QSP 116 Woodpecker Knife Review. Titanium, Ball Bearings, M390 Oh My!

Up until about three months ago I hadn’t
heard about the QSP knives- that is until I saw a few Instagram posts from Levon of
the Knife Nuts Podcast Show. I then proceeded to ask him what he thought
of the knives, then I eventually asked him, and after such he then assured me “Mark
it’s a good knife.” At this point I still don’t have the knife,
but since it’s Youtube part of the experience is drawing out the story. Then sliding into my IG DM’s it seemed they
had contacted me in the past. I just hadn’t answered. I mean a lot of companies contact me about
stuff via DMs and emails. Such as Taxslayer. whoever the fuck Case Martin 2.1m followers
is, and whatever part of hell they are rotting in. Maybe it’s not a good idea to make fun of
an account with a troll army number of followers. And big fan of my channel and Amazon store
featuring blowdryers. So I asked them if I could pick out a knife,
QSP not blowdryer store- and I selected the aptly named wood pecker in a beautiful shade
of survival violet. I hope I’m using the word aptly right. But none of that’s the point, the point
is- the knife company QSP has budget pocket knives, and they also have slightly more expensive
knives. The expensive ones for those financially smart
people who understand the peace mind of anodized titanium, and the more theoretical cuts per
sharpen of steel like the M390. So after that really interesting knife story
Let’s look at the dimensions like the overall length and weight. I hope I used the word interesting right. Blade size and cutting edge. Do you still buy purple knives? Is purple relevant IKC anymore? Handle size and grip area. Is red the new purple? Spine thickness and handle thickness. And furthermore is merlot the violet of the
red knife genre? Tallnesses. And what the hell is the IKC Eugene?? So the QSP woodpecker or the QSP 116 or the
pocket knife is a nice sized knife- not giant, but but that mid 3 incher I’m so fond of. The drop point blade is made from hard wearing
bohler M390, with a flat ground drop point blade style, and an ever so slight recurve
to the edge. Now seeing as it has M390 the Woodpecker falls
in the $185 price scale. And really who can put a price on something
not named your car keys to open your amazon packages. The blade was very sharp out of the box, and
I’ve experienced no chipping or edge rolling in the few months I’ve had it. The blade is deployed by a flipper tab, and
right out of the box one of the most noticeable things, other than how you’re going to have
to come up with $185 more for rent this month, is how smooth the deployment and closing the
blade is- which I’ sure is partially due to the ceramic bearing the blade pivots on. No adjustment was necessary on mine, and it’s
possible to close it by reorienting your wrist, which should please the how many shakes crowd. None good sir! Lock disengagement is easy on the hand because
the edges are chamfered. And the detent is strong enough that, even
though the blades opens and closes like butter you can’t get it to open by flipping it
downward. Just like the lock, the handle is nice and
comfortable with no hard edges, which should please tender handed knife fondlers. The easiest comparison to fit and finish would
probably be We, Kizer, or Reate, because like those this is made in China. I like a usable grip area around 3.5 half
inches to prevent finger crowding and this works for that. The knife keeps it’s weight sort of reasonable
by some internal milling- which is just fancy knife guy for removing unnecessarily thick
areas inside the titanium handle slabs. The pocket clip isn’t reversible, but it’s
an an ideal place for righties, tip up blade backward in the right pocket. And while the left handed freaks of nature
among us might cry foul, the whole quick deployment from the right pocket is mainly for tactical
fantasy cosplay. A little over half an inch beautiful shimmering
violet sticks out of the pants during carry. And I found the pocket clip has an excellent
balance of staying in the pants versus putting it back in your pants. For the comparison section I went full purple,
showing only the most extravagent of knife hues. If you don’t like purple in your knives,
I don’t want to mince words- I hope you die cold and are buried in an unmarked grave
with a Buck 110 in your pocket and a frown on your face. First the QSP. Examine the quality of the purple, it’s
more of a violet that has an iridescent ghost of purple if the light hits it just right. Presumably it’s named the woodpecker because
it’s best use is to rapidly and repeatedly stab trees. While the looks aren’t bad- and it’s pretty
subjective metric, it’s probably what keeps it from being a top 10 knife. Pretty decent looking should never be the
reason you buy a knife- unless you review them and/or you’re an idiot. How a knife looks to a man is a very personal
and sensitive subject. For my money the Laconico/Massdrop/WeKnives
Keen has a slightly prettier purple, and a more refined design. This is one of my favorite knife designs-
but I’ll be honest the QSP has a slightly better detent and pivot. The pivot on the keen sometimes gets loose
enough to turn with my finger. Now the spyderco Para Military 2 in Blurple
G10. I love this knife and the lock. Probably the best place choice for most of
the purple curious knife people. Light, dependable and easy to sharpen on the
spyderco sharp maker- I think it runs about $150 now. What did they raise their prices to this year? Now the clone of a Sinkevich design that only
a few of the original exist in the world. I think these can be found in super legit
stores on Ali Express, with especially high end steels for the price. Gotta be M390 right. This one adds a touch of realism by labeling
it D2. It’s about $80. Now another knife but with purple accents. This is about a $350 knife outfitted with
the scusses and carbon fiber, the Massdrop Orca. Not as smooth a hand fondling experience,
and my finger skin often gets pinched between the scales and liner lock. I’m pretty tough though. Nothing I hate about the knife but it’s
not worth the full massdrop retail. The looks can best be described as pretty
decent to me. Are we done? The Woodpecker is a pretty good knife. The should you buy it to me always rests on
how well you like the design versus the price you’re paying, and then the materials in
my opinion. The materials and quality are all here. It’s not too bad in the weight department
either at only about 4 and a half ounces. The solid construction and fidget ability
are all bonuses too. I reviewed this one because I had heard they
were nice, and that opinion hasn’t changed. Anyway if you heard this channel was good
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93 thoughts on “QSP 116 Woodpecker Knife Review. Titanium, Ball Bearings, M390 Oh My!

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