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Welcome to my weapons synthesis workshop. Today is the first day of the National Day holiday. Where have all my friends gone to play. My National Day holiday. Work. Work again. Alas. No way out. Strength is not allowed. So let’s start making new weapons again today. So let’s start making new weapons today. Let’s start making new weapons again. At the request of the last issue of small partners. We’ll take AWM. The liquid medicine is synthesized. Get it done. Now we can see the new weapons we just synthesized. This is a giant AWM. It can be seen from the shape. This AWM has not made any changes. It just grew several times. DEV. It just grew several times. It weighs more than 300 Jin. At the same time, its recoil is very large. If no one’s holding it back. Recoil is expected to take you from city p to the airport. So what? I called the big fool of our village. Three silly to help. Then I am the two fools. Its magnum bullets were converted into shells. The damage is huge. A projectile. Enough to act as a bombing zone. What do you think of this new weapon. This time we are here. If you have weapons that you want to synthesize. Remember to leave me a message. I’ll see you next time. Bye-bye.

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