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  1. DOOM 3 was SO ahead of it’s time! I remember when the early demo came out around 2002-2003, and i was BLOWN away af!
    I remember my computer was struggling hard to run this game, and i could not run this game in max settings before i bought a very expensive gaming rig in 2005😅
    Awesome game!

  2. So it's pretty much confirmed that this game comes first chronologically and that Wolfenstein RPG and Doom RPG are non-canon. This is where the cyberdemon loses his leg. This is also where the marine arrives on Mars. That's unfortunate.

    Maybe it's a little silly of me to care about the plotline of an Id Software game.

  3. You'd rather play a Doom text adventure than evilution , huh? Doom roguelike? Review the doom towel cosey? The Doom brand laptop adaptor? Doom, the end of man on earth as a philosophical concept? Pol.wad? what's next, what will you do to avoid doing it?

  4. Will you be doing any more Doom content in the future and go through some of the custom megawads (e.g Eviternity or Hell Revealed)?

  5. Hands down I had fun and some pretty good scares with Doom3. Trites were made to menace with peoples minds.. Yeah, pure nightmare material.

    It was a different direction, but damn it was good back in the day.

    Doom 16 and Eternal are surely better games FOR SURE – but it was the return of the King…. And who doesn't love the KING ! 😉


  6. This game has the most obnoxious shotgun in any game I've played. It looks like a big lump of low-poly shit and the sole reason I actively avoid using it is because the sound it makes gives me a headache.

  7. If you listen very closely you can hear Dwayne Johnson repeatedly saying “Semper Fi, motherfucker” in every ambient tracks in the game

  8. Man I remember when we finally ran the leaked demo, at like 10 fps. We were ecstatic.

    Never really loved the game, though. It is ok, but I never had the earge to replay it.
    The overall gunplay is weak, the darkness was annoying and it even bored me at times with its slower pace.
    I had way more fun with Quake 4.

  9. PDA: "This is Frank Delahue, Engineer on Mars City…."

    Me: "No. You are Rob Paulsen, the original Raphael, Pinky, and Yakko Warner."

  10. Just a thought, I think the "water on the ceiling" might've been a primitive attempt to mimic rippling light reflecting off the water. (In TNT I mean)

  11. 'You get a machinegun and ammo for that is everywhere. And also…."
    Zooms in on the doom3 shotgun.

  12. I can see the next part being resurrection of evil where civvie sparingly uses the heart due to how it works. I can also see him complaining how the super shotgun reloads too slowly.

  13. Seems like people either hate the Commando zombie or see him as more useless than an imp. Crouching completely avoids the tentacle, so if you tried that, you would see they had zero chance in hell of doing any damage. There only chance is that they are the most silent enemy in the game and sneak up on you from behind. I think they patched this crouch exploit (I'm calling it that because it makes what could be the most threatening non-boss enemy in the game useless) on the switch version after an update.

  14. Can't watch past your hate for the glory that is the doom 3 shotgun. The heavy, clunky sound it makes. You're wrong and I'm disgusted. So long 👋🏻

  15. I played DOOM 2016 once through, played DOOM 3 4 times over adn could play it again. So for me DOOM 3 is more replayable than DOOM 2016.

  16. Thanks Civvie, I don’t have to play this game now.
    Looking forward to finally playing 2016, I’m a bit behind with the backlog.

  17. I love doom 3. I think it's very underrated. They got the horror right. Its not scary anymore because the graphics are dated. But it still can be scary if you play it for the first time, in the dark, with headphones.

    The tech used in-game like the computer screens blew me away. Its also very clever in its design of weapons, and how the UAC advertised its military firepower in those Ads/commercials. I think its a masterpiece that should of continued instead of the 2016 version which seems very "unreal tournament" and too video-gamey with getting ammo and health from demons.

    I understand if most dont like it because its an alt-universe of the original doom, but to each their own and i appreciate your review and opinions my good sir. Thank you for the video. 🙂

    Ps. just crouch when those commandos fire their tentacle-arm at you. 😉

  18. Doom Marine can climb ladders while holding a two handed weapon, but can't hold the torch at the same time as a two handed weapon.

    Hated to shotgun… Loved the chain gun. God it sounds so fucking chunky. I love the slow rate of fire with shots that feel like they pack a punch. So good.
    At least the Super shotgun was added in the expansion, which felt better then the shotgun.

    Also am I the only one that love Pinky's design in these games?

  19. This game terrified me when I first played it, getting stoned and playing it with headphones on was a visceral experience at 17. A few years later I played the hell levels on mushrooms and it was intense.

  20. i killed one of those hell knights with my punches last year be couse if you get close they will always do a punishable melee atack.

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