14 thoughts on “Q-BLADE Tutorials for beginners | Airfoil Design|Wind Turbine| HAWT💙

  1. This was so detailed, thanks . How to check the noise generated by the turbine with this software.Or is there any other software which is used to find the noise level??

  2. Thanks for your tutorials, this can help many of us.

    I want to know, is this possible to change the twist after generation of airfoil in Qblade.

    or we need to generate points again for the specific twist everytime.

  3. Sir, I can't thank you enough. In short, you are my 'savior' :D. While looking for a solution to the mishaps of my project, I saw your videos in a short time. That's exactly what I was looking for. It's definitely not fair to have so few views. Thank you again for making such a video series.

  4. I am trying to import the airfoils of the Nrel 5MW, but it seems that it reaches its maximum for foil coordinates.. so it cant continue to read the file… any suggestions?

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