Ozone Closed Cell Foil Kite – SAFETY & SET UP

Refer to the product manual for initial setup including connecting lines and understanding the release systems. We suggest keeping your control system and lines connected to the kite as shown in this video Take your package kite from the bag Unclip the strap, place the control system at the trailing edge of the kite roll the kite out upwind Fold the upwind wing tip over slightly, place sufficient sand, snow or weight on the tip to secure the kite. In strong winds place sand or snow along the trailing edge to help secure the kite and to prevent flapping Take the other wingtip downwind to lay the kite out straight Unwrap the speed system and the first few meters of line from the control system Check the speed system and all the bridle lines are clear and have no twists or tangles double-check all bridles remove any tangles or objects stuck in the lines Check the top surface vent and zip are closed. Walk out the flying lines at 90 degrees to the wind Check all flying lines are free of tangles or twists disconnect or reconnect lines to free tangles if required The speed system pulleys should be clear and free running as shown Pre inflate the kite by holding the leading edge or valves up into the wind this will start to fill the kite with air making final inflation and launch much easier. In the next video we will show you how to launch your kite. Click on the screen to go to the next video

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