erupted in civil war, using the C-Virus infected (called J’avo) as weapons. Elsewhere in Edonia, mercenary Jake Muller
is working for the rebels. He injects himself with a “supplement”
that’s supposed to increase his performance, but doesn’t seem to be doing anything for
him. Sherry Birkin, now a US agent, arrives and
informs Jake that the supplement is actually the C-Virus, developed and distributed by
a new terrorist group going by the name “Neo-Umbrella”. Believing Jake has the antibodies for the
virus, and in-turn would be the key to a cure, Sherry makes a deal with Jake to pay fifty
million dollars for his assistance. During their escape from the village, Neo-Umbrella
sends a Tyrant-like hunter, called the Ustanak, to chase the two. Sherry and Jake eventually meet up with Chris,
who recognizes Sherry and introduces himself as Claire’s brother. Soon after, Neo-Umbrella releases a giant
B.O.W., which Alpha Team helps defeat. Afterwards, Chris provides a BSAA helicopter
to take Sherry and Jake to safety. Their escape is short lived, however, as their
helicopter is attacked by the Ustanak, still pursuing Jake. The monster eventually causes the helicopter
to crash, and Sherry and Jake eject and fall to the snowy mountainside beneath them. Meanwhile, Chris, Piers, and the BSAA find
a woman who introduces herself as Ada Wong, telling them she was being held hostage by
Neo-Umbrella, and fills Chris in about the C-Virus. Chris assigns a soldier, Finn, to escort Ada,
and they lead her to safety. This turns out to be a trap, however, and
Ada throws a C-Virus infused bomb at Alpha Team, infecting all of them, turning them
into mutated cocoons, save for Chris and Piers. The cocoons hatch, and one of the monsters
inside attacks Chris, causing him to hit his head, concussing him and making him lose consciousness
as Finn drags him to safety. At a nearby hospital, Chris awakens with no
memory of who he is or what has happened, and he secretly leaves the hospital. On the snowy mountain, Jake awakens to find
Sherry impaled by a piece of the helicopter. She tells him to pull it out, and when he
does, he notices her wound heals miraculously quickly due to the G-Virus still in her blood. The two find a cottage to take refuge, and
Sherry confides in Jake by telling her about her father’s actions in Racoon City, as
well as her rescue thanks to Leon and Claire that drove her to follow in their footsteps. The two bond over their respective burdens
before they’re interrupted by a group of Neo-Umbrella that attack the cottage. They are able to escape the assault, but are
soon met with the Ustanak once again. They duck the creature temporarily, but when
they reach the Edonian border, they are met with more opposition, and their giant stalker
appears again and knocks out Sherry. The mysterious woman who gave Jake’s squad
the C-Virus, the supposed Ada Wong, appears and tells Jake about Albert Wesker’s failure
to destroy the world, before revealing that Wesker was in truth Jake’s father, passing
on his enhanced and invulnerable blood. The Ustanak then knocks out Jake, and he and
Sherry are captured and taken away. Six months later, Ada Wong receives a call
from the US National Security Advisor Derek C. Simmons, who claims to have intel on her
that would be very crucial to her future. Following his instructions, she finds a submarine
and is able to get onboard using a security system that curiously already has her fingerprints
on file. Inside, she finds a film from Simmons instructing
her to capture Jake so as to not allow a C-Virus vaccine to be produced from his blood. Ada’s surprised to find that the orders
were from six months ago…and she never received them, leading her to wonder if somebody else
carried them out in her stead. An explosion occurs on the ship, and Ada is
forced to abandon the submarine. During this escape, she receives another transmission
from Simmons, who tells her that tomorrow the US will suffer a bioterrorist attack,
then China, then the rest of the world, and the attacks will be at the hands of Neo-Umbrella’s
leader: Ada Wong. Confused by her findings, Ada refuses to be
Simmons’ scapegoat and enters a torpedo, escaping the submarine. The next day, Simmon’s warning comes true,
and the city of Tall Oaks is attacked while the President of the United States, Adam Benford,
was at the local Ivy University giving a speech in which he planned to final reveal the true
nature of the Raccoon City incident to the public. However, the president is infected, and Leon
S. Kennedy and Secret Service Agent Helena Harper are forced to shoot him, putting the
president out of his misery. Afterwards, they receive a call from Hunnigan,
who they update with the situation before being ordered to leave. They decide to check out the Cathedral first
instead, as Helena reveals that she is somehow responsible for the outbreak, but will only
reveal the truth if Leon helps her reach the Cathedral. The pair find some survivors, they escape
the town in a bus, and head toward the Cathedral. On the way Hunnigan calls once again to inform
them that Neo-Umbrella has taken credit for the attack. She then asks what’s at the Cathedral, as
Simmons is starting to breath down her neck for information. Just then, the bus is forced to swerve to
avoid a zombie in the road, and Leon and Helena are forced to continue on foot to the Cathedral. Meanwhile, Ada watches from nearby and follows
the two. There, they find the entrance to an underground
laboratory with various human experiments in a cocoon-like form. Leon also finds a tape labeled “Happy Birthday,
Ada Wong” which seemingly shows Ada being birthed from one of the cocoons at some unknown
period in time. .The two make their way through the lab and
find Helena’s secret: her sister Deborah. She asks Leon to help her get her sister out
to safety before she reveals the truth, and he agrees as the three head out. After some traversal, however, Deborah starts
to scream out in pain and bursts into flame, transforming into one of the cocoons. Shortly after, she emerges, but is shot by
a nearby Ada. Helena goes to apologize to Deborah, but she
awakens as a mutated creature that begins to fight the three. During the battle, Ada gives Leon a ring,
which she claims will make sense later. They are able to defeat the creature in battle,
and Helena, realizing her sister is now gone, allows her to fall to her death. She then reveals that Simmons had kidnapped
her sister, threatening to murder her if Helena didn’t asist his plot to assisnate the president. Ada leaves the two, and they receive a call
from Hunnigan. However, before they are able to warn her
about Simmons, he intercepts their call. He then frames them for the president’s death,
commanding them to come turn themselves in to him. Meanwhile, Ada finds the lab containing the
“Happy Birthday, Ada Wong” tape, and she watches it herself, recognizing this as the
creation of some kind of doppelganger of herself. Afterwards, she is called by Simmons once
again, who she realizes has actually been the fake Ada the whole time, disguising her
voice to impersonate him. The real Ada realizes that Simmons, and the
secret society he belongs to (known as “The Family”), would never risk exposing themselves
and the potential destabilization of global politics, so she surmises that this fake Ada
must be running Neo-Umbrella with the sole purpose of destroying it. The fake Ada confirms this, noting that when
she does so, the world will place the blame on Ada Wong. The real Ada then calls the real Simmons,
informing him that her doppelganger is in fact working against him. She then heads off to find the woman as she
blows up the lab behind her. Leon and Helena make their way out of the
catacombs, now both agreeing to work together to bring Simmons to justice. Outside, they witness Tall Oaks being destroyed
by a missile strike, eliminating all evidence in an act all too similar to Raccoon City’s
fate years prior. They receive a call from Hunnigan, who informs
them that Simmons is on his private jet en route to China, where another C-Virus attack
is underway. Knowing that Leon and Helena are on the top
of the list of suspects for the president’s death, Hunnigan helps them fake their deaths,
and the pair decide to go to China to follow Simmons. Back in Europe, Chris (still without his memories)
has become an angry drunk, frequenting a bar where he’s not exactly welcome. Piers finds him after months of searching
and confronts him, but Chris has no recollection of his partner. As Piers gives him a pep talk, the bar patrons
reveal themselves to be fellow BSAA, and they take Chris back. Realizing this is the only way he can get
his life and memory back, Chris takes his place back in the BSAA and joins Piers to
lead Alpha Team into China. Elsewhere, Claire Redfield drives to go visit
Barry Burton, and receives a call that her brother, Chris, is on his way to China to
deal with a new bioterrorist attack, and she tells the person on the other end of the line
to have Piers look after him. At the Burton household Barry witnesses some
news of the C-Virus attacks on the television. Upstairs, Natalia, now fully overcome by Alex
Wesker’s consciousness, begins to recite poetry, ending her passage with a crooked
smile. In China, Chris, Piers, and Alpha team execute
a rescue mission and successfully escort a group of hostages from a B.O.W. riddled building. Afterwards, they escape the building, and
Chris sees a cocooned human, triggering his memories of the events six months prior. Elsewhere in China, Jake and Sherry have been
undergoing daily tests in a Neo-Umbrella research facility since their abduction six months
prior. Jake is able to escape from his guards and
shut down power to the facility, allowing Sherry’s escape as well. The two reunite and get in contact with the
U.S. government, and learn that Sherry’s superiors are in China as well. The two then find a motorcycle and use it
to escape the facility to rendezvous. Chris and Piers come across Jake and Sherry
and help them take down a pursuing helicopter before heading off to search for Ada at nearby
research facility. Jake and Sherry also head out, and soon witness
the crash landing of an American airplane. They rush it to find the plane’s only two
survivors, Leon and Helena. Sherry and Leon reunite, and he reveals that
Simmons is behind the attacks. Sherry, who reveals that Simmons is her direct
superior, is surprised by this information, but before the conversation can go any further,
the Ustanak attacks and the four are forced to battle it. They are able to drop a tower on the Ustanak
to incapacitate it, but the tower separates the two groups. Sherry reveals Simmons’ location to Leon,
and they agree to meet there. Leon and Helena reach the facility, and witness
the Ada Wong decoy walking inside. They follow her inside, and to their surprise
find Chris and Piers. Leon stops Chris from shooting her, arguing
that Simmons is the true mastermind behind it all. This delay gives Ada the chance to drop a
smoke grenade and escape with a briefcase. Chris leaves to capture Ada, while Leon and
Helena head off to find Simmons. Meanwhile, on their way to meet with Leon
and Helena at Simmons’ location, Jake and Sherry are cornered by a J’avo wielding
a chainsaw before they are saved by the nearby real Ada Wong, who is still searching for
her imposter as well. Sherry, Jake, Leon, and Helena finally regroup
at Simmon’s location, and he admits his hand in the outbreaks, but justifies that
it’s for the good of the country and the world. Sherry hands Leon a data chip with research
data from the lab they were at which could potentially stop the C-Virus. Leon and Helena then provide cover for Jake
and Sherry to run to safety. As they leave, however, they are ambushed
by J’avo and captured once again. Meanwhile, Leon and Helena continue their
standoff with Simmons, as he turns to leave, he is ambushed by a J’avo as well, who shoots
him with a vial, injecting him with the virus, which he believes is the work of the Ada doppelganger. Simmons runs off and falls onto a nearby moving
train, which Helena and Leon are able to jump onto at the last second. On top of the train, Simmons receives a call
from his former partner, the Ada imposter, who admits that she turned him into a monster
just as she did to him, before threatening that soon the whole world would suffer the
same fate. Helena and Leon catch up to Simmons, who reveals
that his killing of the President was to prevent the world from learning the truth about Raccoon
City, which he believes would have caused the global political order to collapse. He then mutates from the virus, forcing Leon
and his partner to fight, and ultimately defeat him before the train derails and they are
forced to jump into the nearby ocean. Elsewhere, Chris and Piers have chased the
fake Ada to an aircraft carrier that has been taken over by Neo-Umbrella. They finally corner her on the bridge of the
ship, where she reveals she has created a missile containing a massive amount of the
C-Virus, threatening an event like Raccoon City, but on a global scale. Just after this revelation, however, a helicopter
flies up containing a sniper working for “The Family” secret society, who shoots the fake
Ada, and she falls to her apparent death. Piers opens the briefcase she took from the
facility and finds an enhanced strain of the virus. He and Chris then head to try to disarm the
missile. Meanwhile, the real Ada Wong infiltrates the
ship and finds evidence revealing the creation of her doppelganger. As it turns out, Simmons’ hatred of Ada,
due to her insubordination, led him to want to create his own replica of her that would
follow his orders. He then created a strain of the C-Virus, fused
with Ada’s DNA, and injected it into a scientist named Carla Radames. However, this plan ultimately failed when
Carla’s consciousness slowly began to reawaken in her new physical form. Ada finds Carla’s dead body on the deck
of the ship, and Ada laments the poor woman’s plight. Hower, Carla suddenly re-awakens, mutated
by the virus and attacks Ada. After a battle spanning the entire ship, Ada
is able to finally kill Carla, before she finds a helicopter to escape and investigate
a tower she found evidence of in Simmon’s files. On the ship, Chris and Piers try to stop the
missile’s launch, but ultimately fail, as it heads towards the City. Leon calls Chris, who frantically tells the
former to leave immediately as the missile explodes over China, immediately enveloping
the city with the C-Virus gas and infecting almost all of its inhabitants practically
immediately. Leon then sends Chris to Neo-Umbrella’s
underwater research facility to recover Sherry and Jake: who he reveals is Wesker’s son. Chris then tells Leon that Ada is dead, which
visibly upsets Leon, who is still unaware of the doppelganger situation. Leon and Helena fight through the infected
city, aided by Ada in the helicopter, much to Leon’s confusion. Eventually the pair reach the Quad Tower,
where they find an also still-alive Simmons. Ada arrives in the helicopter, and Simmons
believes her to be Carla, ordering her to use Jake’s blood to make the virus stronger
before he mutates once again into a T-Rex like creature. The three fight and defeat him one more time,
before Ada heads up to the roof, where Leon and Helena follow. On their way up, Ada is incapacitated by Simmons,
and Leon rushes to protect her from an advancing Simmons. She awakens, and Simmons eventually knocks
Leon off a ledge, but Ada returns the favor and saves him before dropping Simmons below
as she swings away. Shortly after, Leon spots Ada, who calls him
and tells him about a gift she left him on the roof before parting ways with him one
last time. Helena tells Leon to go after her, but he
refuses, opting to stick with Helena instead. On the roof, Simmons absorbs the bodies of
various infected around him and uses them to enhance his power. Now running from a giant mutated B.O.W., Leon
and Helena reach the helicopter, with the present Ada left behind: yet another rocket
launcher to defeat Leon’s foe. He uses it once more, and Simmons is finally
killed, falling to his death, being impaled by a structure in the center of the tower,
filling the umbrella logo beneath with his own blood: one final omen of Neo-Umbrella. Also in the helicopter, the two find a make-up
case with a data disk inside containing all of the evidence incriminating Simmons in the
C-Virus attacks which would furthermore prove their innocence. They then escape the city in the helicopter
left by Ada. Afterwards, Ada is able to enter the laboratory
in the Quad Tower where she finds all of Carla’s research, including her “greatest work”:
an unhatched cocoon inside a glass chamber. Now knowing that Carla was no innocent, Ada
no longer feels any sympathy for her, and sets her lab, including the cocoon, ablaze,
destroying everything. She then receives a phone call offering her
next job, which she smiles and accepts. Meanwhile, Chris and Piers make their way
to Neo-Umbrella’s underground research facility, and once they arrive, Chris reveals his intentions
of retiring from the BSAA after this mission, passing the torch on to Piers. The pair find the controls to release Jake
and Sherry, and the four eventually reunite. During their ensuing conversation, Jake sarcastically
thanks Chris; a trait the latter proclaims reminds him of his father, Albert Wesker. He then reveals to Jake that he was the one
that killed Wesker. Angered at this revelation, Jake pulls a gun
on Chris, who tells Jake that he can shoot him if he wishes, but he only asks that Jake
survive to save the world with his blood in return. Jake ultimately decides to not shoot his father’s
killer, instead realizing the gravity of the situation at hand. As the four attempt to leave the facility,
the main experiment housed inside, Haos (a gigantic B.O.W. designed to destroy the entire
planet), awakens, and Chris tells Jake and Sherry to escape while he and Piers fight
the creature. Jake and Sherry run off, while Piers and Chris
lead the creature to a chamber to fight it. The two fail in the battle, however, with
Piers mortally wounded, and Chris captured by it. In order to save his commanding officer, Piers
injects himself with the enhanced C-Virus strain he took from Carla and using the enhanced
strength given to him by it, defeats the monster and saves Chris. The pair then attempt to escape the facility,
with Chris promising to get Piers to safety where they can find the cure. Meanwhile, as Jake and Sherry attempt their
escape, they are once again attacked by the Ustanak. Jake is able to punch the creature into a
pit of magma, and the pair find a hyperspeed tram that they use to leave. However, in a fiery eruption behind them,
the Ustanak pursues them once again. However, with it’s weak spot now exposed,
Jake and Sherry help each other aim a gun to shoot it and finally kill it, allowing
the two to escape safely. As Chris opens the door to an escape pod,
Piers pushes him in and closes the door. Knowing that it’s too late for him, Piers
launches Chris’s pod with only him inside, opting to die with the destruction of the
facility. As Chris’s pod shoots towards the surface,
the Haos arrives once again, but the facility explodes, shooting a blast of electricity,
finally killing the monster. On the surface, a helicopter arrives to extract
Chris who now carries a revived sense of purpose and returns to command in the BSAA. Afterwards, Sherry flies back to the US, having
given Jake’s blood sample to the United Nations’ top researchers. Jake’s relationship to Wesker is kept highly
classified, and his blood is used to create a vaccine for the C-Virus, which helps to
contain the outbreak. Sherry receives a message from Jake, who jokingly
lowers his asking price to $50 before driving off on a motorcycle. Later, Helena visits her sister’s grave,
and Leon and Hunnigan arrive to speak with her. Helena turns herself in for her hand in helping
Simmons, but Hunnigan reveals that given the evidence and the extortion, Helena cannot
be held responsible. Her actions are kept classified, and her freedom
is granted. Helena then tosses Ada’s make-up case to
Leon, so he can return it to her the next time the two meet. Sometime later, Jake is in a small village
in an unspecified location, seemingly back to his mercenary ways. He then proceeds to protect a young boy, asking
for only an apple in return. The next year, TerraSave sends Claire Redfield
to investigate the island of Sonido de Tortuga, the filming location of the “Idol Survival”
Japanese reality show, which was attacked by infected. Through her investigation, Claire discovers
that the former US military base on the island was purchased by Oswell E. Spencer nearly
20 years ago. Claire and her team find the survivors of
the Idol Survival show, and they take them to a safe location on the island: an abandoned
facility. There, Claire discovers that the island was
the location of Alex Wesker’s initial research into immortality for Spencer. Claire finds Dirk Miller, the creator of the
B.O.W.s on the island (as well as an associate of Alex’s), and Claire goes to apprehend
him. However, one of the survivors from the Idol
show, Zǐlì, reveals herself to be a double agent from one of Umbrella’s competitors:
Shén Yā Pharmaceutical. She obtains a final strain of a virus created
by Miller, before knocking Claire unconscious. A few hours later, Claire awakens as Zǐlì
infects herself with the virus. Claire is able to destroy the mutation with
a rocket launcher, and escape the island with BSAA extraction, reporting her findings to
her brother Chris. In October of that year, Mia Winters, researcher
for an international crime syndicate called “The Connections”, is on the cargo ship
Annabelle transporting a mutated human weapon known as “E-001”: the first of the E-Type
bioweapon project. However, a hurricane hits the ship, and the
weapon, known as “Eveline” (who was artificially aged to resemble a ten-year-old child to help
with infiltration) begins to lose stability. Eveline begins to infect the crew of the ship,
transforming them into hosts for Eveline’s fungal “Mold” which allows her to control
others’ minds. Eveline begins to refer to Mia as her mom,
and she tries to calm the girl before she is herself infected with the mold. She then rushes to send an emergency message
to her husband back home, Ethan, telling him to forget her and live his life, before the
hurricane and the destruction of the ship causes her to be thrown into the surrounding
waters. As the hurricane settles, Jack Baker rescues
Mia and Eveline, bringing them to his house in Dulvey, Louisiana. His family, consisting of wife Marguerite,
son Lucas, and daughter Zoe begin to take care of the rescuees, until Eveline awakens
and tells Zoe: “they’re mine now,” before the power goes out in the house. Zoe then finds her family going insane under
Eveline’s influence. She avoids her them, escaping outside to a
trailer in the backyard where she finds Mia passed out with a note nearby warning them
about Eveline and her power, but stating that there’s a cure in the form of a serum. When she turns around, she is greeted by Eveline,
referring to her as “sister”. The next day, Zoe awakens at the dining table,
with her family seemingly normal. Her hopes are short-lived, however, as Eveline
appears once again, greeting her new “sister” once more. Zoe then begins to spend her days avoiding
her infected family while searching for the cure Mia mentioned in her note. At some unspecified time in an unknown location
in Japan, two nurses, Ebihara and Abe enter a mansion to escape an outbreak. Inside, they find several uninfected men and
women unconscious. Suddenly, they all awaken simultaneously,
causing the two to rush away to hide. The survivors who awaken quickly discover
that they have no recollection of how they got there, nor do they recognize each other. When they open the door to try to escape,
the nurses rush out to incapacitate a zombie that enters the mansion. The nurses then inform the survivors about
the outbreak. The nurses then claim that they were sent
by men who kidnapped them to check on the unconscious survivors, but are met with much
skepticism by the group. They soon agree that they must work together
to get out, however, and they begin to search for an escape. Ebihara then remembers something the leader
of the kidnappers said about only the “chosen” ones surviving and making it to the next round,
triggering a panic among the group who now believe they are part of some sick game or
experiment. One of the members of the group, an army Ranger
named Jinno, confirms their suspicion and reveals he had heard of selection tests like
the one they are seemingly in. He then takes charge and the group finally
introduce themselves. Jinno chooses to split the group into teams
led by him, a doctor named Karasawa, and a journalist named Zama. Jinno’s team includes Terayama (an unemployed
traveler), Doi (a soccer coach), and Okunuchi (a human rights lawyer). Zama’s team includes Bandou (a housewife),
Suzuki (a tutor), and Ando (a bank teller). Karasawa’s team then includes Ebihara, Abe,
and a quality inspector named Ihara. They then split up and search for anything
to help them learn more about their situation as well as escape. Later, the groups reconvene in the main hall
with their discoveries: some food, water, medicine, and a box of weapons. The group then argue over whether or not they
should use the weapons; of them, only Jinno and Bandou have been trained in firearms use. During their argument, Terayama notices an
injection mark on his arm, prompting the others to check and notice they had been injected
as well. Suddenly, Suzuki remembers that he saw another
man before the rest of them woke up who left through the front door then never came back. Just then, there’s a knock at the door,
and they open it. The man Suzuki saw rushes in with a chainsaw,
and he reveals that he also was knocked out with no memory of how he got there, but he
woke up first and left before being met with the zombie opposition outside. The group begins to treat his wounds and he
introduces himself as Hashimoto, an economics professor at the nearby university, and joins
Karasawa’s team. Now knowing what they face, Jinno agrees to
allow everyone to take a weapon, but urges caution to not hurt each other. The teams split up again, agreeing to meet
after a half an hour with any new discoveries. Jinno leaves his team behind to scout ahead,
and Doi begins to express his interests in the zombies, believing that immortality and
the advancement of the human species could potentially be achieved with the research
from the zombies. He believes that the building they are in
is a zombie research facility, and expresses his excitement in the possibility. He also reveals that he lied about being a
soccer coach, believing everyone else had lied about their occupations as well. Jinno arrives soon after and takes the group
with him. Bandou and Zama also get split from their
group momentarily, and Zama expresses his doubts that Bandou is who she says she is,
believing her to be with the FBI, which she quickly dismisses. The rest of their group catches up, and they
continue on. Elsewhere, Ebihara notices she got a message
on her phone. Confused, they read the message; finding that
it is from Umbrella and explains the various herbs they found. Abe becomes suspicious that only Ebihara received
a message, and that it is from Umbrella, but they quickly drop it and move on. On the other side of the mansion, Zama comes
to the conclusion that they must be subjects in a test to gather data on the zombies, which
will be used as B.O.W.s. Like the other groups, they then continue
on. As Karasawa’s group traverses, he notices
Ebihara drinking some of the medicine they found. He confronts her, and she reveals that she
was bitten by a zombie, and is extremely fearful of becoming like them. Later, Hashimoto begins to show symptoms of
the virus taking hold. Ebihara offers up the herb to treat him, and
Abe confronts her again to tell her why she knows so much about the herb. Karasawa speaks up and reveals that Ebihara
was bitten by a zombie, and that’s why she knows of the herb’s healing nature. Just then, Hashimoto turns into a zombie,
and grabs his chainsaw. When he begins to swing it at the group, Ihara
pulls his weapon, but stumbles, allowing Hashimoto to overpower him and take him down with the
chainsaw. Karasawa then shoots the zombie, putting him
down. Afterwards, the group leave, and Karasawa
awakens once more, grabbing his chainsaw. Ihara also awakens, and leaves the room. Meanwhile, Ando and Suzuki decide to leave
the mansion on their own. However when they go outside, they are met
by Hashimoto wielding his chainsaw. Ihara also arrives with a group of other zombies,
and they kill the two survivors. The survivors regroup in the main hall and
fill each other in on the team members they lost. They begin to discuss the virus responsible
for the zombies and propose that the facility they’re in is to test to see if the survivors
contain antibodies making them immune to the virus. Okonuchi begins to show signs of infection,
and the group argue over what to do with him. Jinno and Karasawa then take him aside and
put him out of his misery. The group then move on, but Doi stays behind,
wanting to become a zombie. Okonuchi, now turned into a zombie, then arrives
and bites Doi, infecting him immediately. Outside, Jinno, Karasawa, and Zama clear out
a group of zombies and find Ihara, who they finally kill. Elsewhere, Ebihara continues to take the medication,
and when Abe asks her what it is, Ebi taunts her, telling her that eventually Abe will
turn into a zombie. Hashimoto then attacks Jinno, but he is rescued
by an arriving Bandou, who shoots the zombie down. Karasawa and Jinno find a key hanging from
the ceiling, and take Bandou to shoot it down. Zama stops them, revealing that he is infected
as well. The three take Ebihara with them, leaving
Zama behind with an also-infected Terayama. The two then take their guns and shoot each
other before they can turn. Bandou shoots down the key, and Karasawa retrieves
it. They try it on a door in the front, but find
that it also requires a password. They ask Ebihara to think about anything she
might have seen as a clue, but she then reveals that she knows the password, and that she’s
impressed by the fact that three survivors have made it to this point in the test. Ebihara herself is the key to the last door,
but reveals that she can only open it when there is one sole, most powerful survivor
to take back to her boss. She then prompts them to fight to the death. Bandou refuses, and pulls her gun on Ebihara. Jinno does not allow her to shoot, and stabs
her in the back, killing her, before turning his sights on Karasawa. Ebihara commands Jinno to drop his weapons
and fight Karasawa hand-to-hand, and he agrees. He then reveals to Karasawa that he knew about
the plan from the very beginning, as it was a military experiment he was chosen to participate
in. The two proceed to fight as Ebihara watches
on. Surprisingly, Karasawa overpowers Jinno, who
grabs his knife out of desperation, he goes to stab Karasawa with it, but he is able to
avoid the attack, making Jinno stab himself with the knife, before he takes it to slice
Jinno’s throat, killing him. Ebihara applauds Karasawa and reveals that
he was injected with the T-Virus from the very start, and the purpose of the experiment
was not to create a vaccine, but to create a Tyrant. She then opens the door, and afterwards, Karasawa
strangles her to death. Karasawa then closes the door, locking himself
inside the facility. Bandou then stands up, seemingly uninjured. She reveals herself to being involved in the
experiment, and infomes Karasawa of his new abilities as a Tyrant. She then reveals that she works for a private
company that creates the Tyrants and provides them to militaries across the world, with
Karasawa just being the latest of the crop. He then picks up a nearby gun and shoots her
to put an end to this production. He then puts the gun up to his own head, but
is stopped by a mysterious man who enters through the locked door. He offers Karasawa to come with him to rule
over the “lesser” humans, but he refuses to become a mindless weapon. He then puts the gun back to his head and
pulls the trigger. Sometime later, Chris Redfield is sent with
the Mexican Army to track down and arrest a bio-weapon arms dealer named Glenn Arias,
as well as rescue BSAA agent Cathy White and her son Zack, who were taken hostage by Arias. They find a mansion and split up into groups. One group finds Zack, who is infected and
takes out the group. Chris is the only one to escape the building
alive, and finds Arias outside. Arias reveals that he has designed a new virus
whose victims can distinguish between friend and foe. He then brings forth his enhanced bodyguards,
Maria and Diego Gomez, who present an infected Cathy. Arias then leaves, as Chris is surrounded
by a swarm of zombies that an army helicopter protects him from. Four months later, Rebecca Chambers is working
at a university to create a vaccine for a new viral outbreak that is growing around
the Great Lakes. She sends her assistant, Aaron, to retrieve
a sample, and as he leaves, she notices one of her vaccine experiments is reporting a
success. Aaron notices an open vent, but when he inspects
it, Maria appears and kills him. The power in the lab goes out, and Maria releases
a gas through the ventilation system, infection everyone in the facility. Rebecca is able to reach the vaccine she recently
synthesized, and injects herself, successfully preventing her infection. She takes the vaccine data on a flash drive,
then goes to leave, but is attacked by Aaron, who she is forced to kill with a fire extinguisher. She takes cover in her lab, but Maria throws
a grenade in the office, breaking the windows and allowing zombies to enter and attack. At the last second, however, Rebecca is saved
by an arriving Chris Redfield. Later, in a hotel room, Chris and Rebecca
discuss Arias, and Chris surmises that Maria’s presence in the lab indicates that the virus
will be modified to affect the vaccines usage. Rebecca then reveals that the virus’ genome
resembles the Plagas used by Los Iluminados, prompting her and Chris to seek out Leon (who
has a history with that particular virus). They find Leon in Colorado, drowning his sorrows
in a bottle after losing his team in Washington DC in a bombing he was unable to prevent. Leon refuses to join in their fight, prompting
an argument between he and Chris. To break up the argument, Rebecca reveals
that she believes that Arias’ virus has actually infected people all across the United
States, but is lying dormant until he activates it using an unknown trigger. Arias surveils the restaurant from afar, and
orders Maria to apprehend Rebecca. Later, when Rebecca uses the bathroom, she
is surprised by Maria, and captured. Inside the restaurant, Patricio, the man who
Leon blames for the death of his unit arrives and tells Leon that his wife and daughter
have been taken hostage by the remaining members of Los Iluminados who are working to help
an arms dealer create a bioweapon to attack the US, and pleas that Leon help. Leon refuses, but soon after, Arias’ men
arrive, with Diego arming a gatling gun and firing on the restaurant. Patricio hands his phone off to Leon before
bleeding out. Chris then sees Maria making off with Rebecca,
and the crew leave. Later, Rebecca wakes up, now wearing a wedding
dress. Arias arrives and reveals that he is recreating
his wedding day, which was interrupted by a drone strike by the US, which he was the
sole survivor of. He has reanimated the remains of his family
and friends, which he was forced to watch die at the hands of the United States, fueling
his vengeance. He reveals that the virus he has created is
called the “Animality”, or A-Virus, and it consists of three strains: one to infect,
one to activate, and one to vaccinate. He then notes Rebecca’s resemblance to his
late wife, hoping to have Rebecca take her place. She refuses, angering Arias and having her
sent to his lab to infect her with the virus and replace her arm with his wife’s, the
only remains of her. Meanwhile, Leon and Chris inspect data from
Patricio’s phone and discover that Arias had used the A-GUA-A brand of drinking water
to spread the virus in New York, and plans to trigger it soon. They also learn of the vaccine strain that
can effectively “turn off” the virus in infected individuals. Arias then triggers the virus, sending A-GUA-G
trucks across New York which expel a gas, infecting the city at large. Leon, Chris, and their army help split up
and take out the trucks. They are able to destroy them all, and Maria
is caught in one of the blasts. Chris and Leon make their way to Arias’
lab, and Chris is able to rescue Rebecca after a short fight with Diego. Chris takes Rebecca to the roof of the building,
where he is attacked by Arias. After a short fight, Chris is able to throw
Arias down a shaft of the building, where he nearly dies upon impact. However, Diego comes upon him, and absorbs
his body, mutating into a large creature containing both of their heads. The now mutated Arias makes his way to the
roof once more, and Leon distracts him so Chris can search for the vaccine. Arias jumps to a nearby helicopter, and Leon
drives a motorcycle towards him, jumping off as it flies into him, exploding on impact
and weakening him. Chris then arrives and launches a grenade
into Arias’ heart, finally killing the creature. He then cures Rebecca, and the group release
the vaccine above the city, curing the inhabitants and ending the outbreak. Later, Maria (having survived the explosion
previously) finds Diego’s dead body and looks on in a silent rage. In June of 2017, a television crew travel
to the Dulvey, Louisiana to investigate a supposedly “haunted house”. Inside, the crew are attacked by the Baker
family, with cameraman Clancy Jarvis taken captive and the other two killed. Clancy is then toyed with by the family. He almost escapes Marguerite’s captivity
by outsmarting her, but is knocked unconscious by Lucas, who begins to force him to play
demented “games”, including a game of 21 where he is forced to indirectly cause
the death of a fellow captive: Hoffman. Clancy’s final game came as part of a “birthday
celebration”, where he is lit on fire and burned to death. Shortly after, Ethan Winters arrives in Dulvey,
having tracked his wife Mia’s movements there after receiving a panicked message from
her, followed by her disappearance for over three years. He finds a house, and underneath, discovers
Mia, still alive and seemingly well. However, this doesn’t last long, and she
suddenly turns violent and attacks him, forcing Ethan to kill his wife. Shortly after, he receives a call from Zoe
Baker who offers to help and tells him to escape through the attic. On his way, however, he is attacked again
by a revived Mia, who cuts off his hand before walking off. In the attic, he is attacked by Mia once again,
who he is able to defeat once more. He is unable to leave, however, as Jack Baker
then attacks and captures Ethan. When he awakens, he is welcomed into the “family”
by the Bakers, now joined by a catatonic elderly woman. Ethan is able to escape from his restraints,
but is chased around the house by Jack. A deputy arrives to investigate the house,
but is killed by Jack, who Ethan is then forced to fight one-on-one. Ethan wins, with Jack surprisingly delivering
the final gunshot to himself. Jack’s death is short-lived, however, as
Ethan is attacked by him very shortly after, witnessing his wounds healing and regenerating. Ethan slips away from Jack, and fights his
way through several creatures created from Eveline’s Mold in the basement. Eventually Ethan has a second showdown with
Jack, obtaining a key he needs to escape the house. In the backyard, Ethan speaks to Zoe and learns
that Mia is alive, but that they would need to create a serum to cure both women of their
infection before they can leave. Ethan then heads off to find the ingredients
for the serum, killing x`in the process. He then learns that Lucas has captured the
two women and is holding them hostage. Ethan is forced to play the same “game”
that met Clancy with his death, but is able to outsmart Lucas and escape alive, forcing
the Baker son to flee. Ethan then finds Mia and Zoe, who creates
two doses of the serum with the ingredients Ethan provides. However, suddenly, Jack appears once more,
now heavily mutated. Ethan is forced to inject jack with one of
the doses of the serum, which (in his weakened state) allows his body to finally die. Outside, Ethan must decide which woman to
cure with the remaining serum. Naturally, he chooses to cure his wife, Mia,
but promises to send help for Zoe before the two leave her behind as they escape on a boat. They come across the tanker that Mia arrived
on, and they are attacked by Eveline. This knocks Ethan unconscious, and he has
a vision of Jack proclaiming his family’s innocence and asking Ethan to kill Eveline
to stop her infections. Mia then wakes on the ship and begins to search
for Ethan. She has visions of Eveline, whom she doesn’t
remember, but claims is her daughter. Eveline makes Mia watch a tape which details
her final moments on the ship to restore her memory. She then finds Ethan and hands him a vial
of Eveline’s DNA. She then resists Eveline’s control and allows
Ethan to escape the ship. He then finds a nearby secret lab and learns
the truth about Eveline’s origins as a B.O.W. created to take control of her victims. Lucas, however, was immunized against Eveline
in exchange for his job of collecting data about her for her creators, The Connections. Using Eveline’s DNA, Ethan creates a toxin
that will kill her, and he makes his way back to the Baker house. There, she tries to take control of him, but
he is able to inject her with the toxin. Afterwards, her true current form is revealed
as the old woman in the wheelchair, as her aging had been accelerated as a side-effect
of her not being monitored by her creators. She then mutates into a giant creature, knocking
Ethan outside. There, he receives a message from an unknown
caller who drops a special weapon from a helicopter called the Albert-01. Ethan then uses it to shoot Eveline and finally
destroy her. Afterwards, the “Blue Umbrella” Corps
Alpha Team arrives to rescue Ethan and Mia, and their leader takes off his mask to reveal
himself to be none other than Chris Redfield. The couple are then reunited and evacuated
in a Blue Umbrella chopper, finally taking them away from the horrors of Dulvey. Chris then heads into the secret lab Ethan
found to search for Lucas Baker and hopefully gain more intel on The Connections. Despite several traps left by Lucas, Chris
is able to work his way through the lab and eventually find another one operated by the
Connections. Lucas reveals that he had betrayed the organization
and killed all of the Connections researchers there. Chris is able to corner Lucas, shooting him
and triggering a mutation within him. Chris is able to kill his mutated form then
destroy a nearby server, stopping the transmission of Eveline’s data to an unknown third party. Afterwards, Chris is called back to the camp
to take an urgent call. Sometime later, a pair of Blue Umbrella soldiers
find Zoe, partially infected by Eveline. Her Uncle, Joe Baker, arrives and takes down
the soldiers, believing them to be responsible for her current condition. One of them tells Joe about a cure in a nearby
shack, and he finds it. When he returns, he administers the cure to
Zoe, but it doesn’t fully work. The Umbrella soldier explains that she needs
more, and Joe can find it at their base. However, before he can reveal its location,
the soldier is killed by a Molded. Joe takes Zoe to find the base, encountering
a powerful, immortal Molded he calls the “Swamp Man”. Joe finds the base, but discovers the cure
to have been moved to a nearby boat. Onboard, Joe encounters the Swamp Man, but
is able to find a full dose of the cure. However, before he can administer it to Zoe,
she is captured and taken by the Swamp Man to a nearby church. There, Joe faces the Swamp Man, who he discovers
to be a final mutation of his own brother: Jack Baker. Jack knocks Joe unconscious, then puts him
in a coffin and dumps him into the swamp. Joe survives, washing up onshore near the
Baker household. He fights his way through Molded and finds
a prototype gauntlet created by Umbrella. Joe makes his way inside and finds Zoe, guarded
by Jack. The two fight one final time, and Joe uses
the gauntlet to finally kill his brother once and for all. Joe then gives Zoe the full cure, and she
wakes up. Just then, Blue Umbrella forces arrive, and
Chris reveals that he was sent to help. Afterwards, Zoe is fully cured of her infection,
and she receives a call from Ethan, who she thanks for keeping his promise to send help. At an unspecified point in the future, an
Alaskan research team discovers a whale preserved in ice. Inside of it, creatures come to life that
proceed to infect a member of his team. One researcher sends a sample to a Dr Dan
Gibson in the US. Gibson studies it to create a vaccine, but
his team becomes infected during the trials. A special forces team is sent by the Center
for Disease Control to retrieve his work. Agent Lisa Martin is able to help Gibson escape,
but is shot in the process, developing amnesia. Sometime later, Lisa and Gibson are living
in Croatia, where the disease has spread, with a group of other survivors. Supplies are running low in the city, and
escape looks unlikely with the amount of infected surrounding the border. Lisa and Gibson hear a rumor of a girl on
the island of Linosa who is immune to the virus and may be the key to a cure. The team hatch a plan to distract the zombies
with music in order to slip past them to reach an Air Base to fly to the island. Gibson is separated from the rest of the group,
but Lisa eventually finds the Air Base, mostly abandoned. They find evidence that Gibson was there,
and ask the soldiers stationed there if they had seen Gibson. They are informed by Dr Jo Knaggs that Gibson
is believed to be a bioterrorist, and is on his way to the US to stand trial for his hand
in the virus’ spread. He also states that the virus has been sent
for further research to the United States Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious
Diseases (or USAMRIID). However, their discussion is cut-off when
Gibson calls from the aircraft he was being transferred in, claiming that he hijacked
the craft. Colonel Maurice Green sends Knaggs and the
others in the USS Wyoming submarine to head to Linosa Island to find Gibson. On the way, Lisa learns that the submarine
has received orders for Operation: WALKING DEAD, which Knaggs explains is a plan by NATO
to destroy India and China so the Zombies cannot infect the heavily-populated countries
and exponentially increase their numbers. The Wyoming is revealed to be carrying over
one hundred nuclear missiles to carry out this task. Knowing that Gibson’s cure is the only way
to prevent this, the group hopes to prevent the widespread execution. Gibson parachutes onto the island, but does
not find the girl. Another soldier from the Air Base, Scott,
finds Gibson, who reveals that he is infected. Gibson then tells Scott that Lisa was initially
sent to him by the US Government to seduce him and steal the sample of the virus, but
her amnesia prevented her from carrying out her plan. Meanwhile, the USS Wyoming is attacked by
a group of mutated whales. They surmise that the whales’ blood contain
antibodies to defeat the virus, and Lisa heads off to find Gibson. She finds him infected, and injects him with
the whale blood. He awakens, but due to his own experiments
mixing with the blood, he also lost all of his memories of Lisa and his work for the
government. Lisa is then ejected by helicopter to continue
her work with the USAMRIID. And with that, we conclude our journey through
the world of Resident Evil. While we get to return to Racoon City once
again this year, the future of the virus and Umbrella’s legacy is yet to be written. Thanks for watching everybody! If you made it this far, make sure you like
this video and comment on what you’d like to see covered next (special thanks to Bob
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