Project Javelin V – Taskforce Javelin (Part 1)

Command, this is Spectre Actual!
Mission has been compromised! Mission has been compromised! I have two Sierra down and we need immediate extraction!
How copy? Solid copy Actual, Be advised QRF is heading your pos, LZ2, ETA in ten mikes. I am seeing multiple tangos approaching your position.
You need to make your exfill, now! Copy that Command! Actual out! Sir, we never move on half-baked intel. Me neither, this better be on the level. Orders came all the way from the top. They are getting desperate. Spectre Actual to Command. All hands and weapons standby for hot, over Command to Spectre Actual, mission is a go, I repeat, mission is a go.
You have thirty mikes, good hunting, out. Roger that Command. Samuel, take point. Roger that. Samuel, take him out. Goodnight. Have a nice day. Second floor, move up. Go. Rooms are empty sir. Stack up. He must be in the toliet. Toliet clear. No sign of HVT. Command. HVT is not in target area, please advise. Spectre Actual, change of plans. Gather what you can and leave for extraction now! Sir, what is going – Sniper! I’m hit Stay low! The sniper still around! Siow you ok? This is no good, Edwin is hit pretty badly We got to move now!

3 thoughts on “Project Javelin V – Taskforce Javelin (Part 1)

  1. You get better and better for each ones that you make…i love the efects and sounds combinations inside of the film…keep going am not the only one that care about it…be waiting for other seasons.

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