Polina Gagarina (Поли́на Гага́рина) – A Cuckoo(Кукушка) Singer 2019 EP4 REACTION

WOW! Hello everybody is me and this is: Polina Gagarina 波琳娜 Кукушка “布谷鸟” The Singer 2019 EP4 Reaction nice melody Polina in a beautiful black outfit She looks very nice I like the fact that she sings a song in her own language She showed us the strength of her voice she is awesome She’s the best her voice is amazing Another amazing performance by Polina It was very good I must say that in this black creation she looks beautiful She is a beautiful and talented woman Her voice is amazing She has a powerful voice I like the fact that she sings in her own language it’s cool that she represents her country and sings in her own language the song she sings very well chooses for her voice The song that she sang was very nice to me the show was great and she is very talented And in my opinion she has the best chance of winning the singer 2019

26 thoughts on “Polina Gagarina (Поли́на Гага́рина) – A Cuckoo(Кукушка) Singer 2019 EP4 REACTION

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    Wow, another amazing performance. This is a beautiful woman with an amazing voice. In this crazy creation, it looks like I'm laughing, I can listen to the performance. she is awesome

  2. Отличное выступление и адекватная реакция!
    Excellent performance and adequate reaction!
    Thank you!

  3. Polina Gagarina《A Million Voices》Singer 2019 EP6 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hgNYAo_NDHg&list=LLikXEbn8ANvCErWRgjrg-SQ&index=28&t=0s

  4. Polina Gagarina《Hurt》 Singer 2019 EP7 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UT_V4wyCZKw&index=31&list=LLikXEbn8ANvCErWRgjrg-SQ&t=0s

  5. Thanks for the reaction!
    Polina is gorgeous and this song by russian rock musician Viktor Tsoi is very suitable for her, considering that this song has become the soundtrack for the film “Battle for Sevastopol” – about the most famous woman sniper of the USSR, about war and life in war.


    If you do not forget the context of the film, then this song is like the cry of the soul of a woman from whom the war selects loved ones and the best years. Polina gave it all very well.


    Songs that are yet to be written, how many?

    Tell me, cuckoo, sing it out loud

    City should I dwell in or suburbia

    Lie as a stone or burn as the brightest star?

    A star.

    Light of my sun – take a look at your work

    You’ll see my hand curling into a fist

    And if there is gunpowder, give me a spark

    So it goes.

    Who will trace these steps bred of loneliness

    The strong and the brave

    Having all being lost, in battle

    In death…

    Few of us remain who remember still

    Few who are sane and whose hand won’t falter

    On the sword

    Light of my sun – take a look at your work

    You’ll see my hand making a fist

    And if there is gunpowder give me a spark

    So it goes.

    Where is it you got to, my own free will?

    Who gets to greet this gentle sunrise with you? Tell me!

    Happy was I with you but distraught without

    Bowing my head, letting my back get lashed

    Get lashed….

    Light of my sun – take a look at your work

    You’ll see my hand making a fist

    And if there is gunpowder give me a spark

    So it goes.

  6. Вы очень милый. Спасибо за реакцию.
    Совет небольшой, пожалуйста не обрезайте песни. Спасибо :3

  7. Wow your reakszyn is bjutiful Wow its So good i Love you. Thank you very much for this reaction it was very inspiring like hustle and bustle. <3

  8. Хороший ты парень! Добрый и искренный! Спасибо тебе за твои честные эмоции! Мы тоже в России очень любим Полину. Дай тебе Бог здоровья и счастья!!!!А музыка – она вечна для всех на все времена,Удачи тебе1

  9. Dude, friendly advice here. Your reactions are pretty dull due to your melancholic character AND you cut videos. That's a recipe for losing YouTube "reaction" game. You won't get very high if you don't change something. Of course, you cant change your character without faking it, but at least don't cut videos. That's the best you can do.

  10. У меня тоже только одни" уау""😁 Только по – русски "ух тыыыы" 😁

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