Potato Gun

they are zero one this is out the cable guy built probably about ten years ago i gave a nice camel finish very sturdy design yes i use p_v_c_ grew to connect the
fighting but also i don’t know if you can see puts grooves through the fittings in the parking
knowing that it would never fly par i mean it’s
very important decides that just a few pieces screws pbc colours sharp in the sense your somalia hale would fit mason snug here’s my cat just a grill igniter most powerful spark ametro shoot it netbox make sure this is awfully particularly
when they’re received a newspaper article before you put on
fraud and one of these who often it’s baseball i don’t know is a broomstick jingletown license plates slowly big sexy here yet about chu salad second spray into
the chamber closer professed bones opposing and about about not there yet now it’s up to their rates i think those
little bit of pressure this is a very flammable here we go i really hope and making netbox so if i don’t know one
heck of a massacring where all preload breakdown and uh… well flow a bit of a massive amount of
bears fairness so success

47 thoughts on “Potato Gun

  1. Captions: "this is out the cable guy built"
    "yes i use p_v_c_ grew to connect the fighting"
    "sharp in the sense your somalia"
    "here's my cat – just a grill igniter"
    "and making netbox so if I don't know one heck of a massacring"
    etc etc

  2. I was expecting a little more, but since he is inside and probably not trying to do maximum damage. When we used to do ours we used lemons(we had a lemon tree that was overflowing) and a minimum of four seconds of hairspray. Nice accuracy. Did enjoy the video.

  3. I'm splitting hairs, but just FYI you technically only sprayed the hairspray for 1 second. The gap between you saying "1" and "2" is one second. To get rid of confusion for myself, I usually count DOWN from the number I want ("1"…"0").

  4. Your barrel is too short for the chamber, if you are looking to optimize power. Flames coming out after the potato has left means that the fuel is not having long enough to burn completely, unless of course, you like the "SHPHAHAMM!" noise for some reason.

  5. My dad built one way back, electric igniter and gasoline for it, made of aluminum. It blew up, I got burned. Had scars on my face since I was 5. So yeah, be careful if you plan on building one.

  6. trying filling it wit oxygen before spraying it. the nozzle will flash! and your device might explode

  7. ive always smashed the potato into the barrel sprayed in the hair spray then slide the potato down to the bottom so it would build slight air pressure into the combustion chamber

  8. is… is this the man I've been watching this whole time?

    he's young… and attractive…


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