100 thoughts on “Primitive Culture: Knife Making from Buffalo Horn

  1. Why not just use the rock you cut the bone with…horn knife seemed more like a club then a cutting utensil.

  2. Jangan buat vidio primitif kalo cara2 nya masih moderen. Vidio nya bnyak di sensor udah gtu pembuatan nya pakai alat modern hadeuh primitip gadungan

  3. That's an awesome item to craft, but I'm not sure I'd call it a "knife" because it's not really sharp at all. It's more of a not-so-blunt club.

  4. Buy a horn . Use a knife to cut it . Run stones over it . Knife Made cheap and easy .

    Oh yes and Tempering chunk of Keratin . 😂 Knife is as good as piece of burnt and sharpened wood .

    It can cut tender leaves 🍁 Sharp af

  5. тупить железный нож что бы сделать гуано из рога, …. согласен у этого мега танцора яйца аж по земле волочатся.

  6. ℓмασ ρяιмιтινє fσяgє∂ ιи fιяє. иσι¢є вℓα∂є втω! ι ωαѕ ѕкєρтι¢αℓ αт fιяѕт, вυт мαи, ι ωαѕ ѕнσ¢кє∂.

  7. “Knife Making” should be hyphenated in your video title. With the way you have it written now, you are talking about a knife that is making something from a buffalo horn.

  8. And yall stop being mean. And thank you good coment and thank you man for making this video and thats finel!!!!!!

  9. To all the people complaining that he used a machete, let's see how long you take without it. Atleast he saves some time

  10. Used a real knife to make a horn knife when he already had a real knife! This is the dumbest shit video i have ever seen.

  11. How 'bout using the tip of the horn to knap a flint blade instead? Then set the blade into a horn handle?

    Make too much sense?
    ( 'Primitive' is one thing, 'stupid' is something else entirely. )

  12. 1:15 if he tied the wire to a springy branch he could hold the horn still and pull the wire like a saw, the way he is doing it looks very hard work

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