Hello everyone! Welcome back to my channel Stormy Adventure
Time and my name is Storm. And today I am back with another plan with
me video. This time for March. It’s a little bit late but I hope you will
enjoy it. So because it’s spring and the weather is
getting so much nicer. There’s a lovely spring breeze. I decided to use paper airplanes and also
kites to represent a lovely spring breeze. So I drew kites and a silhouette of the person
because I’m not so good with drawing people and couple of airplanes which I will be doing
through all the spreads. And I also used green colour for writing March
because it’s a green so it’s spring colour. So the first spread I am doing for March is
my usual monthly spread. And this time I moved it quite to the very
bottom because I wanted to keep the light objects like paper airplanes and kite at the
top of the page to give a feel of lightness to the page. This is actually the very first time I am
using Crayola supertips markers. And I actually love them so much. They are so good to colour in things, as well
I tried a little bit of faux calligraphy writing with marker and I love it. It’s so easy use and it doesn’t see through
the pages. So that’s amazing. No wonder they are so popular. So my next spread is habit tracker. And since last month I am leaving a little
bit more space between the rows because it gives me an opportunity to make some more
drawing in between which makes a page to look a little bit nicer than cramming everything
at the bottom. And I’m not sure what exactly happened with
filming this page because after I wrote habits it jumps straight into the next page. And you see a completed habit tracker page
and then I’m starting to work on YouTube ideas page. And this page is as usual super simple, very
plain and I keep it as most space open as possible so I have space to write things down. And for this spread I chose to have kite and
for habits paper airplanes to balance it out. And I think it looks really cute. And as usual my last page is my weekly. And if you haven’t seen it before so the first
row [column] is date, the second row [column] is my tasks and events, the narrow column is for
my water tracker and the last one is my meal planner where I put all of my lunches and
dinners. And at the top I wrote March and I drew teeny
teeny tiny paper airplanes which I hope you can see. And now let’s just flip through and see all
the pages. I hope you enjoyed this video and if you did,
please give it thumbs up, comment, share it. And please subscribe to my channel. I will see you next Sunday. Bye!

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