Pigeon Decoying: How to place decoys in cradles

Like building the hide, the attention to detail
to putting these decoys out is very important, the incoming birds have to believe that these
are real pigeons, and we can put pigeons down willy nilly and hope for the best but, most
of the pigeons coming in I want coming into this pattern I want to be able to get them
into an area where I can shoot them. So we will leave a little bit of a gap between a
fairly open area where they can come in. And the individual birds we have to get fairly
right to start with, when we get a lot shot we can put them on the floor their ok, but
initially I like to get them as lifelike as possible, I have made my own cradles with
flexible wire so I can adept the heads so they can go into a feeding mode or we can
adept these a little bit. Its important I think to get them a bit of the ground if you
look at a real woodpigeon walking about feeding, its quite a lot higher than we have than the
birds on the floor, I had one in the pattern the other day and I let it walk about and
I thought do any of my decoys look like that? And they did a little but not as good as a
real pigeon, so to get them looking lifelike, they need to be off the floor a little, the
feeding ones we can put with there head down, and if you want to be really specific you
pull the legs down as if they are really standing, and its something that I have done recently
and looked from the side and I have thought, well yes they do look a bit more realistically
than just perched in the air for any bird coming in from the side.
Obviously with this being freshly drilled, the is know growth yet and they want to be
fairly low but we can get cover on we can of course use high cradles to get the height,
the visibility of incoming birds, I have just put the one into a feeding mode, and that’s
basically how it should look from the side. Remus is ready to go aren’t you, again attention
to detail that the feathers on the floor just cover those up a bit, especially when you
have been shooting and you might of, the feather are very lose on a pigeon and they soon come
off. And to build that pattern up its important to get it right.

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  1. Good video but why value cradles an advice cradles, yet all those at back of you aren't on a cradle?? The cradle you used only lifts 10mm higher so wouldn't be much use on rape or anything that started to grow atb

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