50 thoughts on “Political panel reacts to New Hampshire debate

  1. Who is the best horse in the glue factory of the democratic stable. # socialism gives total power to government , while the people get soup kitchens and a slice a bread , when it's available . learn from history don't take my word for it , go live in venezuela for a year and tell me how good it was when you get back .

  2. how is there such a stark contrast in rational thinking between fox and all other msm right now. yang is the only capable contender

  3. Yang isn’t calling Trump a disease he is calling the people who want stability for this country a disease ! Democrat politicians can’t seem to comprehend the message they are relaying or a way to improve our economy without ballooning taxes and government , anyone who has experienced the past should want less government !

  4. Sacrificial labs to the slaughter…
    Weakest Democrat field, perhaps ever, up against one of the strongest ever incumbents. Consider this: Mitt Romney might be the strongest Democrat candidate right now and he's still a RINO.
    At this rate, DJT might not need to campaign any more than he already has. I predict voter apathy on the Democrat side and a victory lap for the President. They need a record turnout to even have a prayer, but it's looking like they won't manage to enthuse their base. That said, I also see a backlash directed at the Senate. Conclusion: DJT in a landslide, but many Republican senators to lose their seats.

  5. TRUMP2020 MAG 🇺🇸 KAG 🇺🇸❤❤❤They ALL SUCK!!! Russian asset crazy OLD bernie NO NO NO!! Quid pro😴 Predator Joe!!👎👎👎Going to be in 💩💩💩House with "Wheres Hunter"👍😜NO ONE wants Fake Arse Mayor Pete FAKE 😜Yang is ccp😣😣👎👎THEY ALL SUCK….

  6. Trumps "BOOMING" Economy, is just residue leftover from the Obama administration…!!!!! Do the research George W Bush. ruined the Economy Obama Fixed it and just like every other WHITE Man In History Trump took credit for something he did not accomplish… Fuck Fat Ass Trumpet… (Rod)

  7. Trump grew up the son of a racist rich white guy and made a fortune closing shady business deals in real estate and bankrupting already existing companies…!!!!! He grew up in the very SWAMP HE CLAIMED HE WAS GOING TO DRAIN… Republican voters think they are so smart & are having so much fun watching Someone destroy Our Country from the inside out & can't see that they not only elected but continue to protect an Enemy of American values and interests…!!!!! Soon your vote will be your own demise… Why anyone would trust a man who is rich to not pander to the interests of other rich people whom he's friends & rubs shoulders with, but expect him to SAVE THEM from that his said Friends, that he's pretending to not be friendly with in order to rob us all is insanely unstable & idiotic…!!!!!

  8. Everyone is laughing at democrats … the democrats are a bunch of crooked losers. The democrats should save their money this election, Trump is unstoppable, unbeatable, un peached, unbelievably great at running the country, unbelievably smart, untouchable in America’s support, and undeniably America’s choice for President this 2020 Elections!
    Republicans rule, democrats drool!

  9. Fox should have a global Oscar awards for the Democrats – best villain Adam Schiff (Eli Wallach), CO-Star DescriptionJerry Nadler (Donald Pleasence) 😂😂 Would like to know your Democrate actors 😜

  10. Limbaugh is a base and crass radio host that devalued the medal of Freedom. His having cancer does not make him worthy of any praise.

  11. How CRAZY was it that ABC obviously took ALOT OF 💰 MONEY 💰 from Bloomberg to basically give him AD TIME during the debate by asking questions about him while WASN’T EVEN THERE…..

  12. Biden a couple of days ago days had empathy for Rush Limbaugh. At the debate he attacks him for something he has no control over. Biden sides with a now disgraced traitorous military figure. 30 million listeners a day with a career over 30 years. Joe crossed the line…again. Mayor Pete and his speech about weaponizing a Hunter Biden investigation against his dad? Not true. Corruption is weaponization against all of us and it's plain to see in the Biden family.

  13. "Mayor Pete, if Senator Sanders is the nominee to face President Trump, could you see yourself supporting a Communist-Socialist? " ABSOLUTELY.

  14. But didn’t you notice how they were pandering to the blacks? It was almost like the theme of the night. It looks like they’re concerned that Trump may be gaining ground in that community.

  15. I can't believe it, they are all OK ith a socialist as president of the USA! What was the point of the cold War?

  16. Did she just say "He could get elected!" ? Nice girl. #bernie2020 Bernie is not a socialist, he is a democratic socialist. If you don't understand the difference, go fuck yourself. Bernie will be considered capitalist in other side of the world! Fuck these labels. He is for people, he is honest.. that's what matters. Bernie is getting a free pass..????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? and you are on a political panel. Did you see what happened in IOWA, jackasses? Bernie doesn't answer the question?????????????????????????????????????????????????????? Were you on acid when you saw the debate, or did you really see the debate??????????????????
    Foxes on Fox Nation!

  17. Yang seems to go full communist and have the problem with the people, like how Burney staffers want to kill all the people who are successful and guilty of wrong think

  18. Bernie/Tulsi/Yang. Actually able to do the business of the People. = Future

    Everyone Else. Corporate and Oligarch Puppets. = Death

  19. I concerned that the Democrat's are allowing a Independent candidate participate in their debates and convention. The man is a Independent Communist !!!

  20. Bernie is anything but a Democrat 😂😂🤣🤣😅, he should move to Cuba, china or even Russia…so Russia..so many options😉

  21. I would never subscribe to Fox nation, because they fired Todd Starnes for having Pastor Jefress on speaking about how demon crats worship satan and sacrifice kids to they're demon God moloch, if you speak Truth you'll get fired from Fox News, real Truth, not just little bits and pieces of some stuff

  22. To all Trump supporters I understand If you were a part of the millionaires & billionaires Americans I understand your support for Trump you're adding zeros to the end of your paycheck because of trumps policies to help people like him. But if your not one of those & support Trump your the modern day political version of a dumb groupie being screwed by Trump and his friends. But your in it too deep and can't get out 😉 because we are scared of what your family or friends would tell you I told you so. Sounds like your in a toxic abusive relationship with the whole Trump team getting screwed

    How does the majority of Americans not vote for a candidate & he still wins. That's not white privilege, that is wealth resource example is getting your lawyers to give you loopholes on how to hide money like apple does or win elections without majority America voting for you.

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