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I auditioned for a girl’s group and I got
that and so I came to New York and stayed here for a while and but then the
guy said you know I think you should be on your own so I met this entertainment lawyer Larry Rudolph and after meeting him I decided
not to do the girls group anymore it was like it was like you know “yang yang” you
know how girls are you know like you know forget this I went home I you know
stay there for a while and then pop music came like really big in you know
again so after that it has sent him a tape and the pictures and the whole deal
and he flew me up here and I went to several different labels and I went to
Jive then I was like so nervous you know cuz I hadn’t sung in so long you
know I was like 15 at the time and so I came in and there was like all these
executives sitting here, you know so I was up there and I said you know I’m
just gonna sing I’ll just let go and just do the best I can do, my mom was
over there like lips doing you know while I was singing she was singing
along with the words you know making sure I was doing okay so but then they signed
me so my time here oh yeah I guess so mainly the only thing it really gets you
know kind of messes up is the school you’d really gotta like make yourself
sit there and really do it you know and it’s like, it’s like in history and stuff
it takes like so long just to get one question you know and it’s like
ridiculous but you just got to stay focused and say I want to do this and
you’ve got to school you know you can’t leave that out so that’s one thing
that’s the only thing and like most my friends in school I
always when I go home I see them and see everyone, and see your family, so… I want it to be bright colors, baby blue, I love that color, baby blue I wanted to be kind of like
Janet Jackson but a younger version, you know what I mean like because the beats
are so good you know like I want a lot of dancing in it like that’s if I
wasn’t singing I would hopefully be like a professional dancer or something
you know so I really don’t want to lose that aspect of it. (What you were dancing?)
Like um hip-hop funky, funky moves when I went to the studios it was like, we
knew that, you know, I could sing everything but you know you always want
that unique sound that no one else has on the radio so when I went to the
studio you know you found that you know like I was saying like we came in with
one tape you know and I was like so we had to go through all this stuff to find
my sound from the type of music where I want to
go so in the studio when I was singing all of it just kinda came out and just
saw a picture you know. My family is really supportive and they’re really
supportive of what I do and they’re really proud of me so that makes me feel
good, ever since I was really little like you know we do the pageant thing
you know and like the reviews dance reviews and you know all that stuff that
when I was 8 I realized I was jumping on the trampoline my mom realized I could
sing you know I was just singing and ever since then you know the
competitions and all that stuff and um I got connected with the Mickey Mouse Club
I auditioned for that in Atlanta and I was actually too young so but instead
the guy sent me to New York and gave me an agency in New York and I went there
and I auditioned there I went to Hatchett he’s in New York
it’s called the off right off Broadway Dance Center and I just danced there
for a while and then after that I went to you know off acting and dancing
and all that stuff and then I auditioned for the Mickey Mouse Club again and I
got it after that and then we flew to Florida and by then I was like 12 or
11 cuz I’ve been taking the summers you know in New York and then I auditioned
again and I got the Mickey Mouse Club It was a lot of fun cuz they’re like a
bunch of kids my age you know and I was like everybody was so sweet and just was
gorgeous there you know so it was a lot of fun I have a little sister she’s 7 and
she’s in first grade I have a older brother he’s 20 and I’m just in the
middle of the family and I’ve always wanted to sing that’s just something you
know I’ve always wanted to do so and I like would be in competitions and
everything and I would just travel back and forth they’d have a bunch of
different places and like long story short I’m just here now Usually when I
have free time I do my schoolwork but like if I’m home and I just want to be
with my friends I love going to the beach getting a tan I love doing that
and reading books and I always try to go dance class when I’m up here with
Hatchett he’s great I love he’s like so much fun he makes it you know he gets
everybody clapping and everything I love doing that on I love shopping so
that’s my main thing When I was little like Whitney Houston
of course and Mariah Carey and I love like you know listening to Michael
Jackson in my room and dancing around and being silly you know that was fun I
loved his music so like you know Thriller and all those songs I like this I’ve always just like loved Mariah Carey I guess like because she like writes her
music most of your music and she’s got- comes up with the best melodies you know
I think she’s an incredible singer her range just like from here to here you
know and she’s so beautiful she’s probably my role model My wildest dream
like what I want, I guess I’m experiencing what I want right now you
know just making the album and it’s gonna be like I’ll be the happiest
person in the world like when I have a great show you know and like if I get to
go on tour or something and have my dancers with me we just get out there
and perform and kick butt and just do real good you know that I’ll feel so
good I cuz I love performing I’d rather perform than do anything I just wanted you know to be able to perform I love performing and like have
my own dancers and just get out there and let people hear my music and people
be able to relate to meet with me you know and oh I love her songs you know
and you know just want to go out there and meet me you know what I’m saying and
so like some I want to be like an artist that everybody can relate to and
like wants to you know be like and say “Well I like her”, you know, when I got
there and be like her you know

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  1. If anyone wants to know where this is from, this is from the OFFICIAL Baby One More Time CD SINGLE Enhanced CD!
    This is NOT from the BOMT album. This is from the BOMT SINGLE

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