Pole Spear Resting Hook – How To Install

Hey Guys, Dave here again with MAKO Spearguns
and today Dano is going to demonstrate the installation and use of the MAKO Spearguns
Pole Spear Resting Hook. As you know, the pole spear band, when held
in the loaded position can be a bit painful and rather tiring for your hand while trying
to maintain a tight grip. The MAKO Pole Spear Resting Hook eliminates
the pain and hand fatigue by keeping your pole spear band in the loaded position. Watch how easy it is for Dano to load the
band and engage the resting hook. In addition to eliminating the pain associated
with long periods of band holding, the Pole Spear Resting Hook will make you more STEALTH
LIKE by eliminating unnatural movements associated with loading your pole spear band. You will never spook another fish again! With the resting hook engaged, you can swim
around for as long as you want with no pain and no muscle fatigue. The pole spear resting hook even allows you
to change hands while the band is loaded which is essential when hunting tight structure
or when diving in current. If you can’t get the shot with your right
hand, you can switch and shoot with your left hand. When you have the shot, just pull back on
the resting hook. In addition to being the most comfortable
resting hook on the market, the Pole Spear Resting Hook requires NO Tools to install
it on your pole spear band and No tools to remove it. To install the resting hook, simply stretch
the band, install the hook onto the band and slide the latex keeper over the gap to keep
it in place while the band is in the stretched position. It’s that easy. To install the cord, simply load the band
and mark where the resting hook lands. Then tie a loop on one end of the cordage
and tie the other end to your pole spear shaft so the loop is positioned at your mark. Once the cord is tied, install the O ring
which holds the cord in place and you are done. Once the cord is installed, it too can be
removed and re-installed as needed by removing the pole spear shaft. Let’s see that again, but this time, we
will install the Pole spear resting hook with an optional MAKO Spearguns Pole Spear Band
that is specifically made for attaching to a float line. Notice the float line attachment point is
strategically positioned at the back of Dano’s hand so it is out of the way. When hunting with a float line attached to
his pole spear, Dano likes to use the low profile MAKO pole spear float. The Pole Spear Float does not stop large running
fish, but will help you find your pole spear if it is dropped or if the fish holes up. Whether you have a regular band or, a band
made for a float line attachment, stretch the band to install your Pole Spear Resting
Hook and slide it to the middle. Now slide the latex rubber keeper over the
gap to keep it on the band while the band is stretched. Now, Dano will re-install the loop of Dyneema
that he made earlier. Then he will re-install the O ring and run
the cord under it to keep it tight to the pole spear. Now. with the Resting Hook re-installed we’ll
have a look at the complete rigging that consists of the Resting Hook, Dyneema loop, Float Line
and Float. Thanks guys for taking time to watch this
video. At MAKO Spearguns use the exact same factories
as the more expensive brands and we ensure the same high quality. But, because we sell direct to you, instead
of through dive shops, our prices are much less. Same Factories, Same High Quality, No dive
shop markups. Thanks for your support. Dive safe!

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