Ozone Closed Cell Foil Kite – PACKING

Check all lines, speed system and bridles are tangle free before packing, this will make it much easier for the next setup and use. Wind the lines around the bar until you get to the speed system Set the elastic line retainers around the bar ends. Leave the control system and speed systems at the kites trailing edge – center cell Open the zipper to allow the air to release Place all bridle lines over the kite. Take the downwind tip keep it low and walk it to the upwind tip. Make sure the bridle lines are inside the kite, and it is cleanly folded in half. Remove sand, snow or any weight you used to secure the kite. Roll the kite up to the center keeping the leading edge aligned once all the air is out insert the sock and close the zip Fold the kite accordingly to fit into the bag, ensure the leading edge battens area is not folded Use the webbing compression strap to keep the kite folded Place the kite in the bag ready to go for your next session. Note, we do not recommend to store your kite packed this way for long periods as the plastic leading edge battens can slightly deform We recommend using the concertina technique, see our video ‘Closed-cell compressor vs backpack – how to pack’ In the next video we will show you how to perform a water self rescue Click on the screen to go to the next video

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