PASCO Mini Launcher

The ME-6825A mini launcher has been designed for projectile
experiments and can be used to launch a project on angles between -45 to 90 degrees with high repeatability
and projectile range. The only additional equipment required
to use the mini launcher is a c-clamp or other table clamp for
clamping the launcher base to a table. The launcher has three
range settings that are approximately 0.5 meters, 1.0 meters, and 2.0 meters at a launch
angle of 45 degrees. To adjust the range of the launcher simply use
the push rod that comes with the launcher to press the projectile further into the
barrel. Pushing the piston back into the barrel will load the launcher, and each click as the psiton is depressed
further represents an increase in range, with three clicks being the longest
range. To fire the launcher, clear the range and pull up sharply on
the yellow cord attached to the top of the launcher. The launcher angle is easily adjusted
using the thumbscrews on the mini launcher base and the built-in protractor and plumbob
on the side of the launcher, give a convenient and accurate way of
determining the angle oif inclination. on the side the launcher is a diagram of
the projectile as it leaves the muzzle, giving users a clear point from which
they can measure launch height. The mini launcher can be used in
conjunction with the PASCO Smartgate and PASCO photogate mounting bracket, to measure the muzzle or initial speed of
the projectile as it leaves the barrel. To do this, mount the Smart Gate to the
photogate mounting bracket using the small thumbscrew that comes with the bracket, and then slide the square nut on the
bracket into the t-shaped slot on the bottom of the mini laucher. Finally, configure your data collection
system to use photogate timing to measure the speed your projectile as it passes through the 1.5 centimeter
spaced Smart Gate beams.

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