RealWheels Twist & Lock Aero Cover Optional Accessories

Hi—Dave here for RealWheels with a quick
look at the additional accessories available for our American-made Twist & Lock Aero Covers. An exclusive feature of the RealWheels Aero Covers is the ability to add an optional anti-theft key lock to any of our aero covers. All covers come laser scored, so the lock
can be added at any time. Or you can order the Aero Covers with the lock installed at the factory. The lock engages into the Twist & Lock Bracket and allows for secure installation and easy removal of the Aero Cover. A model of our EZ-Access Air Valve Extension Kit is available for all our Aero Covers. Since the Twist & Lock Aero Covers are easy to install and remove, air valve extensions are not required. However, this optional kit allows for even easier and more convenient access to air valves when checking tire pressure. The braided stainless steel extensions mount securely to the EZ-Access Air Valve Tabs, which in turn mount easily to our Twist and lock bracket. Since all Aero Covers are made right here in the USA at our factory in Gurnee, Illinois, RealWheels is able to offer fleets and OEMs custom laser cut logos. This is a great branding opportunity and a way to really personalize your Aero Covers. Also available is our LED AirGuard Set & Go. This active tire pressure monitoring system starts flashing RED if the tire pressure drops 5 to 10 psi. The AirGuard is a great addition to all our
Aero Covers, especially our Aero Clear or Aero Stainless with window. These Twist & Lock Aero Cover and accessories are the result of years of research, development and field testing—experience you can depend on. For more information, view our other Aero Cover videos, visit our website at, request or download our Aero Catalog or give us a call at 1-800-982-1180.

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