Pop The Hood | Mercedes AMG GTS Widebody | S01E02

Project base was mercedes amg GTS 2016 year Bodykit was inspired by Mercedes GT3 This is the highest model of Mercedes GT which is racing on track like Le Mans or 24 Hours Nürburgring But this car don’t have road homologation so we made our own version with homologation which can be driven on public roads bodykit makes car wider, 8cm in the front and 12cm in the back for each side rear wing is also a part of bodykit designed by us and it is also in GT3 style aluminium stands were cut on CNC 2 meter wing is made from carbonfiber rear bumper is made together with custom diffusor in typical race style and rear central light F1 I decide to choose rotiform rims LHR-M model custom rims you may say although they are chosen from the catalogue, but cut specially for that car There are different constructions of rims in the front and back the rims model is the same but in the back there is forged , and in the front there isn’t , is normal concave monoblock I wanted to do that this way in order to hide the size cause originally the front wheels are 19’ and back are 20’ Thanks to the forged back wheel seems to be a bit smaller when you look from the side Visually they are equal Moreover it looks like old racing car because they used to be make like that – back with forged front without, for better aerodynamics In the back 12,5 / 20, in the front 19/10,5 The main reason we wanted to create the body is because there is no such body in this style for this model of Mercedes even Liberty Walk doesn’t do it Process of creating body starts with scanning the car we transfer it into computer in the scale 1:1 and then we can match 3D project Later we cut mechanically the prototype on which we can do the hand work. my colleagues from Spojkar company made this the project was created together with Maxton Design but mainly it was my idea they got down my thoughts on paper they did really great First we wanted to do it clean without screws more delicate style but when we saw the final project on the computer we changed our minds and decided to start again, cause we didn’t like it This year we hit on an idea to modify G classe because this is a great car , I have always liked it We managed to buy it in a really nice colour Firstly I wasn’t so sure about it but after paint restoration it looked so good that we decided to paint GTS in the same colour I forgot to tell this earlier We put fender flares and carbon adds the whole suspension was changed to lift car btw it is interesting that you have to change the whole suspension all of the swing arm, shock absorbers , steering racks and a lot of other things just to put the car higher only for 10cm Wheels 22 “ Rotifrom with beadlock off-road tires but suitable for roads too A few details are left to do now I will look for something new to build because I enjoy building these cars rather than owning them

43 thoughts on “Pop The Hood | Mercedes AMG GTS Widebody | S01E02

  1. W natłoku seriali ten zdecydowanie w czołówce 🙂 szoty pierwsza liga, auta prze ko zac kie. Nie mozna lepiej.

  2. Jak zawsze mega kocur 😍😍😍 Montaż na najwyższym poziomie piękne samochody w idealnej scenerii. A co do scenerii to czy mógł bym wiedzieć co to za lokalizacja?

  3. czy tylko moim zdaniem samochód został popsuty?
    nie jest wystarczająco szybki i zwinny na tor, nie jest wygodny na ulicę, nie zmieści się w żadnym miejscu parkingowym… poza tym wygląda TRAGICZNIE, mimo przepięknej bazy jaką jest AMG GTS. każdy aspekt modyfikacji na minus, nie wiem jak to się może podobać

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