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  1. I hate to say it, but Donald Trump is going to crush Joe Biden in the debates. Joe has been struggling to talk for 10 minutes recently, he’s going to have trouble in the one on one debates. DNC is doing everything they can to protect Biden.

  2. 🔥 Well, that's interesting.
    No wonder Nixon lost to Kennedy back in the mid or late 1960's

  3. presenters in terms of greatness
    john green
    SXE phil
    hank green
    joe barretta
    … everyone else in the world
    Steve zaragoza,

  4. Election Debates relatively new in UK and while I think they give good opportunities to put candidates on the spot they tend to turn into a masterclass in how to over talk, shout, ignore each other and adjudicator.
    What kind of example to show not only the country but children who we want to engage in politics.
    We demonstrate on Prime time TV and news adults who are going to run countries and have such power displaying behaviour that if done by a child in school or home would result in Timeout/Naughty Corner.
    I love politics but debates do not influence my vote I prefer to look at history, policy etc and won't use debates as deciding factor until standard of behaviour of candidates during debates improve.

  5. i will never vote for republican or democrat. both political parties are to blame for the sad state our nation is in.

  6. Debates are basically bullshit. It's a lot easier to make shit up when there's no way for your opponent to fact-check you. Debates means rational arguments and facts don't matter, or at least that they are second to personal charisma and "personality". It heavily favors bullies and liars. In order for there to be any sort of meaningful debate, there needs to be plenty of time for each participant to look up facts and rally their arguments. Real-time politics is bullshit.

    Also: Not getting emotional or swayed by someone trying to make things personal is not a negative thing. We need more rational, calm people. Not more angry, emotional idiots.

  7. When Hillary Clinton wanted to say this you know that she wanted to throw some F-bombs and other expletives in there. That was just creepy.

  8. Obviously everybody is already stubbornly set in their views so the debates won't change many minds, BUT I'd have to imagine big moments still play a factor in energizing voters (like "wow this guy's awful I need to vote we can't let him win"). Keep in mind in some of these elections other events outside of the debates could have happened to balance out the impact (like if a great debate moment gave you a couple points but a scandal lost you a couple so it appears as if the debate moment had no impact).

  9. This is so interesting to me. I'm first generation Mexican-American so learning about our history in this detail is great! Thank You For The Educational Video!

  10. Wow, only complaint about women in office(or buisness) is that their too emotional. But a principled stand on an extremely emotionally charged answer is bad for a man. Fuck that shit.

  11. 14:15 My skin crawled when Killary got multiple US Citizens murdered in Benghazi. So, Trump "looming" over her means nothing to me.

  12. Hmmm… Do you think that these debates have something to do with the outcomes of the accompanying elections?

  13. Actually, the whole "Nixon winning the debate over the radio" was the result of just one poll, others lined up with the idea that Kennedy won.

  14. It’s …. almost like you are saying that the two party system reinforces division, creating echo chambers and emotionally based arguments of tribalism over facts.


    But seriously, forever ago in college we studied the impact of the jfk debate as every polsci 101 did and this video definitely contradicts our taught conclusions.
    Cool to learn things.

  15. The whole point of this video is to push for there to be no
    debate in an effort to help the dems save face for when Trump destroys
    Biden on the world stage. In case anyone hasn't noticed, this channel
    and Phil's main channel have been drifting further and further left with
    every episode. Phil is a staunch lefty masquerading as a moderate
    fence-sitter. In a very recent video, Phil made excuses for Biden's
    gaffs, attributing them to a stuttering problem rather than cognitive
    decline. It's very clear what is going on here. Phil is pushing to have
    the debates canceled. He should just come out and admit it.

  16. I’ve never been suade by debates. Like you said, I already have my mind made up by the time the debates start unless I’m torn between 2 candidates. I think a purpose they serve is to show voters how the candidate can handle being challenged by peers and others on their polices. If they can’t do it respectfully and with a level head that will impact my decision in the long run.

  17. That Al Gore "in your face" moment is one of the dumbest things I've ever seen. That's such an old school, Lyndon B. Johnson-esque style of intimidation, and done at a time when it made absolutely no sense in context.

  18. Good video, except Trump wasnt looming. She walked in front of him and the camera made it look like he was following her. She invaded his space, not the other way around.

  19. As somebody who opposes the death penalty, the answer should've been: "Well I'd want to kill the bastard myself! But dangerous vigilantism isn't welcome in our society and neither should state sanctioned killing."

  20. I think they have an impact when there are multiple people on the stage.
    I started watching the primaries this year, and there were several candidates (Klobuchar, Yang, Steyer) who I just felt like were background noise, but after watching them in 5 debates I had a really good sense of what they stood for. Between just 2 people though, everyone's pretty much decided already and are just tuning in out of curiosity.

  21. Did Bloomberg's first (and last) debate performance have any influence? He was going up before the debate of 20 February but after that his poll numbers became more stable.

  22. "I will not make age an issue of this campaign. I am not going to exploit, for political purposes, my opponent's youth and inexperience," Ronald Reagan quipped during the 1984 presidential debates when asked if, at 73, he is too old to be President.

  23. Depends on how the debate goes, whether there are any major moments that can impact the electorate. If nothing special happens, it won't make much of a difference.

    Also, looking lovely, Maria.😊👍

  24. The question i believe that is more important is whether or not party nominee debates are effective. And i would argue they probably are a lot more important than actual right v left presidential debates.

  25. Not sure social media doesn't seem to make people become more educated rather than oh this meme/ vid is my aesthetic so I like/ share it into echo chamber

  26. I’m not American, so I don’t vote for the a President.

    But as for debates, normally in my country the debate doesn’t cause my decision. Most elections I usually have my mind made up before the debate due to platforms. But in the most recent election for my country, I actually had to watch the debate. The platforms were so horrible, and campaigns were all about bitching about their opponents, that they never told us what they planned to do for our country.
    I ended up voting for the only person who acted like an adult in the debate, and kept trying to bring the conversations back to “what will you do for Canadians?”
    Unfortunately that person didn’t win. But I kinda knew prior to the election he wouldn’t get enough seats.

  27. If we had real debates rather than mudslinging shitshows then I would imagine they might matter lol. My guess is policy-focused people don't care at all and the WWE watchers just come out convinced that their candidate won.

  28. Interesting timing releasing this video considering the Dems are about to nominate a gaff machine that can't remember where he is or wants to reminisce about children touching his leg hair in the pool. Or the slight chance they nominate the dude who wants to look on the bright side of communist China, the Soviet Union, and Fidel Castro. Bread lines aren't that bad.

  29. Didn’t really touch on it, but I imagine debates would matter more for party primaries where the field is larger so it helps those who are able to stand out among 10 or 20 candidates

  30. Nobody changes their mind in singular moments like during or after a debate. It's a process that happens slowly over time in ways that protect people's egos. And debate is a part of that process. I also think early primary debates are far more important than the later ones because that's where I at least get my first real impression of a lot of political players. This can absolutely affect things later on when those people endorse a candidate or run for another office. It's almost impossible to quantify the effects of something as gnarled as a political debate, but it at least looks to me like Sanders would have never even gotten on the map without the debates in 2016.

  31. Yo that question at 6:30 was fucked up. I don’t mean to come off like some tough guy bro but I don’t think I’d be able to contain my words if some body asked me that about my wife in a business setting or otherwise. Major props to the candidate for remaining professional.

  32. The debates matter but need rules that are followed: ie. No backhanded comments about the opposition, no interruptions. Also all candidates run on their stump from Jan. 1 of an election year…with Dec. 1 prior year as deadline for agreeing to run. All candidates in each debate.

  33. I want to think that debates matter but since in almost every debate I have watched where I think one candidate is superior and won hands down ends up losing the election so in the face of the facts I must agree with the stance presented in this video

  34. In short american politics( and all politics) are a clown show and I will never be able to take these politician seriously

  35. another thing that could go for how trump won… was seen in public and addressing the public in a windbreaker and baseball cap which I think made him seem more down to earth than a politician who always wears an expensive suit in public.

  36. You should explore the validity of polls. Seems most polls are still done via phone calls. Typically to home phone numbers. Which fewer and few people have at their house now days. And most people don't answer unknown numbers or hang up on robo calls like these. So why are they still considered usable info?

  37. Winning debates doesn't matter but that's not the point. It's an easy way for people to find out about the candidates and it can increase voter turnout. It's much more about getting people thinking about politics than it is about convincing people to vote for a specific candidate.They can play a role in how some people vote but that is usually only if they were already on the fence before the debate.

  38. Debates are why Kamala Harris died as the front runner when Tulsi bodied her in the Dem Primary Debate.

    Too bad the DNC is keeping her outta debates now cause they don't want her destroying Biden.

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