Paper Knife Making | Yahiko Village

Morning everyone. Day 2. I just got up and I’m going to take onsen now. Hopefully I’ll be the only one taking this onsen
this early in the morning. Let’s see. Oh Nope Is that… Oh, it’s Andrew. He’s the first. Morning. How’s your bath? Great. Very relaxing. Oh, you can see outside. Ahh, my camera’s getting foggy. I’ll put it outside. Oh no you can’t see a thing. Too bad. Sorry guys. Bye. So we just finished onsen and now we need to pack, right? Oh wait, we need to wake Joey up first. Joey loves to sleep. Let’s go wake him up. How should we wake him up? Uhhhh Bucket of water? You watch Japanese shows way too much. Throw him in the air. Oh wait, what was the thing he just told me last night? Take his pants off! I think he might like that. And he’s still asleep. Good morning Joey. Joey got up before I took his pants off. Too bad. Sorry people. So mean. Well this is what you told me last night. I taught you it last night but I didn’t say you needed to practice. Breakfast! Joey, can you show us how to open the lid of the miso soup? Ohhh You gotta like squeeze it a little. Otherwise it’ll go like this. I’ve made that mistake in the past many times. You learned a lesson. Just holding it like this and it going G’UNN All right, let’s dig in. Thank you for the meal. Oh, all our futons are gone. I was gonna do a pillow fight with Joey. Too bad. I mean if you want. Aren’t you THE AnimeMan? Isn’t that expected? What, to do a pillow fight? Yeah. I can’t believe that I head that from this guy. What was the name of your channel again? Uhh…Joey. Just google search Joey. My bad. I’m sorry. Joey. Now we arrived at Saishoji-temple. Beast god… How do you explain this? One of the gods like in the form of a wolf. I guess the way that Ghibli shows kinda came from these kind of stuff. The first thing that came up to my mind was Moro from princess Mononoke. I was thinking the same. The first thing I thought was the video game called Ookami. Amaterasu, right? That was a good game. It’s really sad that Japanese wolves went extinct. Oh did they? We don’t have wolves anymore in Japan. But right here, just really… This is not Japanese wolf. Japanese wolves were a lot tinier than them. My camera recognized this jizo’s face with facial recognition function. Oh really? Yeah. Everyone’s swinging their umbrellas for some reason. We’re going to fish market. To eat lunch? To eat lunch. More crab. No more crab. Oh, so many stores. Here we are. I can see food. HAHAHAHA I see it. Yeah. This place has nodoguro plate. We’re gonna eat here. I’m so excited to get this nodoguro plate. Never seen you this excited. YES! I hear it’s deep water fish and really juicy. Yup. I got my nodoguro plate. I see why you like it. Yeah? Oh… That’s really good. Right? I’m very satisfied. It was really good. Do you wanna eat this? Umm… sure. Do you wanna do janken to diced which one is gonna eat it? Open your mouth. There you go. Apparently Joey wants me to lose this time. So he’s gonna challenge me again. Come on! Do you wanna challenge me again, Joey? No, thank you. Did your nodoguro come with bones at all? I don’t remember. Like, we got giant bones left. I don’t know. You didn’t eat bones, right? I just crunched through them. You ate the bones? Yup. I definitely ate everything. This might be my last meal. He just crunched down… You are the man. I’m gonna go look. See you guys later. They have nodoguro. Can I have this nodoguro? Okay. Grilling with salt is the best way to eat it. I just had one for lunch.
Oh, did you? It was delicious. That’s great. Thank you. Please come again. Sure. Thank you for waiting. Yeah! I got nodoguro. Nice. We’re at the Takarayama Sake brewery. Yeah, we’re at the sake brewery. Sounds like you’re already drunk. It’s one of those words where you can’t not sound drunk. So, we’re at the Takarayama Sake brewery. That’s it. Did I say it all right? Takarayama Sake brewery… Come this way please. Please come around here so you can see. Wow, cool! Now we’re gonna sample some sake. I’m excited. Yeah. We’re gonna sample some sake while viewing this beautiful garden. Cheers Oh, I like this one, too. It’s good. It’s really like creamy, kind of. It is creamy but smooth as well. How are you feeling, Chris. Light headed. Thank you. I got this sake. They said you can put this on your skin as like a skin care lotion. So, I’m gonna give this to Rachel. Hopefully it’ll work for her. Now we’re heading to Sanjo kajidojo which is a black smith. We’re almost there. Just arrived Sanjo kajidojo. We’re ready. I’m gonna make this nail into a paper knife. I’m super excited. Let’s do this. Now, twist it. Okay. Yeah! Nice. I makde my own paper knife from a nail. It’s so cool. Yeah. Thank you very much! Thank you! Can you show us how exciting this trip was? How was it? Can you show us? It was exciting as… Andrew, can you show us how exciting this trip was? I feel like, just to represent my people, I give it two thumbs up. Okay. He’s a very quiet man. But he gives us two thumbs up. Your people? How was it? I’d have to say… You know, it was a bit, just makes me… It was that good, hun? That means really good. Yeah, that means really good. Thank you for watching. Bye.

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