Pump Gun Slingshot, Shoots Throwing Knives!

Hello And welcome to the SLINGSHOT CHANNEL! I like kunai knives are worthy of shaving my beard Because they are so sharp and pointy and That makes them super efficient for penetration They are really meant as throwing knives And thats what you can easily do with them Wood: OW! Wood: WHY See how nicely they stick in the wood? These knives are Also really inexpensive I mean… A kunai knife like this costs less Than a bolt for a crossbow And therefore I’m trying to make a shooter Of course it has to be a repeater And this is what I came up with! Meet, the kunai pump gun! Muhahahaha LET ME SHOW YOU ITS FEATURES It has a magazine for up to 8 of the kunais Fairly easy to put them in Then close the latch And, it is a pump gun So this means, I can at any time Simply push back the slide, like this And it’s ready to go This is really experimental Therefore, I’m just using standard office rubber bands Of course you can add more bands If you want more power But this is really made to test the magazine The kunais are guided Between these aluminium rails The acceleration is from below with this slat, this one here So you see the sled glides underneath the knives And once it reaches the cocking position The next kunai will fall down And when the shot falls It will be accelerated together with the sled, and shoot out The pump gun handle has its own piece of rubber Therefore when you cock this thing it automatically slaps back Just like in a normal pump gun OK, lets do a few shots That’s it! HAHAHAHA Of course, this sled is made from wood Reinforced with a little bit of aluminum But you can’t attach too much rubber Otherwise it will simply break when it reaches the end block Uh, but I will soon make one from aluminum and then we can go up in power and really shoot this thing hard Lets double up the rubber WOW The trigger is really simple See, there is this little notch Now, of course these knives will tumble after a while But for smaller distances Like typical in-room defense, I think they are really ideal You can also buy them in a slightly smaller size like this one here As you see Its a lot smaller And a lot lighter Maybe it’s better to use the small ones because they can achieve much higher speeds and also the weapon can be more compact There is some more potential in this I think I can make it shoot a lot harder With an aluminum sled More rubber and also maybe a little more acceleration than this It’s a really short weapon But it is really fun to shoot Muhahaha, I can do this all day long Well I hope you liked this because That’s it for today Thanks And byebye!

100 thoughts on “Pump Gun Slingshot, Shoots Throwing Knives!

  1. ooooo ooooo ooo i had an idea for the rifled sling shot , you will have to build a mini track and cart so the car can spin the ball with some sort of gear system , and a it will hit a stopper at the end of the track , and project the ball out , as it spins , so the track has to spin a ball , the two bands with just move the cart , the track with be four rails , that guide the cart to the end …

  2. question for you my friend.
    do you work or do you do these as primary income? love everybit of your videos and was just curious.

  3. Hey man, you should try making weapon like this again but more cleaner design, something like made in a factory so it looks good. Anyways thanks for all the videos and weapons, greetings from Latvia!

  4. This guy is so gonna survive a zombie apocalypse aha your are awesome as well as your work keep up the good work your so cool

  5. I am SO GLAD I found and ADDED your channel! You're such a FUN and ENTERTAINING person to watch, and I LOVE that HA-HA-HA-HA!!! way you express your happiness. Seriously, I hope you enjoy MUCH success in what you do, buddy.

  6. if the zombie apocalypse ever occurs, im finding you to be the weapon specialist for my resistance group.

  7. also a suggestion, you could use the same concept as the arrow airguns by mounting a small chamber to the bottom or back of the sled that mates to a pressurized barrel at the rear and when you release the pressure would slam the sled forward

  8. Hey great JoergSprave, I would love to see a powerfull Kunai Shooter. You probably are done with Kunai, but I still hope you can do that soon! =)

  9. I like this guy, His face, his attitude, his voice, his guy, his experimentst, and his shirt. ( =^ >

  10. Surprised you didn’t put a vertical fore grip on it. Dono German laws, if that would make it an… “assault knife thrower”

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