100 thoughts on “REBECCA’S phone is HACKED! (Spending 24 hours Spying on Best Friend GAME MASTER Spy Training Reveal)

  1. i feel like when the girls went to get a drink they hacked the phonepls can i have a shoutout i liked subscribed and hit that bell #Gamemastercrew

  2. I think mrs M that u kicked out should have been Rebecca's best friend comment if u aggree
    also mrs M didn't have the braclet it was the onewith the yellow top who was smiling when she got took away like or comment if u saw that in her last video and also everyone messed with rebeccas phone especially the one with the blue jeans blue jacket and yellow top

  3. I am the new villain the Res Zedda and I will pre-program all hacker brains and steal all the money from your parents, haaaaaaahaa!!!!!!

  4. The girls and the girl that drinking water and the one that got out of the game I just looked at your phone I just have to find some

  5. I am spy on the red hood and i have some information daniel is working for the red hood and helping the red hood and Q is the one how create the quadrant And Q is lieing he does not want to be apart of the gamemaster network and then Q is going to earn your trust then take you down and daniel is working with Q.

  6. I know why matt and Rebbeca and the agent kicked that spy girl out because when they realize the sleeping cloud then they wouldn't use her skills

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