100 thoughts on “Pastry Chefs Attempt Making Gourmet Dog Treats

  1. I'm inspired by this so when I grow up I'm going to make a cat Bakery for all the cats in the world and also make my own custom cat toys since there's not much and cat toys in stores many people who have cats mostly don't get them because most cats don't get adopted just because there's not enough toys for them there's not enough stuff to me for cats more for dogs so I'm going to make that happen for all cats to get adopted

  2. I feel like his wife ones were the prettiest. They looked so much more professional and edible. I also loved the colors ☺️

  3. Rocky kanaka sorry that im late i LOVE YOUR VIDEOS!!! I was late because of school but ur videos inspire me so that when i grow up i will get a LOOOOT of dogs!!! So when im older sign me up to be an employee for ur company when im older I WILL EVEN MOVE FOR THE JOB AS LONG AS I CAN TAKE CARE OF CUTE DOGS,POOR TREATED DOGS,ALL THE DOGS!! Their so cute!!! Sooo sign me up when im older pls!

    Thank you.

    P.S how many dogs do you
    Have in your company?9

  4. Ha ha I had fo much fun watching this Rocky 😂
    I think all the cookies were absolutely awesome, and more awesome is that is for a great cause!!!!!👏👏
    Well done!!!!♥️

  5. I did like the dessert 🍩 but the details on the junk food was amazing so I really think that the junk food should
    win and it won

  6. I liked Meilt DA best because of the Weiner dog and is looks amazing altogether! I loved this, keep up the great work Rocky

  7. They all are winners. But, as the dog would say "Who cares, lets eat!" Beautiful work ladies! I should try this. Whats in the cookie recipe, I'm sure its not like people food.


    you give donations to animal shelters
    You bake dog treats for MANY homeless dogs
    You do a dogs day out when you take a shelter dog on a special day
    You help people adopt a shelter dog
    You give shelter dogs special meals
    LASTLY, you take your time to go to a shelter and give the dogs a special treat like during the summer you were giving all the dogs ice cream
    I support you Rocky Kanaka! I love dogs and animals and I want to be a vet one day and you really push me to love animals even more!

  9. Aw to bad for them they make nice cookies and there gone and 2seconds😂but first the dogs it’s fills like einternity and heaven!😂

  10. That looks like a ton of fun (and undoubtedly stress for the ladies). Tbh, I doubt that the dogs themselves will care what they look like, but they're going to enjoy every single cookie! Great idea Rocky!

  11. 💗 C o o K i e S 💗 I like the Lil doggy on the table "he didn't get a cookie'. Big dog judge cute!
    The cookie chefs were Awesome! 😀👍

  12. So I went to the website to get the cookies and sooooooo many people were buying dog birthday cakes so happy birthday to all the puppies and dogs out there with birthdays comeing up

  13. And welcome back to the reality tv "𝙳𝚘𝚐 𝚃𝚛𝚎𝚊𝚝" today we are going to find out who is going to have the best dog cookies…

    This is what this will turn into xD

  14. You guys should make treats for reptiles too (like lizards). I have a bearded dragon and I want to give her some of the treats made by you.

  15. My dog is sick and the sickness is going to a lot of dogs in my country:c but I hope they taste amazing and the doggies enjoy em

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