QUEBEC WINTER CARNIVAL 2020 | 10 Things to do at Carnaval ft. the Parade, Ice Sculptures & Food!

From axe-throwing and winter wrestling
to ice canoe races and the jolliest mascot in the world, there’s no event on
earth quite like the Quebec Winter Carnival, an annual festival held in
Quebec City, Canada. Here, the only thing cooler than the freezing weather are the
drinks, the snacks, and the endless parade of shamelessly Canadian festivities… oh
and also there is an actual parade. Running annually for the past 66
years, the Carnaval de Québec is an epic celebration of French-Canadian culture
and one of the best times to visit the city… So grab your toque, your red flannel and layer all the way up because I’m taking
you on a journey to one of the most magical events that Canada has to offer.
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let’s get to it – here are ten unmissable things to do at
the Quebec Winter Carnival! Number one is to try your hand at all
sorts of fun Canadian activities. One of the best perks of Carnival is that the
purchase of one ticket known as an effigy gives you entry to most of the
festival’s activities, and when it comes to these delightfully Canadian
activities, you are indeed spoiled for choice. From
trying your hand at axe throwing to racing downhill in a tube, there are
plenty of fun experiences and games to take advantage of, including a mini golf
course naturally with hockey sticks and a net… and while not included in the
effigy price, the Toboggan Slide au 1884 near Chateau Frontenac offers one of the
most scenic toboggan rides in the country. It’s $3.00 per person but
completely worth it for the views, especially if you can convince a friend
to drag you up. A second must do during the Quebec Winter Carnival is sampling
all the delightful French-canadian treats… the most iconic treat of the
festival? Maple taffy, which consists of hot maple syrup poured over snow then
rolled up with a stick to make a delicious maple candy. It’s an experience
that’s one in Eh million! Sweet tooths should also head straight
for the bright-red BeaverTail truck in the Zone Loto-Quebec where you’ll find
one of the country’s most beloved desserts. These quintessentially Canadian
treats are slabs of fried dough topped with yummy toppings ranging from simple
sugar to decadent combos of fruit spreads and candy.
I warn you, they can get a little messy and they do wreak havoc on your
waistline as well but really who’s counting? On that note if you want to
completely abandon those New Year’s resolutions, Carnaval offers plenty to
eat from fried doughnuts to fondue filled baguettes, you’ll probably never
go hungry, but you might get a little doughy. The number three must do of
the Quebec Winter Carnival is to take advantage of the festival’s awesome
open-air ice bars where you can get all kinds of spirits and concoctions served to you
in ice cold glasses made of actual ice. These ice glasses are the perfect vessel
for various drinks and can be found in a few locations around the festival site
at Le Camp à Jos and the Zone Loto-Québec. One must try classic is Caribou, a
quintessentially Québécois drink made up of red wine, hard liquor, and some spices
and sweeteners to amp up the taste. The result is a sort of mulled wine
concoction served hot or cold but maybe best in a glass of actual ice. You can also indulge in a Bonhomme Cosmo
which is a shot of vodka flavoured with special red red syrup or for something
a little warmer there’s also a hot drink known as the Ponce de Carnaval which
comes in a lovely souvenir mug and offers a few sips of glorious relief
from the cold. From ice bars to ice palaces, the number four must do is to
explore Bonhomme’s Ice palace, an impressive structure of snow and ice that takes
thousands of ice blocks and weeks to create. This majestic palace is an icy
home fit for our ultra cool mascot with plenty of awesome activities to take
advantage of. You can slide down on a full-on ice slide, play a competitive
team maze game called Labyrinth or enjoy the immersive magic of PIXEL, a new
experience for 2020 that brings you through a time warp
of old-school games and tunes, but of course nothing compares to number 5
which is meeting the legendary Bonhomme in person. Bonhomme is an enduring symbol of
Carnaval, found all over on signs, merchandise, and souvenirs. Ater making
his first appearance in 1955, over 60 years later, Bonhomme looks better than
ever with an epic Instagram account to boot. In addition to appearances at
special Carnaval events like the parade, he also hosts multiple meet and greets
each day where you can get your own photo taken with him and even score some one-on-one time. Don’t hog him though. Needless to say he
is one popular guy! Our sixth Quebec Carnaval must-do is
enjoying the vast entertainment program. For the entire week and a half of the
festival, you’ll find special performers taking the stage including folk dancers
and musicians and even winter wrestling, which really put on quite the show. I personally felt cold just watching them,
but if you do get too cold, that’s no problem because there’s always option
number seven – cozying into a nice warm Chalet. You’ll find two Chalet locations
on the Carnaval festival grounds where you can warm up with a drink, some food
or even cozy in for a performance. There’s the Chalet Unibroue in the Camp à Jos with a simple menu of warming treats and the SAQ Bistro which even has a cozy
fire and a full Bistro menu with classic comfort foods like poutine and french
onion soup. Your eighth must do at the Quebec Winter
Carnival is to watch one of the most iconic events of the festival, the ice
canoe races on the Saint Lawrence River. I warn you, you might get tired just
looking at them… but you can always rest up with another
low-key, icy must do – number nine: admire all the ice and snow sculptures. You
seriously will not believe what these sculptors can do with ice and snow. If
you like me struggle to even draw a triangle, the sheer artistry and detail
of these will blow you away. Besides Bonhomme’s iconic palace, you’ll
also find various ice sculptures around town particularly in the Petit Champlain
neighborhood where a cartoon themed promenade of ice sculptures can be found for 2020. You can even book special workshops to
make your own or watch the pros work their magic live which brings me to
number 10 … Last but not least your final must do is to watch the nighttime parade
which takes place on each Saturday of the festival. From folk dancers and hip
hop dancers to appearances from Bonhomme himself, this is one dazzling parade with
impressive floats that are well worth freezing for. So let me know in the comments if you’d
ever like to visit Carnaval for yourself and if so which activity you’d like most.
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