Railjack Balances, Fighter Nerfs, Reactor Buffs, Intrinsic Block & MORE! – Empyrean (Warframe)

This video covers the hotfixes released on
PC over January 2020 after DE returned to the Office. Those hotfixes are 27.0.9 to 27.0.12 but to
begin, we start with General Game Changes. 27.0.9 – General Changes:
• The Pennant has been removed from Conclave. • Removed redundant ‘Damage Blocked’
stat from Saryn’s Toxic Lash. • Removed a crate from extraction zone in
Grineer Shipyard so it will stop taunting solo players who couldn’t get it. • Updated the background for Glyph dioramas
in the market. • Added decos around Simaris targets so
they are less likely to be mistaken for Thralls. • Shedu now uses its clip mesh when disarmed
(the whole gun is too big!) • Added pickup text to Shedu and Euphona
Prime. • Prime Smite Infested and the Zylok are
now tradeable. • Disabled the new boss Health bar on Razorback
because it was causing an issue & the Razorback will now have it’s original Health bar. • Garuda can now queue her Dread Mirror
projectile charge/throw more easily after using Seeking Talons. • Added Wisp’s floating state Walk, Run,
and Sprint movement to Melee weapons, and fixed her movement when equipped with the
Shedu. 27.0.10 – General Changes:
• The Shedu Blueprint has been added to Cephalon Simaris’ Lost & Found Offerings
but only after acquisition Quest completion. • Increased range that the Mine Osprey drops
mines from. This combined with their behaviour bringing
them close to the player meant the Ospreys would only usually get about one mine dropped
before hovering harmlessly near the player. • Removed decimals in the Arsenal stats
if damage Falloff range is 1000 or greater to fix numbers overlapping and appearing messy. 27.0.11 – General Changes:
• Grendel Specters can now use all of his Abilities! • Kuva Thralls now have a unique marker
to differentiate them from the Lich! o
• Removed the slight red tint that was always displayed on the Shedu glow, no matter your
Energy color choices. • The Warframe/weapon tooltip in the Inventory
will now display an Exilus icon if said item/Warframe has one installed. • Made some micro-optimizations to the mini-map
code. 27.0.12 – General Changes:
• Defense Waves will now complete if NPCs are downed (but not dead), except for the
final Wave, where all NPCs must be taken care of. • Removed the hit-scan tracers from Imperator
Vandal as it’s now a projectile weapon. • Optimized server-side code for game log-in. • Optimized enemy Enemy class hierarchy
slightly. • Improved robustness of a script interface
to try to avoid scripts breaking if you switched to your Operator at the wrong time. • Made some systemic optimizations to the
script runtime. • Made some micro-optimizations to the UI
system. • Improved error handling in cache optimizer
(some errors like being out of space) would trigger silent abort; it should now properly
send you to https://www.warframe.com/en/iofail as intended. • Updated the “Boss Kills” section of the
Profile stats to include 5 years of game updates (untouched since Update 14!). o Not only does this stat include the updated
boss types it now includes special bosses like the Hemocyte and Razorback. There are a few known issues for some bosses
that remain. • Hydroid, Limbo, Mesa, and Mirage ability
videos have been added to their respective Arsenals! • Increased the scan projector FX when conserving
on the Orb Vallis to address colour-blind difficulty. • Optimized Host-Migration speeds for Clients
to be significantly faster. • Optimized collision on Orokin Derelict
Tentacles to better match current player movement skills. • Optimized muzzle flash FX on the Zundi
Pistol Skin • Cleaned up Sonicor light FX. • Tweaked Ivara Prime prowl effect to be
less prominent while moving to reduce eye-strain based on feedback. • Disable Y key triggering randomize appearance
in arsenal to prevent accidental randomization • Optimized Imperator projectiles to improve
performance. • Optimized performance in a section of
the Kuva Fortress. As with the recent patch note video, the following
changes are Railjack & Empyrean Specific in order of hotfix appearance. In 27.0.9 DE lowered the armor of fighters
after they stated, Enemy Fighters in Railjack have too much armor, All Fighter Armor values
have been halved, with a slight boost in health for non-elites to compensate. This change was made after an upcoming explanation
was given. The following are the value changes for Armor,
The Flak went from 300 to 150 Elite Flak: 350 to 175, Taktis: 250 to 125,
Elite Taktis: 350 to 175, Cutter: 250 to 125, Elite Cutter: 300 to 150, Outrider: 800 to
300 & the Elite Outrider went from 800 to 400. The following are the value changes for Health,
The Flak went from 250 up to 375, Taktis went from 200 to 300 & the cutter went from 200
to 300. As for that explanation, Railjack weapons
are no longer affected by Warframe Abilities, such as Rhino’s Roar & Saryn’s Lash. DE has stated this was unintentional, DE Marcus
explained: Few Warframe Abilities unintentionally work
on the Railjack itself, bringing a meta Warframe to Railjack Weapons is not a design outcome
we intended. Our goal here is to balance so that players
don’t feel they need to use Rhino’s Roar; Railjack weapons should feel powerful on their
own. Avionics now have a chance to drop from the
following elite fighters in deep space & avionics now have permanent markers. Munitions Vortex drops from Elite Exo Taktis
& Elite Gyre Taktis Countermeasures drops from Elite Exo Taktis,
Elite Kosma Cutters & Elite Gyre Cutters Blackout Pulse drops from Elite Exo Taktis
Particle Ram, Fiery Phoenix & Seeker Volley Drops from Elite Exo Cutters
Tether, Shatter Burst & Void Hole drops from Elite Exo Flak
In regard to Void Hole DE noted that having added void hole to that unit it should make
it easier to acquire but they’ll continue to watch all drops in case they need further
changes. In regards to Weapons & Procs, DE stated,
the idea of ‘one damage type to rule them all’ is one we want to avoid in Railjack’s
early days. We are rebalancing aspects of certain Damage
types to ensure there’s balanced choices. The Armor changes in conjunction with this
means this is a combined effort of finding the right place for all damage types, not
just one leader. With that said, they decreased the effectiveness
of the Particle proc but increased its Duration by reducing it to 7.5% damage bonus per hit,
it still stacks, and lasts 20 seconds. They increased the effectiveness of the Incendiary
proc by doubling the damage per tick but it has half the duration. The Pulsar series received increased base
damage by about 10% & Increased fall off range The Photor series received increased fall
off range. The Cryophon series received reduced damage
and an increased fall off range And the Zetki House received reduced Heat
Accretion for all Zetki weapon variants apart from Cryophon. DE Removed the Rush Repair Drone from the
market but left it in as an end of mission reward. DE outside of Devstream 135’s comments said:
We are doing this based on feedback that as a purchasing option it feels too unfair of
an advantage. While it technically abides by our rule of
‘Pay for Time’, it bypasses a huge segment of the Railjack resource value. You can still pay to rush Repairs once you’ve
contributed resources, but you can no longer outright bypass the entire experience by purchasing
the item from the market. We will continue to use Rush Repair Drones
as a reward – just not as a Market item. DE has doubled the chance of obtaining wreckage
from end of mission rewards but they reduced the chance of obtaining relics to compensate
for the change. Permanent markers have been added to avionics
and salvage when they drop with de adding, this will allow you to always know what remains
on the field of battle, and how to navigate accordingly. Adding awareness to the important loot has
been a huge request, and this visibility increase should make sure no loot is left behind. Aside, we are reviewing ‘vacuum’ range. Asterite resource pickups now reward twice
as much, the squad overlay is now visible when in various Railjack modes, whether it
be pilot, gunner or whatever. They added Squad Status icons for Railjack
missions in the squad overlay that indicate what the player is doing. Intrinsic points can no longer be earnt after
you’ve maxed out every intrinsic and DE has cleared the points of players who had
stockpiled theirs after maxing out. The Railjack Minimap is now fully visible,
they have better cantered the Railjack pilot HUD diamond, added force feedback to all weapons
and missile launchers, they increased the brightness and thickness of enemy markers
in Railjack, updated the Railjack name placement on all skins for better visibility, they set
the maximum length of the Railjack names to 50 characters & off screen enemy markers in
Archwing now show awareness states. In 27.0.10 Players will now have 3 seconds
of invulnerability when exiting the Railjack or a Point of Interest! They increased the refund from Scrapping repaired
Wreckage to 80% from 50%, Repairing a minor Railjack Breach/Fire/Electrical when a Catastrophic
Failure breach is active will no longer give Health back to the Railjack but they are looking
at other ways to allow Health on minor Breach repairs, fires or electrical during a Catastrophic
Failure without opening the door to misuse. Wreckage capacity now appears in the equip
screen for Components and Armaments, allowing you to see how many you currently own while
Scrapping. Distance values on Railjack enemies will now
be displayed once their name is visible & they upgraded the art quality for certain Grineer
Installations in Railjack missions. 27.0.11 brought buffs to all reactor types
found in the wild. DE stated that any existing gear you have
will simply be adjusted for Avionics capacity, which will automatically be a buff in all
cases, however they did note that the Vidar III’s range has been compressed significantly
from a 30 -100 range to the new 90 -100 range and they kept your stats the same if your
rolls were within the 90 to 100 range prior to the change. So, For the Lavan Reactors. Mk1’s avionic capacity went from 10 to 20
TO 20 to 30. Mk2’s went from 10 to 40 TO 50 to 60. And Mk3 Lavan Reactors now have a range of
80 to 90 up from 20 to 70. For Vidar Reactors. Mk1’s went from 10 to 25 TO 30 to 40. Mk2’s went from 20 to 50 TO 60 to 70. And Mk3’s went from 30 to 100 TO 90 to 100. And for Zetki Reactors, Mk1’s went from
5 to 10 TO 10 to 20, Mk2’s went from 5 to 30 TO 40 to 50 and lastly Mk3 Zetki Reactors
went from 10 to 50 TO 70 to 80. With those changes said, DE followed with. With these changes, it’s important to note
how we got from Point A to B. When initially setting up the Avionics values of these rewards,
we did not forsee the depth of the frustration the ranges caused, but in hindsight we should
have. Thanks to your feedback, we are able to confidently
make broad and major buffs across the board. This hotfix did remove the Tenebrous Ephemera
from the Reinforced Sentient Containers aboard the Sentient Anomaly in the Veil Proxima region. According to DE this was done because the
drop method caused numerous issues in terms of connectivity, stability & player frustration. A quick jump forward, in 27.0.12 the ephemera
returned to the game via the new exotic vendor of Little Duck who sells the ephemera for
15 anomaly shards & all sentient captura scenes for 10 anomaly shards each in Fortuna. This hotfix also removed the Sentient Captura
Scenes from drop tables and its now exclusively from Little Ducks exotic shop. As for how to acquire anomaly shards a single
shard can be earned with each completion of the anomaly. Back to 27.0.11, Affinity gained from all
Omni tool repairs and forge actions aboard the Railjack now gets shared with the squad
even if they are outside the ship. Wreckage no longer auto scraps when you are
over wreckage capacity and instead shows a prompt upon returning to the Drydock that
informs you that you have to clean up your wreckage so that its under the limit before
you can start another Railjack mission. Wreckage can be cancelled at the funding point
or while in construction with invested resources & the wreckage returned to the player for
another decision. The base avionics are now at rank one. To accommodate for that change DE has increased
the base stat & drain for Vidar Predator and lowered the drain for both Vidar Winged Steel
& Vidar Winged Force. Numerous UI changes were made in the name
of organization and clarity on the Railjack Research and Configure screens, where they
added MK category tabs to the Railjack Research screen to better sort and display your growing
Inventory of Research. Added Categories, Search Bar, and Sort options
to the Railjack Components and Armaments screens. Added a ‘Show Equipped’ and ‘Show Ranked’
option in the Avionics Scrap screen, the Battle and Tactical Avionic Grids now have Grid category
icons & In addition, when picking a Battle Grid, we now reinforce which Grid you are
selecting/viewing Avionics for by showing the category name and icon. As for the other changes, Hull Breaches that
are active when the mission succeeds will be fixed automatically. They increased the Range of Winged Cyclone,
Winged Force, Winged Steel, and Winged Storm to 1000m. Increased the mount animation speed for the
Archwing Slingshot and Wing Turrets & They toned down the FX for both the Particle Ram
and Fiery Phoenix Battle Avionic when aboard the Railjack. The screens & orange circle above the forge
will be on when the forge is ready for use and off if the forge is busy. DE Reduced the brightness of the Crewship
healing bubble burst FX, Changed the Railjack entrance UI marker to use the same blue as
the Railjack marker in-mission, Refining in the Forge Bay with a controller now requires
you to click and hold X for 1 second instead of simply clicking X & the ‘Open Squads’
line now appears at the bottom of the Star Chart Railjack node mission info popup for
consistency. Now we’re onto the Railjack Changes made
in 27.0.12. As of this hotfix, Loot gathered when on-foot
in a Point of Interest, Crewship, and from killing a Boarding Party are now shared between
the whole squad, so you don’t individually need to go collect the loot if you’re busy
but this change excludes Health, Ammo, and Energy pickups and AFK players do not get
the items shared and cannot pick them up later. Minor Breaches, Fires, and Electrical traps
now restore Railjack Health once again when a Catastrophic Failure breach is active! They added tips to the “Configure Railjack”
screen in the Dojo, Avionics and Wreckage dropped in Railjack missions will now display
a distance marker & the distance marker will appear when the Avionic or Wreckage is near
the center of the screen, regardless of how far it is! They also updated the ‘Components and Armaments
Slots’ description to clarify that they do not apply to Wreckage, only Repaired Wreckage. We are now at the point in the video where
I cover the Railjack Fixes & Optimizations across these four hotfixes that are separate
from the overall game fixes. In 27.0.9, DE fixed
• Some color and alpha settings on off-screen markers in Archwing for better visibility. • Optimized camera placements overall when
customizing Railjack / viewing aspects. • The ‘Toggle Interior’ button now has
a checkbox to indicate active state. • Railjack Health and Shield now show when
they are invulnerable (i.e after a Catastrophic Failure Breach). • Removed HUD markers from missiles launched
by Seeker Volley battle avionic, which also fixed enemy HUD markers disappearing. • The player’s view of a Cloaked Railjack
(using Void Cloak) is now a more obvious effect. • Railjack name shows in ‘edit name’
input box. • Railjack name shows in HUD instead of
generic ‘Railjack’. • Cargo consoles now show a small effect
when they are busy and unavailable to use. • Controller ‘start’ button now closes
tactical menu instead of opening top menu. • Slightly zoomed out the tactical map when
on the railjack, increased visibility of minimap features. • Sorting for Drain will now sort higher
Drain to the top. • Added Wreckage count to equip screen. • Fixed Engines Colour customization not
working properly. • Fixed an issue with Railjack stats appearing
as the default one when pressing ESC on any part of Components menu. • Fixed missing sounds on a certain Archwing
fly-in cinematic. • Fixed a script error in the Tactical Map. • Fixed erroneous ‘Stealth’ component
from Railjack gun Huds. • Fixed Arrows for Railjack markers pointing
the wrong way when you have a scaled HUD. • Fixed Nekros’ Shadows of the Dead spawning
enemy ships inside Railjacks (lol). • Fixed an issue where using the Archwing
Slingshot with Melee equipped causes issues. • Fixed an issue where you could use menus
while in Archwing Slingshot. • Fixed the ‘Hijacked’ Grineer Crewship
spawning inside geometry. • Fixed multiple [HC] tags appearing. • Fixed an issue where players entering
Grineer Ramsleds could travel unknown places. • Fixed Ivara’s Zipline persisting when
in Railjack Emplacements. • Fixed Railjack audio looping when in Landing
Craft. • Fixed the Reliquary Void Branches not
persisting. • Fixed Ballistic and Particle damage icons
being swapped in-game. • Fixed Railjack Slingshot FX colour not
updating properly. • Fixed Railjack Weaponry appearing at odd
angles for Clients when dismounting. • Fixed Clients being permanently dead in
Railjacks if they return to a Dojo in the ‘Revive’ screen. • Fixed Tactical views of players on Railjack
Weaponry not working correctly. • Fixed overlapping music on mission complete. • Fixed being able to acquire Revolite by
methods other than crafting / preparing Payloads. • Fixed Archwing death causing players to
respawn at the beginning of the mission. • Fixed Omni tool equip animation causing
loss of functionality when mounting emplacements/piloting. • Fixed Omni Tool having an ammo type (which
didn’t actually interact with anything). • Fixed multiple crashes that could occur
when loading into a mission as a client in a Landing Craft. • Fixed Omni Tool showing level ‘0’. • Fixed being able to exit an emplacement
without animations instantly by spamming esc multiple times. • Fixed railjack mission complete popup
rendering behind the railjack HUD. • Fixed grineer Crewship console disabling
the shield when exiting the hack without completing. • Fixed Crewship healing bubble not being
seen or affected by clients. • Fixed Sigma Engines displaying incorrect
stats. • Fixed some weapons showing incorrect icons. • Fixed railjack engineering 10 intrinsic
not working for clients. • Fixed the repair drones not disappearing
if someone else repairs the malfunction before the drones finish it. • Fixed drifting sound stopping properly
when pilot leaves pilot seat during drifting. • Fixed bug where Intrinsics could be kept
on mission abort, which was never intended. • Fixed Archwing bug that would cause Clients
to be stuck with normal weapons if they slingshot into a non-Crewship enemy. In 27.0.10, DE
• Made some micro-optimizations to the Railjack HUD. • Fixed inability to destroy enemy Crewships
that have been hijacked. • Fixed the wide door in the Pulse Turbine
not opening for Clients. • Fixed being placed outside of the Railjack
level when loading into a Railjack mission from your Orbiter as the Operator. • Fixed control settings such as mouse sensitivity
being set to non-Railjack settings when a Crewship is destroyed. o This was most noticeable when Piloting the
Railjack during the Crewship explosion, as sensitivity would abruptly change until the
Pilot seat was dismounted. • Fixed cases of Armament Wreckage unique
stats not showing. This was due to the physical Armament not
being equipped on the side of the Railjack, which then considered it not equipped. • Fixed Carcinnox Armaments displaying incorrect
Falloff ranges in the Dry Dock stats. • Fixed the Munition Ammo count UI in the
Railjack displaying 1 more capacity than you actually have (ie 30/31). • Fixed Railjack Forge not applying yield
multipliers (Engineer Intrinsic bonus) to displayed craft amounts. • Fixes towards Ram Sleds occurring during
a transition to the Dojo after completing a Railjack mission. • Fixed hazard markers (Fire, Electricity,
Fast Travel) inside the Railjack appearing in the wrong locations when viewed in the
Tactical Menu while on the Pilot seat or side Turrets. • Fixed missing Railjack enemy UI after
exiting/returning/exiting the Railjack. • Fixed incorrect minimap overlay when failing
a Railjack mission and returning to the Dojo. • Fixed Railjack enemies displaying a Rank
of 00. • Fixed a crash while transitioning levels
in the Railjack. • Fixed a script error that can occur when
exiting the Archwing Slingshot after opening the pause menu, which caused a persistent
black screen. o Some camera issues still persist that we’re
investigating. • Fixed some Mods displaying under the Items
section on the End of Mission screen. • Fixed Reliquary Drive appearing to have
the ‘vacant’ text even after completing the Key quest. • Fixed unlocalized Railjack recall text. In 27.0.11, DE
• Fixed not gaining Intrinsics after mission completion. • Fixed a case of loading a Railjack mission
forever due to some players having different progression into the Rising Tide quest. • Fixed Clients being stuck in a permanent
streaming tunnel if they were in Dojo and Host in Liset. • Fixed cases of exiting the Archwing Slingshot
resulting in a black screen. • Fixed a crash that could occur in Railjack
if you were inside an enemy Crewship when it’s destroyed. • Fixed Flux Energy that was in the capacity
provided by Hyperflux Avionic being lost between Railjack sessions. • Fixed the stat value of Flux Capacity
on Reactors showing higher than actual stats. o We’re using Round To value of 10 instead
of 1, so some values were showing higher than they should be (37.x would show as 40). • Fixed Rhino’s Roar ability buffing Battle
Avionics on the Railjack. o Warframe abilities are not intended to increase
the performance of the Railjack. • Fixed the Shatter Burst Battle Avionic
not displaying damage numbers when it affects enemies. • Fixed being in Operator mode in the Dry
Dock and then starting a Railjack mission resulting in your Operator being in it’s
non-combat Dojo state. • Fixed pressing the ‘Reset Defaults’
button in the Railjack Customization screen punting you back to the Railjack Components
screen. • Fixed Scrap button for Repaired Wreckage
having the same text as for unrepaired Wreckage. • Fixed Last Stand Avionics descriptions
showing incorrect upgrade numbers. • Fixed Wing Turrets on the Railjack sometimes
disappearing in AR mode. • Fixed swapping around Battle Avionics
in the Dry Dock sometimes resulting in misordered Battle Avionics in your Railjack mission. • Fixed placeholder text in the Tactical
Menu when viewed while in a Missile Platform. • Fixed overzealous particle sizes on the
Naberus, Corposant Prime, and Spore Ephemeras when in Archwing. • Fixed inability to interact with Chat
when viewing the Railjack Research screen with a controller. • Fixed Kuva Lich transmissions playing
while in the Railjack Star Chart. • Fixed a script error when using the Archwing
Slingshot. • Fixed a script error when using the Forward
Artillery. • Fixed a script error when transitioning
to and from the Dry Dock. • Fixed a script error when boarding a Crewship. • Fixed network race conditions that could
cause a crash when playing Railjack. • Fixed super bright lighting during the
exit cinematic of some Point of Interests. & In 27.0.12, DE
• Made a micro-optimization to the Railjack UI.
o For those wondering: Micro-optimizations means small adjustments were made to improve
performance without any changes to the game’s behavior. So you shouldn’t see anything change except
that game runs a little faster! • Made a micro-optimization to a common
function used by Railjack game-code. • Made a micro-optimization to numerous
Railjack missions. • Made a micro-optimization to Railjack
lighting. • Made some micro-optimizations to HUD marker
performance, especially on Railjack. • Fixed a crash when the Host aborted from
a completed Railjack mission. • Fixed a rare crash if you were connecting
to a squad while another player was dealing damage with a Railjack weapon. • Fixed a crash when fighting Sentients
in the Sentient Anomaly POI. • More fixes towards broken Dry Docks when
some players have different progression into the Rising Tide quest. • Fixed cases of Turrets being inoperable
if a Host migrates while they were operating it. • Fixed Client bodies disappearing, Railjack
turning into just black walls, and more bad states if they were operating a Turret when
the Host migrates. • Fixed Clients dying and being Revived
when operating a Turret resulting in the Railjack disappearing. • Fixed Clients crashing if the Host migrated
during a Critical Breach. • Fixes toward Railjack Fast Travel not
working properly while operating a Turret. o Some issues still persist that we are investigating! • Fixed Wing Turrets moving their positions
each time a Client mounts them. • Fixed exiting the Railjack with Hildryn’s
Balefire active defaulting you to Unarmed with no Arch-Gun. • Fixed weird camera rotations after launching
out of the Archwing Slingshot. • Fixed the Quick Progress screen not being
usable after the first node transition in Railjack. • Fixed Lavan Elemental Reduction Avionics
gain nothing from being Upgraded to Rank 1 unless on an Upgraded Grid. • Fixed Sentient Cores displaying the wrong
marker after being picked up. • Fixed a couple issues of hangar doors
on the Missile Platform not opening for Clients. • Fixed a script error when an enemy Crewship
deploys their healing bubble. • Fixed a script error in the Railjack UI. As for the games overall fixes, starting with
27.0.9, DE • Fixed the Jotunheim Oculus being too faded
during gameplay. • Fixed the Cirrus Chest piece interacting
poorly with Wisp. • Fixed the Cirrus Leg Armor being incorrectly
placed on several Warframes. • Fixed an issue where Chroma’s Elemental
Ward in the ‘Fire’ mode would subtract health if Operators strayed too far from Warframes. • Fixed the Quellor being unable to use
Ammo Mutation Mods. • Fixed an issue with Quellor energy colour
as per: • Fixed an issue where the Shedu would get
stuck after regenerating ammo. • Fixed Elemental FX not working properly
on Excalibur Deluxe Nikana. • Fixed Elemental FX not working properly
on Wukong Deluxe Whip. • Fixed a script error in Inaros’ Sandstorm. • Fixed overlapping environmental issues
in Grineer Galleons. • Fixed an issue with the Behemoth Juggernaut
boil not being opaque. • Fixed a false John Prodman icon showing
up in Baro’s wares… • Fixed an issue with camera zoom being
too close to Grendel after using transference + Pulverize. • Fixed Daikyu FX issue as reported here:
• Fixed Chroma’s Electric Elemental Ward not responding to Power Duration Mods. • Fixed Nezha’s Blazing Chakram not working
correctly for Clients when charged. • Fixed a script error in Wukong’s Celestial
Twin ability. • Fixed a script error in Chroma’s Effigy
ability. • Fixed Imugi Prime Shoulder pieces always
glowing blue when Mirage is using Eclipse. • Fixed Nezha’s FX not properly working
on ragdolled enemies. • Fixed the Shedu using the wrong weapon
mesh when disarmed. • Fixed the Shedu being unable to use Projectile-based
Mods (Speed, etc). • Fixed Ivara Prime’s Artemis Bow Prime
darkening when viewed in the Arsenal. • Fixed the permanently black Prisma Koi
Sentinel tail • Fixed permanent Water FX on players using
Itzal’s Arch Line to escape water. • Fixed incorrect textures on Ivara Prime
using the Astrea TennoGen. • Fixed Nox enemies being turned into Thralls
by Liches. • Fixed Demolishers being turned into Thralls
by Liches. • Fixed FX issues with the Simaris Ship
/ Dojo Decoration no properly adjusting when moving around. • Fixed Frost’s Snowglobe missing the
invulnerability period on cast. • Fixed an issue with some TennoCon Glyphs
appearing the same. • Fixed missing Venka Melee sounds. • Fixed Kuva Liches stealing Conclave Rewards. • Fixed Kuva Tolon Chest Armor having an
incorrect icon. • Fixed a distressed pipe appearing as white
instead of red in Jupiter. • Fixed the Heartwood Armor set clipping
with Rhino. • Fixed lightmaps on pressure plates in
old Corpus ship Sabotage core. • Fixed a crate that was spawning within
walls on the Grineer Shipyard. • Fixed a minimap that was missing from
a section of the Grineer Shipyard. • Fixed Terra Manker’s weapon sound playing
non-positionally. • Fixed magnetic proc sound playing repeatedly
on Shock Eximus Auras. • Fixed a crash caused by an assertion failure. • Fixed Mercy icon appearing on floor for
Larvlings. • Fixed Wuush and Meteor whip skins not
sitting properly in the hands when used with some whips. • Fixed offsets for Equinox night form leg
armor so it sits better on the leg. • Fixed several script crashes caused by
Warframe and Archwing abilities. • Fixed an issue with Ciphers that was causing
fails not to count properly in fails stat. • Fixed Distortion Overrides not working
on objects whose base materials themselves didn’t have a distortion shader. • Fixed the Quellor’s clip rendering behind
the gun if reloading while aiming. • Fixed clients sometimes not getting Relic
reward selection screen. • Fixed Frame display showing when backing
out of controller customization while in mission. • Fixed single emissive colors not showing
properly on Equinox and Khora. • Fixed miniature Boiler pods that could
get stuck lingering in mid-air. • Fixed violent flickering in Helminth room. • Fixed the too-thick dust in the middle
of the Orbiter. • Fixed Imperator GPU particles moving towards
the camera. • Fixed various issues with the Kuva Ayangya,
including not firing sometimes in space. • Fixed some attachments not showing combo
multiplier FX. • Fixed Saryn Prime appearing covered in
a flickering triangle FX when casting Molt or Toxic Lash. In 27.0.10, DE
• Fixed Jackal and Razorback not correctly turning to face players sometimes when you
get behind them. • Fixed Korrudo having inherited the Hirudo’s
Health on Critical Hits mechanic. • Fixed the Redeemer weapon series appearing
to deal 10x Damage than it actually was. • This affected Arsenal stats only, in missions
it did the correct damage. • More fixes towards Wisp movement animations
issues when equipped with the Atmos and Nunchaku. • Fixed incorrect Energy color for the Vengeful
Shockwave Ephemera. • Fixed Ivara Prime’s Quiver ability not
using her Artemis Bow Prime mesh. • Fixed the Paris Prime arrow using incorrect
textures. • Fixed incorrect Energy color on the Hema
muzzle flash light. • Fixed overly metallic reflections on the
Kopesh Longsword Skin. • Fixed incorrect lightning textures on
Volts. • Fixed missing Channeling particle FX on
the Targis Prime Armor (appears with x2 Combo Counter). • Fixed seeing a distorted flat circle on
the Staticor explosion (and radiation areas). • Fixed incorrect Kubrow eye glow color
when using the Metus Fur Pattern. • Fixed Eidolon Lures disappearing at certain
camera angles. • Fixed MOA and Kavat Companion Emblems
being equipped on the wrong side. • Fixed broken warp sounds in the Sentient
tileset. • Fixed a script error related to Tusk Mortar
Bombards crouching. In 27.0.11, DE
• Fixed quickly cancelling out of a Grineer console hack resulting in a progression stopper. • Fixes towards missing subtitles/dialogue
during the Apostasy Prologue quest. • Fixed Pennant not using all attacks/features
of Wise Razor Stance. • Fixes towards Drahk Masters making the
stolen weapon for Clients disappear whenever the Masters Halikar is returned through nonstandard
means. • Fixed Kuva Ayanga no longer having its
Area Of Effect properties. • Fixed Kuva Thrall Mercies not counting
towards the Executioner Nightwave Challenge. • Fixed numerous weapon hand positions,
walking animations, and t-posing in regards to Wisp. • Fixed missing ‘Hide Owned’ option
and inability to purchase multiple of the same item after going to purchase Debt Bonds
then going to another vendor in Fortuna. • Fixed the UI breaking when selecting the
‘Select All’ button in Vendor screens (Fisher Hai-Luk, etc). • Fixed incorrect Electricity FX on Volt
Proto Skin footsteps. • Fixed incorrect Electricity FX above Volt’s
Electric Shield when Shock is cast through it. • Fixed the Tonfa Hades Skin flame FX always
appearing orange despite changing the Energy color
• Fixes towards the camera not following you when going back and forth from Submersible
areas in Uranus tilesets. • Fixed a script error when using the Void
Hole Battle Avionic. • Fixed a script error when viewing a Warframe
Blueprint in the Market, resulting in an inability to purchase Warframes. • Fixed a script error when clicking the
Wreckage Scrap button. • Fixed a few rare bugs in the Sacrifice
Quest that could cause the chase sequence to get stuck. • Fixed the Avionics screen breaking when
selecting ‘Scrap. And In 27.0.12, DE before heading to Overall
fixes, Upgraded their compiler toolchain with • Improved code-generation for certain types
of compiler optimizations with a fix to performance regression in some rare cases for Ryzen processors. Controller fixes were made where they
• Fixed inability to use any Piloting maneuvers due to left stick being bound to zoom, effectively
ignoring callouts in Intrinsic details screen. • Fixed the Upgrade screen for Avionics
in the Dry Dock missing button callouts for Upgrading when using a controller. • Fixed LTHUMB button worked to activate
the Search box even when the picker wasn’t visible in the Avionics screen. • Fixed the Left/Right bumpers not functioning
in the Avionics Upgrade Screen. • Fixed the Sort menu not working in any
of the Avionics screens. • Fixed becoming stuck in the Avionics screen
and having to restart the game. • Fixed inability to exit the Avionic Grid
Upgrade screen if you place your virtual cursor over a Grid. And lastly the overall game fixes from 27.0.12
• Fixed several crashes and hangs on Windows 10 when an audio device is unplugged or changed. • Fixed a rare crash when using Profile
>Log Out from the menu. • Fixes towards pathing issues with the
Drone in the Plains of Eidolon. This also fixes a very specific spot where
the Drone would regularly get stuck. • Fixed the Vengeful Charge Ephemera providing
constant light source for Mirage’s Eclipse, resulting in a cosmetic granting the light
buff to remain 99% of the time. • Fixed Mission Time carrying over from
time spent in Dojos or Relays. • Fixed Mission Time including the time
spent in your Orbiter after aborting a mission prior. • Fixed your Kuva Lich having the default
Excalibur Helmet on their shoulder if you killed the Kuva Larvling as a Client. • Fixed Tactical Reload, Lock and Load,
and Eject Magazine Mods not functioning for Clients. • Fixed toggle sprint carrying over into
Wukong’s Cloud Walker (normal hold sprint did not). • Fixed Ivara’s Navigator cast animation
not being replicated between Host/Client, resulting in no sound or movement. • Fixed the Quellor Alt Fire being silent
when it’s meant to be Alarming (as indicated in the Arsenal). • Fixed enemies being immune to Vauban’s
Bastille if they were ragdolled out of it previously. • Fixed Excalibur’s Chromatic Blade elemental
FX and statistics on Exalted Blade not updating after you change your Energy colour. Instead, they are stuck on the default Electricity
element. • Fixed Inaros getting stuck in his Devour
animation if Devour is cast on an enemy that dies at the exact same time. • Fixes towards the Octavia’s Anthem music
note FX trail disappearing when you locate and collect the first or second Mandachord
part. • Fixed Coildrives in Orb Vallis never despawning
if the player doesn’t move and the Coildrive has passengers still inside. • Fixed dispatched Drop Pod NPCs being confused
at their own existence by standing stationary and staring into the sky contemplating life
as ‘just another clone’. • Fixed Volt visually missing his arm rings
in his Codex/Market diorama. • Fixes towards Ivara Prime’s helmet cloth
clipping through her forehead. • Fixed cases of Warframe stats appearing
unranked when viewed in the Arsenal. • Potential fix towards Resource Crate names
lingering after being destroyed. • Fixes towards odd pathing behaviors with
the Jordas Golem. • Fixed the Primary and Secondary weapons
Upgrade>Actions screen including the Umbra Forma in the UI count of how many Forma you
have. • Fixed a UI error when selecting certain
enemies in the Simulacrum that you don’t have fully scanned. • Fixed some distortion FX on the Ice Planet’s
heat generators and improved their performance by removing a bunch of scripts to animate
them. • Fixed distortions being offset with Dynamic
Resolution enabled. • Fixed Sigma Series Sugatra not being positioned
correctly on Glaives. • Fixed some items in the Market having
overlapping text (Kavat Incubator Upgrade Segment, etc). • Fixed a potential crash in the Weapon
Upgrade screen. • Fixed a script error in the Focus Arsenal
screen. Empyrean: Ivara Prime
Railjack Fixes: • Possible fix for a crash that could occur
when joining a mission right as someone picked up some loot in a Crewship. • Fixed UI bug where the End of Mission
screen would display 2 Anomaly Shards, even though you received 1 upon completing the
Sentient Anomaly POI. o For further clarification, the Anomaly Shard
is given when you complete the Sentient Anomaly POI, not an End of Mission reward for completing
the entire mission itself (Fighters, Crewships, etc). • Fixed getting an Anomaly Shard on subsequent
runs without having to complete the Sentient Anomaly POI. • Fixed Crewships having no behavioural
defense against leaving the Railjack level bounds and disappearing completely (now they
will scoot back into the combat zone). • Fixed Arch-Gun reload sounds not working
when in Railjack POIs. Fixes:
• Fixed a crash when opening the Options screen on systems with virtual/simulated audio
output devices. • Fixed a crash when switching to an audio
device with a lower sample rate. • Fixed Grineer Dregs having broken firing
mechanics. • Fixed controller rumble persisting after
you have stopped firing the Phage. • Fixed Operator footsteps not being heard
if Wisp is the equipped Warframe.

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  1. Apologies are in order for the second half or the video & my tone. I had to record this 3 times because my microphone was barely picking up my voice, hence the frustration and audio difference.

  2. great they removed rush repair drone from the market aka the only thing that made repairing wreckages bearable due to the crazy amount of resources it takes to fix one

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