Piggy’s new toy Boomerang! New Piggy Story for Children

we should find something fun to do today
do you have any idea I don’t know baby let’s see if there’s any cool toys and
dad’s just in their living room okay let’s go hmm
dad’s old treasure chest let’s see what’s in here I’m gonna take
a look that doesn’t look like that much fun okay
about this it’s a boomerang have you ever even thrown one of those before
no but I think I saw it in a movie once oh it came right back that’s awesome I
want to try this is how you do it you spin around and then throw it like this no you throw a boomerang bar kids
hey Dad it looks like you found my old boomerang it’s been ages since I’ve
thrown one of those come on dad show us how you do it all right let me see if
I’ve still got the magic throw we’re to go out I think he’s doing a
little too hard

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